Found: The Tudor Submariner Reference 7923 That Sold For $99,999 On eBay Is Back, And Now For Sale For Much More

Found: The Tudor Submariner Reference 7923 That Sold For $99,999 On eBay Is Back, And Now For Sale For Much More

In late March, the vintage watch world was riveted with consideration more than one exceptionally specific eBay watch closeout. The posting was for a Submariner – yet not a Rolex Submariner, a Tudor Submariner. What’s more, honestly, it wasn’t in any event, for the attractive “Huge Crown” Submariner. No, this was really an undeniably more uncommon and to many – including myself – perhaps the most discreetly intriguing Rolex or Tudor plunge watches of all time. 

This Tudor Reference 7923 sold in late March for $99,999.

The Tudor Submariner reference 7923 is extraordinary in this family since it is the lone physically wound jump watch that either Rolex or Tudor at any point made. Furthermore, additionally, this watch gave off an impression of being really immaculate and in unique condition. It sold on eBay for $99,999 yet as we detailed at that point , an only sometimes seen eBay merchant assurance plan, that expects bidders to phone eBay’s extortion security unit on the off chance that they need to offer into six figures, kept it from selling for additional. In this way, while the 7923 turned into the most costly vintage Tudor to sell freely, the inclination was it might have really sold for additional. Also, presently, it would appear that it just might.

Notice the first little crown, which is unadulterated “unobtanium” on the auxiliary market.

The unique radium lume plots are full and dense.

San Francisco based vintage watch retailer HQ Milton ( who we’ve highlighted here ) unobtrusively posted pictures of what has to be exactly the same eBay 7923 late on Thursday night. By Friday morning, the authority community had seen it, become inquisitive what the asking cost was, and was delighting in the lovely high goal images given by HQ Milton. One should recollect that however the watch was clearly in brilliant condition dependent on the eBay photographs, seeing it altogether its greatness is a totally different thing and goodness, is this watch incredible.

The slopes working on it of this watch are as seen from the manufacturing plant in the late 1950s.

This 7923 is in really wonderful condition. All the radium glowing material on the dial is available and great – the first little crown set up. Likewise, we have the quite often supplanted bezel without minute imprints. Also, the nature of the case? My master, this is the means by which a Submariner ought to look. 

Ultimately, what we have here is perhaps the most extraordinary watch at any point made by Tudor or Rolex, in evident conservation class winning quality. HQ Milton has changed the gem on the watch to give a more clear perspective on the ideal dial, yet the first precious stone will be incorporated to keep the watch similarly as it was discovered. 

HQ Milton is presently asking $350,000 for this uncommonly uncommon Submariner.

As you’ve probably assembled, this is a fantastic, venture grade quality Submariner. What’s more, when it sold for $99,999 a month ago, it turned into the most costly vintage Tudor to at any point be sold freely – yet since it has arrived on account of perhaps the most grounded, and notable, purveyors of vintage watches, that cost has soar. HQ Milton has recorded the watch as “Cost on Application” – however that asking cost is $350,000. Is this a huge cost for any Tudor Sub? Totally. However, as we’ve seen, it is regularly worth following through on the upcoming cost today, for the absolute best of the best. Will others concur and follow through on HQ Milton’s asking cost? We will see very soon.

You may see the posting for this unfathomable Tudor reference 7923 here .