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Found: Four Watches Used In The Filming Of Mad Men, For Sale At Christie’s New York

Wear Draper's Omega Seamaster Reference 166.020, Circa 1960

While every one of the four watches, still the property of Derek Dier, will be offered with similar assessments ($1,000 to $2,000) and without hold, clearly there will be more interest for Don and Roger’s watches. The previous is a 1960 Omega Seamaster reference 166.020 dating to 1960. What makes this one cool from the watch geek in me is the cross-hair, dark dial. What makes this one cool from a collectability stance is that Jon Hamm wore the watch on the front of Rolling Stone , just as throughout season five. The 34 mm watch is parcel 101 in the Christie’s New York sale.

Roger Sterling's Tudor Oyster-Prince "Tuxedo" Reference 7967, Circa 1959

While Draper was the superstar, Roger Sterling wasn’t excessively far behind. His wristwear in season five couldn’t have been any cooler – a 1959 Tudor Oyster Prince reference 7967 with supposed “Tuxedo dial.” The watch has a very “Polerouter” feel to it, however being far more uncommon and coming from Tudor raises it extensively. Once more, the gauge is $1,000 to $2,000 and there is no save. Roger Sterling’s Tudor is part 100 in the equivalent sale.

Pete Campbell's Hamilton + Megan Draper's Jules Jurgensen

The other two watches are not close to as attractive not just due to who wore them on the show, yet additionally on account of the watches themselves. Part 102 is the Hamilton Sputnik worn by Pete Campbell. The watch is extremely cool looking, with an astounding dial and enormous hauls, however gold-plated watches are tough. In any case, could be a great pickup for a major Hamilton or Mad Men fan.

Megan Draper’s watch is comparable – it’s a 1960s Jules Jurgensen with little horological cred to talk about, yet at the same time a pleasant looking piece that fit Don Draper’s young wife perfectly.

Pete Campbell’s Hamilton

Megan Draper’s Jules Jurgensen

Further Details On The Christie's Mad Men Collection

All of these watches will be available to be purchased at Christie’s in New York City on December 16th. Each hold a gauge of $1,000 to $2,000, and will be sold without save. Each watch will be accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Derek Dier, the provider of watches for Mad Men season five and the momentum owner. What’s more is each watch will be sold with a letter from Mad Men prop ace Ellen Freund.

The full inventory for this deal isn’t yet on the web, yet might be downloaded here .