Hands-On: That Insane Patek 530 Sector Dial Coming Up At Christie's Geneva

First, what is the 530? The 530 is the rarest production reference of chronograph from Patek. On the off chance that you consider the 130 the basic PP chronograph, the 1579 the dressier chrono, and the 1463 the lively, waterproof chronograph, the 530 is basically an upsized 130. In any case, it’s way up-sized, and it’s spectacular. 

The average 530 is 36 mm, with a meager, flat case and dainty rectangular pushers. Inside is a Patek completed Valjoux 23 caliber, barely recognizable after all the hand-work done to it by Patek in its prime. 530 chronographs come with two distinct cases, one with 19 mm drags, the other with 21.5 mm carries. Goodness, and area dial, steel 530s? Yeah, they’re actually .5 mm larger still.

Any 530 is a special watch, a steel one all the more in this way, an area dial steel one is about as great as you can ask for. At that point, when you consider that this watch was basically obscure to the gathering community – in the same assortment for four decades prior to being offered in this auction and besides, never expounded on or in any book – and in fantastic, original condition, you start to perceive any reason why this watch is making such countless waves in the Patek world. 

The watch isn’t unpolished, nor is the dial flawless, yet it’s inconceivably legit and original. Notice the “Patek, Philippe & Co” long signature actually retains commas, and the accent over the “E” in “Geneve” is as yet present. This is a no fuss way to examine if an early dial has been washed or reestablished, and here, it looks great.

Down beneath, the “Astrua Torino” signature is profound, and the area markings are fresh and valid. There is a smear, nonetheless, at the 7 o’clock marking, and some printing by the brief marker is faded – the same valid at 35.

While the watch isn’t what we’d call “mint,” this is about as great and fair, and exceptionally rare watch as you will discover. Compare it to the last 530 steel chronograph sold by Christie’s ( parcel here , live pics here ), and you can perceive how much better this dial is. Gracious, and at the time, we felt that watch may have been the earliest known steel 530 on the planet. We realize that isn’t correct, presently. Coincidentally, that watch sold for $612,000 at that point, with a dial that wasn’t nearly as pleasant as this one. Also, even close to the other steel 530 available this month ( at Phillips here ), you can perceive how “more original” this dial is, also its desirable configuration. On the wrist, as you see above, the steel 530 wears like a cutting edge watch, and may in fact be quite possibly the best, rare, early-twentieth century Pateks on the planet. This one, dear companions, is going to fly.

Christie’s has an estimate of $500,000 to $800,000 and I’ve heard from several a-list gatherers that they have their sights set on it (however not all!). Snap here for additional details and in case you’re in NYC, make certain to head to Christie’s to look at it in the metal.

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