Hands-On: An Astonishing Collection Of Vintage Bvlgari Ladies' Watches For Sale In Downtown NYC

Bvlgari x Vacheron Constantin octagonal Tubogas watch, ca. 1960s.

You are likely acquainted with the Serpenti watches that are likewise presently underway (see my audit of a year ago’s here ). The Serpenti and Tubogas go inseparably, as the principal record of the Tubogas watch is from the 1940s, when the Italian gem specialist delivered a snake structure wristwatch that looped around the wrist, with the development hid in the top of the snake. The cylindrical plan before long got one of Bvlgari’s most notable plans at any point created. Today Bvlgari actually makes both Serpenti and Tubogas watches (the last as “Serpenti Tubogas”).

The Tubogas configuration was enlivened by the creation of adaptable gas tubing utilized during the 1920s and auto fumes pipes – simply one more illustration of how watches and vehicles are perpetually connected to each other. The construction of the Tubogas is made by first making a looped structure out of copper or wood, and afterward firmly folding interlocking gold strips over the shape so that no binding is needed all the while. After the whole piece is built, the inside structure is either liquefied with corrosive or pulled out, leaving a completely framed loop that is amazingly versatile and solid.

Bvlgari x Vacheron Constantin yellow gold and jewel Tubogas watch, ca. 1960s.

For the developments, Bvlgari went to extraordinary producers like Audemars Piguet, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Vacheron Constantin. These watches making the most of their most noteworthy prominence during the 1950s and kept on being made through the 1970s. Each watch head was extraordinary, contingent upon the decade, and fluctuated from round to oval, octagonal, or square. These watches were delivered in tiny clusters and it isn’t uncommon to unearth a novel combination, (for example, the Jaeger-LeCoultre block formed, interface wristband rendition you see here).

Bvlgari x Jaeger-LeCoultre Brick Tubogas watch, ca. 1960s.

The Tubogas watches you see here are in organization with Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre. All component twofold marks on the dial, Bvlgari and VC or JLC stamps, and are manual-winding developments (glory be!). Truth be told, Vacheron Constantin gave developments to Bvlgari beginning during the 1930s for their different watches underway. The little types differ from one watch to another yet the message is the equivalent – these are genuine watches made of great materials, with similarly good developments. What is likewise so decent about these pieces is the manner in which they fit. The arm band is adaptable (essentially, it’s a spring) and hence can fit wrists, all things considered, and measures – also the indestructible sensation of the interlocking gold cylinders.

Case back of the Bvlgari x Vacheron Constantin octagonal Tubogas watch, ca. 1960s.

It is reviving to come across such downplayed and very much made manual-winding wristwatches, dissimilar to a portion of the women pieces underway today. These vintage pieces are alluring, but on the other hand are useful, with critical chronicled significance. I genuinely think that its tragic that such countless brands today don’t reference their chronicles more, or use physically twisting development of similar quality as their men’s pieces. I have regularly heard brands say, “Ladies don’t prefer to wind their watches ordinary,” which is just false and sounds like an apathetic pardon to make (or purchase) modest quartz developments, toss them into a jewel encrusted thing called a “watch” and sell them for a similar sum (if not more than) as a Patek Philippe minute repeater. I call bullsh*t.

Bvlgari Five-Row Tubogas Cuff, ca. 1970s.

If anything, these vintage pieces point out the measure of detail that went into making significant women watches that is by all accounts lost in a large part of the advanced watch market today.

These pieces are as of now accessible, alongside a few different models, through the New York City vintage attire store and site Resurrection . I have watched the Tubogas wristwatches increment in incentive throughout the long term and they appear to keep on going up – and it is surprising to see an assortment of these together and in so various variations.

To see the entire assortment of these pieces click here .


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