Found: A Patek Philippe 1463 Chronograph Retailed And Signed By Cartier (The Only Known Piece, And From The Original Family No Less)

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This reference 1463 in yellow gold is unique all alone, yet with the Cartier engraving it becomes an uncommon treasure.

Here’s the thing: A 1463 in yellow gold is, in itself, not especially uncommon. Indeed, they are undeniably more uncommon and enchanting than a 5070J or 5170J, yet they are out there, and in not really good or bad condition contact the $100,000 mark. A huge load of cash, no uncertainty, yet not so in the domain of overly top of the line vintage Patek. A 1463 yellow in a Phillips deal would, honestly, not ordinarily merit expounding on except if it accompanied an uncommon two-tone dial or was in truly surprising condition. 

This observe however, is outstanding. Why? Since this is the lone realized 1463 retailed and endorsed by as a matter of fact Cartier. It doesn’t seem like a lot, however combining the incomparable Swiss production of Patek Philippe with the terrific French extravagance place of Cartier, around the last part of the 1960s, simply makes a particularly dazzling thought in one’s psyche. Or if nothing else my mind.

The engraving on the caseback shows that the watch was introduced as a blessing in 1987.

This 1463 yellow highlights the Cartier signature showed over six o’clock, and, peculiarly, the “Swiss” signature has been raised to a situation over the six o’clock register also. I can’t say I’ve at any point seen that previously. In addition, this watch has been committed by a relative of the first proprietor, who bought the watch from Cartier’s fifth Avenue Mansion ( the historical backdrop of which you presently know, because of Mr. Jack ). As indicated by Phillips, this watch was likely an uncommon request, and, in light of the case number was made in 1968 and could indeed be one of the last two 1463s ever produced.

This Cartier-engraved reference 1463 is incredibly comfortable and rich on the wrist – and was worn consistently by its owner.

On the back of the caseback, there is an engraving demonstrating that the first proprietor introduced the watch to his (second) spouse in 1987. I do really adore the possibility that a 1463 Cartier has been on somebody’s wrist since the last part of the 1980s – envision running into her at the general store, and seeing that watch on her wrist.

This 1463 isn’t an unworn safe sovereign, and the case has surely been endured and cleaned. The dial, notwithstanding, is perfect, and for this watch, that is the place where a large part of the worth falsehoods. I discover the watch decidedly dazzling, and the little “waterproof” case is brilliant on the wrist. At long last, the watch comes with the first Cartier crocodile tie and unique coordinating number Cartier clasp. This watch might not have a mint condition case, however it has such a lot of appeal, and new to-advertise ness, in addition to the inventiveness of the dial more than compensates for any indications of wear working on it. In any event to me.

Phillips has put a gauge of 90,000 – 140,000 CHF (around $91,200 – 141,800 at season of distributing) on this unique 1463, and you can peruse more about it here.