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Found: Astronaut Dave Scott’s Personal Bulova Chronograph Actually Worn On The Moon, For Sale

See that photo up top? That’s Dave Scott on the moon. Outwardly of his left wrist? His Bulova chronograph. The chronograph was really worn on a NASA-gave velcro tie that actually stays with the watch. What’s more is the watch actually has buildup on it from not exclusively Scott’s experience on the lunar surface, yet in addition wear and tear from re-entry.

Below is the authority supply list for Apollo 15, and you can see the velcro lash included. What is stunning about this watch is that it is being relegated straightforwardly by the space traveler himself, and there is really no uncertainty about its history or provenance.

Oh, and check the stock number above, then compare it to the lash below. That is correct, this is the realest of the genuine, folks.

Included in the deal will be a few photographs of Scott wearing the Bulova in real life, such as the photos below.

The watch to my eye is totally ravishing. The patina working on it, the residue and scratches on the gem, the worn NASA-gave lash are simply great. Of course, this isn’t an Omega Speedmaster yet the watch is damn cool, and this is seemingly the singular watch to be worn on the moon that will at any point come available to be purchased – so think of the opportunity.

Mr. Scott’s own Bulova Chronograph, the solitary lunar-worn watch in private hands will be sold by RR Auction in its upcoming space deal. The deal will occur over a time of certain days and offering starts online on October 15th. The gauge for this madly cool chronograph is $50,000. You can peruse more about it here .