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Hands-On: A Totally Unique And Transparent Vintage Pocket Watch From Hamilton

The watch is a unique variant of Hamilton’s model 992, with plates and extensions produced using lucite . It comes from the assortment of René Rondeau , a watchmaker, seller and historian having some expertise in Hamilton watches. Seeing this watch face to face is insane. Mr. Rondeau wrote an article about the watch in the May 2007 Horological Times , and the title truly summarizes it: The Ultimate Skeleton Watch. The watch was acquired from John Gelson, leader of Hamilton in the 1980’s. (John Gelson was truth be told Hamilton’s last president.)

While the actual watch is clear (quip planned), its history isn’t. There are no authority records of when it was made or first sold. During the 1930s the Hamilton Watch Company started exploring different avenues regarding the utilization of lucite in their retail shows. The soonest known notices of the watch are from 1946 and 1947; Hamilton’s company magazine published two articles that referred to it being utilized for shows at expos. As referenced before, the watch was included in the 1947 film What Makes a Fine Watch Fine and was likewise shown in the 1949 film How a Watch Works .

While the watch is generally indistinguishable from the model 992E, the winding and setting works have been supported with steel plates to go about as bearing surfaces. In an ordinary development, the winding and setting works turn and move straightforwardly on the outside of the mainplate. On the off chance that support wasn’t added, the watch would have had gives almost immediately in its life.

I’m going frankly with you, I truly didn’t want to write this article! You might be acquainted with the HODINKEE effect at this point; watch barters that are highlighted on the site frequently see a huge expansion in rush hour gridlock and costs. I would very much want to own this watch, however I know that the offering might be extraordinary after this article is published.

The Hamilton lucite pocket watch addresses a significant point as expected for American watchmaking history. It will be open for offers on October 29, 2015 at Heritage Auctions . I’m anticipating perceiving how it does!