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Found: An Example Of The Legendary Albino Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542 (Live Pics, Thoughts)

Let me start by saying that similarly as with any incredible vintage Rolex, the heritage is as much about approval as it is revelation. You may think you’ve quite recently uncovered the almighty vintage Rolex sport watch, however until the worldwide thought-pioneers concur a watch is genuine, it’s simply not. I know a few group that have discovered that the hard way.

At this point, in 2015, I think any reasonable person would agree that a great many people accept there is such a thing as a white dial reference 6542 GMT. All things considered, we know there was such a thing as an Albino Explorer and an Albino Daytona . The Explorer, when it came available to be purchased, down and out $180,000, while the Daytona turned into the most costly Rolex at any point sold at closeout. Though, honestly, if you were to ask me which I’d rather own, I’d pick the 6610.

So what is the Albino 6542? It is an early GMT with a white dial, straightforward as that. Furthermore, when it is said that way, it doesn’t seem like much by any means. Serious deal, a Rolex with a white dial. What’s more, to a large number of you, regardless of what I say for the remainder of this story, you’ll keep on accepting a 1950s GMT with a white dial is by no means a serious deal, and that’s fine – a few group are off course of vintage Rolex and some are definitely not. For those that are – including myself – this is an extraordinarily exceptional watch. Some portion of the explanation being that for quite a long time, it was muddled if the white GMT really existed or not. There were accounts of white dial 6542’s out there, yet the online community had never seen one that was persuading. Until authority, seller, and vintage Rolex enthusiast Stefano Mazzariol published this story on his blog in February, 2010.

Stefano had come across a watch that, in his psyche, was unquestionably unique. He set aside the effort to take the dial off, analyze the printing complexities, and compare them to unique dark dial examples. It was his decision that this watch was genuine. When he posted the article on his own blog, and afterward onto the Vintage Rolex Forum, his work was met with the staunch distrust for which the vintage Rolex community is known. You can see criticism from his friends here .

Still, five years on, Stefano’s post has become gospel for the white dial GMTs. What’s more, the watch we have here matches his watch perfectly.

I previously saw this watch on the instagram page of long-lasting Japanese seller East Crown . I concede I was distrustful from the start, until my companion Louis (who writes Bring A Loupe for us) revealed to me he had addressed K, the seller’s child, and dependent on certain photographs, the watch looked awesome. Then, to affirm, I talked with Andrew Shear, who concurred he accepted this watch to be 100% correct.

At this point, you could say I was more than captivated. All things considered, the Albino GMT is actually nothing short of vintage Rolex geek legend now, and I’d never seen one. Thus, the following time K from East Crown visited NYC, we requested he bring the watch by our office. He obliged, and that is how you are seeing these photographs. I had to concede, this watch is clean. It is a straightforward twist on one of my unequaled most loved watches, the 6542 GMT, and it truly changes the whole look of the watch – it makes it somehow more easygoing than the shiny dark dials I am accustomed to seeing on this reference.

Now the case and the bezel on this 6542 are basically meriting stories all alone, as both are in amazingly saved condition for a watch of this age. I don’t know without a doubt that this watch was brought into the world with this dial or if the dial was placed into this sharp case and bezel – I do know uncommon dials being swapped into solid cases in certain cases, yet regardless, this watch is absolutely terrific. Oh, and to answer the question a significant number of you are wondering, no there isn’t a “Container AM” logo engraved on the back.

I asked K how his father acquired this piece and on the off chance that it was available to be purchased. The story is that the watch came from New York, and his father set it into a noticeable private assortment where it stayed for a long time, always with the specification that if this honorable man at any point chose to leave behind this one of a little few right Albino GMT’s that it would return to the one who offered it to him. After numerous years, the owner of the watch kept his word and this Albino GMT is now in the private assortment of the father-child team at East-Crown. Would they sell it? The answer was a coyish “no,” suggesting that they would never leave behind this watch, in any event for cash alone. Cash is not difficult to track down when you have something this extraordinary, and to a vintage Rolex darling such as myself or the folks at East-Crown, an Albino GMT in this condition is just about as unique as it gets.

Be sure to check out East Crown on the Web and on Instagram , and an extraordinary thanks to K for bringing this astonishing watch by the office.