Found: One Of Only 10 Kari Voutilainen Vingt-8 In Titanium (With An Incredible Burgundy Lacquer Guilloché Dial Too)

Found: One Of Only 10 Kari Voutilainen Vingt-8 In Titanium (With An Incredible Burgundy Lacquer Guilloché Dial Too)

Most of Kari’s watches are specially made, and it’s amazingly surprising for a retailer to have a generally made watch in stock. This was is no special case, and apparently, every one of the 10 are represented and exclusively requested to-spec by devoted gatherers. Not simply anybody could arrange one of these titanium watches. The watch we have here comes kindness of Greenwich, Connecticut–based Manfredi Jewels , which has the advantage of selling two of the 10. We got an opportunity to invest a few active energy with it only days before the fortunate proprietor stopped by to gather it.

This is one of only 10 Vingt-8 being made in titanium (number 2/10 to be exact).

The Vingt-8 could be viewed as the “standard” Voutilainen watch, in the event that you can at any point utilize that word to depict one of Kari’s manifestations. It’s a period just watch with auxiliary seconds at six o’clock, and nothing else jumbling up the dial. The case here is 39mm across and highlights Kari’s particular tear carries, however, as referenced prior, this one is titanium rather than the standard valuable metal. It wears amazingly well and, particularly in the light metal, is adequately comfortable to be a day by day wearer. 

The in-house Caliber 28 is quite possibly the most unique things about Voutilainen’s watches.

The regular escapement separates the type 28 and makes it amazingly energy efficient.

One of the most exceptional things about the Vingt-8 is the development – the Caliber 28 – and that is the same with this titanium version. Everything is created in-house by Voutilainen save the gems, heart, and hairspring. The development engineering is a surprising blend of current and hyper-customary design, with the enormous dark cleaned balance connect and larger than usual equilibrium wheel becoming the overwhelming focus. Remember to take a gander at different extensions, plates and wheels however as well. Kari is one of the genuine current experts of completing and each surface, point, and corner has been given the works. 

Something that you will not really notice from the start however is the a-commonplace escapement. Rather than utilizing a switch escapement, which is the thing that pretty much every mechanical watch made today utilizes in some variety, Voutilainen utilizes a sort of normal escapement (initially created by Breguet). This uses a couple of departure wheels, rather than a solitary wheel, to give direct driving forces to the equilibrium in the two ways. It’s incredibly energy proficient and brings about less mileage on the components.  You can become familiar with about the innovation here.

Nobody makes dials like Voutilainen. Nobody.

But for all the work that goes into the developments, the dials are similarly noteworthy. In 2014, Kari bought a processing plant and set up Comblémine , his own dial fabricate. Indeed, even at the exceptionally top of the line, not very many watchmakers control their own dial making and this gives Kari unparalleled power over the outcomes and the capacity to do one-off, extraordinary things for clients – Comblémine likewise makes dials for any semblance of MB&F and Richard Mille as well, on the off chance that you had any doubts. 

The dial on this watch is an outspread guilloché with a rich burgundy red finish over the top, making the guilloché look much more profound and more extravagant. There’s a silvered part ring around the external edge and substituting even Arabic numerals and short applied implement, in addition to a different section ring for the sub-seconds. The hands are a blend of cleaned and blued steel, offering a little extra difference and interest.

The contrast between the burgundy polish and the bit/blue hands mades this watch exceptionally simple to read.

Like I said, this is a lovely unique watch. On the off chance that you need to get a feeling of what else Voutilainen can do, investigate #voutilainen on Instagram where you can see a wide assortment of watches. To truly get a feeling of what makes Voutilainen remarkable, you need to see the assortment of what it offers, from the excessively negligible to the absolutely preposterous . Ideally I’ll find the opportunity to see at any rate another of these titanium Vingt-8 in the wild soon. Fingers crossed.

By possessing its own dial produce (Comblémine), Kari Voutilainen can offer clients an unmatched number of alternatives and finishes.

This watch is one of only 10 Vingt-8 being made in titanium, with a retail cost of 72,000 CHF (around $70,075 at season of distributing). Each is specially made and altogether custom. For additional, visit Voutilainen on the web .

A unique thank you to Manfredi Jewels for allowing us the chance to shoot photos of this watch. Look at our video look inside the astonishing Greenwich retailer here.