Get Ready For At Baselworld 2016 And The Return Of Live!″ target=”_blank”>right here. This way you’ll get our message pop-ups for new stories, yet in addition when we turn HODINKEE Live now and again. The alternate method to see HODINKEE Live is by means of the web at .

In any case, What About Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter?

Don’t stress, we’ll see be on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as usual. HODINKEE Live is something different altogether, for those individuals who need to encounter Baselworld simply as we do. All things considered, make certain to follow us here , here , and here .

When Does The Fun Begin?

Well, we fly around evening time. So you can hope to see a couple of HODINKEE Live updates from the air terminal, however the fun doesn’t actually start until Wednesday (press day), and the show formally starts on Thursday. As usual, inquire here for additional on what is unquestionably the main seven day stretch of the year for the watch world.

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