Found: Rolex's Very First Quartz Watch For Sale At Christie's

Found: Rolex's Very First Quartz Watch For Sale At Christie's

First things first – the Beta 21 development is marvelous. While it is somewhat of an agony to really keep up, it is a genuinely chronicled part of watchmaking that is additionally only completely fun. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what the Beta 21 is (no judgment), here is a concise history. The Beta 21 (1969) was the second cycle of the Beta 1 (1960), a quartz development created by the Center Electronique Horologer (CEH), which was a gathering of 20 Swiss watch marks that were resolved to make a dependable quartz development that could in principle supplant a manual or programmed development. The primary objective was for the type to be just about as exact as could be expected, yet too bad, the outcomes were not as extraordinary as the CEH had hoped. The Beta 21 was actualized in a scope of wristwatches from the Patek Philippe reference 3587 to the IWC Da Vinci to a couple of odd Piaget models. Be that as it may, as far as I might be concerned, the Beta 21 is about the Rolex reference 5100.

A white gold Rolex Ref. 5100, fueled by the Beta 21 development is available to be purchased at Christie’s in Geneva on Monday.

The ref. 5100 was first delivered in 1970, one year after the Beta 21 was completed. It’s muddled precisely the number of models were made somewhere in the range of 1970 and 1972, when the model was stopped. Likewise with numerous things identified with vintage Rolex, it’s difficult to know figures for sure since Rolex will neither affirm nor deny in most cases.

The watches are separately numbered and there are pieces known to exist with numbers more than 1,000, however there are a couple of ways of thinking regarding the number of all out pieces exist and what the yellow gold/white gold split resembles. One hypothesis is that there were a little more than 700 models made in yellow gold and a little more than 300 models made in white gold. Another is that there are more like 900 in yellow and 100 in white. At long last, some propose that there are really two groups of these watches, with 900 in yellow and 100 in which in each bunch, with 2,000 existing altogether. Regardless of how you cut it, it’s protected to say that a white gold ref. 5100 is an uncommon sight.

The white gold ref. 5100 you see here is number 794 and is in new-old-stock condition. This is unordinary for any watch, not to mention a Beta 21 Rolex. It includes a substantial white gold case with a fluted bezel and a determined wristband with faceted connections. Rolex consistently appears to make the best wristbands, and this unordinary one is no special case. This watch is assessed to sell for CHF 100,000 to 150,000 (around the equivalent in dollars), which is a lot higher than what we’ve seen these watches get in earlier years. I credit it to the NOS condition, extraordinariness, the way that it is an authentic piece, and that it is accompanied by a 1986 help receipt and green hang-tag. 

Reference 5100 versus Oysterquartz

You may be comfortable with Rolex’s other quartz watch, the Oysterquartz, which isn’t to be mistaken for the refe. 5100. The ref. 5100 was delivered from 1970-1972 while Rolex was still essential for the Centre Electronique Horologer (CEH). Rolex left the CEH in 1972, and proceeded to deliver its own in-house quartz developments and the Oysterquartz watches. (Photo: Courtesy )

The market for these watches has likewise expanded radically in the course of the last three to four years. The last two white gold variants were assessed for CHF 15,000 to 25,000 out of 2013 and CHF 30,000 to 50,000 out of 2014, bringing about definite costs of CHF 32,500 and CHF 125,000 individually. As should be obvious, there is a gigantic inconsistency between the two, and the solitary decision I can make from these outcomes is that on the grounds that the model at Sotheby’s from 2014 was a full-set, two bidders probably needed it desperately. 

To put things in context a bit, there is a yellow gold ref. 5100  also available to be purchased at Christie’s on Monday and its gauge is simply CHF 15,000-25,000. I would envision the gauge on the white gold model depended on the outcome from 2014 and saw interest today, yet I will be extremely intrigued to see the end-product on these two watches.

The reference 5100 must be up there as one of my number one Rolex references. There is something so reviving about the case and wristband plan, and keeping in mind that it isn’t the most alluring Rolex as such, I think its offensiveness is essential for its allure. I likewise imagine that claiming a watch that was Rolex’s first quartz watch and the brand’s first watch with a sapphire gem makes it very cool. However, hello, perhaps that is simply me. 

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