Found: A Tropical Rolex Oyster Chronograph Ref. 6234, One Of 38 Exceptional Watches From Phillips' Thematic Rolex Sub-Auction In Hong Kong

Found: A Tropical Rolex Oyster Chronograph Ref. 6234, One Of 38 Exceptional Watches From Phillips' Thematic Rolex Sub-Auction In Hong Kong

Reference 6234 is the granddad of the famous Daytona reference 6239.

You may ask why this specific watch, of the multitude of parts on offer, gotten my attention. It’s quite straightforward, really. I had strolled into the live with Rolex’s most recent Daytona on my wrist, and, while there is almost no common ground between that watch and this 1950s “pre-Daytona” chronograph, the ancestry is unmistakably there one actually feels a feeling of offering appreciation to one’s elderly folks of sorts. Or possibly I did.

In a few different ways, reference 6234 is to the Daytona what the Porsche 356 is to the 911. Behind its exquisite and traditionalist frame, it declares the appearance of a games symbol. Quality 6234s are amazingly uncommon and profoundly pursued. As per the most recent appraisals, Rolex made roughly 2,000 models during the six-year creation range, which was somewhere in the range of 1955 and 196. The vast majority of these were in treated steel Oyster cases, with one or the other silver or dark dials.

This specific model – a U.S. market import – was made in 1960, around one year before Rolex stopped creating the reference totally and started making the reference 6238, the Daytona’s quick archetype. This makes the 6234 the penultimate “Pre-Daytona,” yet as a general rule it’s really “pre-everything.”

The reference 6234 had a moderately short creation run, and is quite possibly the most sought after Pre-Daytonas available today.

This reference is the last before the introduction of twirly doo hands and faceted hour markers, both present in the ref. 6238 and both supreme mainstays of the Daytona’s plan. It additionally comes a couple of years before screw-down pushers, tachymeter bezels, and different characteristics commonly connected with early Daytonas. It likewise comes an entire decade before any programmed chronograph type and is controlled by the physically twisted Valjoux 72A movement.

The hours are set apart by short darts and glowing spots, the hands are knife molded, and the dial highlights two scales, a tachymeter and a telemeter. The watch has all the characteristics of a games watch, including magnetic and water opposition down to 200 meters. Also, yet, the more modest case extents, the cleaned bezel, and a portion of the more moderately styled components make a genuine age hole among it and its relatives . It’s considerably more exemplary in its introduction, and much more compact than future Rolex chronographs too, at only 36mm in diameter.

The reason individuals are going insane for this model? The astounding “tropical” dial.

What makes this specific model extremely unique – other than it being the very watch that shows up on page 87 of John Goldberger’s book, 100 Superlative Rolex Watches –is its dial. With regards to Rolex, dark dials will in general convey considerably more incentive than silver dials, on the off chance that we take a gander at typical  market costs . Yet, a dark finish overlaid dial that has turned dim chocolate? It simply doesn’t beat that. Truly. Just a small bunch of tropical dial 6234s have at any point surfaced on the used market, and kid, does this one look astounding. The tone is uniform and the lume specks are flawless. As such, it has matured “appropriately.” And the state of the case and arm band is the best I’ve at any point seen. Each bend, detail, and finish is as it ought to be. Beyond a shadow of a doubt: This is an incredibly, exceptional watch.

Interestingly, there’s an apparently comparable watch on proposal at Antiquorum , yet this watch truth be told has a tropical ref. 6234 dial introduced in a ref. 6238 case. In this way, clearly, on second look these watches are practically difficult to compare at all.

The caseback is immaculate and you can in any case see the brushing.

You can see the detail still noticeable on the wristband clasp.

Phillips will hold its themed sell off, “Rolex Milestones: 38 Legendary Watches That Shaped Rolex History,” on November 28 as a feature of its bigger Hong Kong deal. The gauge on this part is $150,000-300,000 and you can see the full posting here .

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit Phillips on the web .