Found: An Early World Time Watch Given To President Woodrow Wilson By The Czech People (And Our Updated, Complete Guide To The Watches Of U.S. Presidents)

As we disclosed to you a year ago, the Czech word for Prague (“Praha”) is on the middle dial and on the highest point of the back is “Žižlavský,” which is most likely the creator, as Czechs oftentimes named their company after the town from which the company started. The engraving on back peruses in Czech: “To President Woodrow Wilson in the memory of the 1918 thrashing of Germany.” It was introduced to President Wilson in appreciation for his part in supporting the formation of the autonomous Republic of Czechoslovakia in 1918.

The Wilson pocket watch is astoundingly enormous: around 76 mm in breadth, and in shocking condition. More amazing is that the watch was an early endeavor at a world-time watch from a period before normalized time regions. The measure of hand work done in the middle flower theme and done on the nations and urban areas track was wonderful. On close assessment, the city and nation names appeared to have been engraved first in the external track and afterward loaded up with ink. Additionally specifically compelling was the silver shard set over Washington, almost certainly put there to address home time for Woodrow Wilson and demonstrating that at any rate before the finish of the watch’s creation, he was the planned recipient.

I, alongside a watchmaker, was wanting to open the watch to look at the development all the more intently, however the manner in which the watch opened from the front and was exceptionally close the gigantic precious stone was in danger of breaking while at the same time opening it and the choice was made to leave it be. Another gem to fit the watch would have expected to have been uniquely designed and maybe been a difficulty to see through to its decision. It was not satisfactory the watch had been opened once since given to President Wilson.

The watch stays in plain view at the Woodrow Wilson House and in the event that you end up being visiting Washington, DC, it merits the visit.

Many on account of Kevin O’Dell for the photographs.

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