Hands-On: The Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori (With A 16-Carat Sapphire, No Less)

Hands-On: The Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori (With A 16-Carat Sapphire, No Less)

The Serpenti Seduttori, head-on.

So what is extraordinary and additionally new about this Serpenti? Indeed, it’s the absolute first inflexible style bangle (read: particular fixed wristband, not adaptable wrap) that Bulgari has delivered since the primary Serpenti watch made its introduction on Elizabeth Taylor’s wrist in 1962. The Tubogas-style watch was first recorded in the last part of the 1940s, yet that is an alternate monster totally. Bulgari is one of the makes referring to its vintage documents and taking care of business nowadays. For instance, the likewise recently delivered Incantati was propelled by a vintage ornament found by Bulgari in its own chronicles. The Seduttori isn’t just the Roman house’s originally fixed-bangle Serpenti, yet additionally one of only a handful few watches that it delivers that grandstands its amazing utilization of cabochon stones.

The precious stone dial of the Seduttori, inside the mouth of the snake.

On the wrissssst. (Get it?)

One of the most amazing things about Bulgari is its gems. Presently, I realize that HODINKEE is about watches, yet to comprehend this watch you need to comprehend that Bulgari makes the absolute generally delightful and ageless bits of gems in the cutting edge time. As I would like to think, it demolishes Harry Winston, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co., yet that is simply me. 

There is something so warm, gritty, and essentially lovely about Bulgari adornments, and a great deal of that comes down to its stone decisions and settings. In the wake of meeting with Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari’s Executive Director of Jewelry Design and Gem Buying, I discovered that each piece created by Bulgari is worked around the stones. Silvestri sources stones from all around the planet and assembles pieces of jewelry, rings, and wristbands dependent on the diamonds that she sources. I envision the equivalent goes for a watch like the Seduttori.

Brilliant and loaf cut precious stone set arm band with Art Deco design.

The setting and plan of the stones here is incredible.

The Seduttori is accessible in two variants, one in 18k rose gold set with jewels, emeralds, and rubies and another in 18k white gold with precious stones, rubies, and quite a sapphire. The one you see here is the last mentioned. The case estimates 36mm through and through and the wristband folds over the wrist with a pivoted tail area. The actual wristband is set with 197 splendid and loaf cut white jewels in a substituting Art Deco design. The Serpenti head is set with two pear-formed rubies for eyes, and the pivoted head is set with a 16-carat dark blue cabochon sapphire (likely from Sri Lanka). No doubt, you read that effectively, 16 carats. 

This is what a 16 carat sapphire cabochon resembles.

The development is quartz (only “quartz,” as per Bulgari.com) which isn’t ideal (in any event, not on the off chance that you need watchmaking at a similar level as adornments making) particularly since, thinking back to the 1960s and 1970s Bulgari was notable for cooperating with any semblance of Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and Jaeger-LeCoultre to get minuscule physically twisted developments for its Serpenti manifestations. However, how about we get genuine – individuals aren’t accepting this watch for the time. In the event that a quartz development turns you off, you likely aren’t the intended interest group for this piece in the first place.

And how is it to wear this watch? All things considered, it’s quite terrific, and comfortable for sure (also rather downplayed compared to a portion of different pieces I have attempted). For a high adornments watch, it’s amazingly straightforward and wearable. In the event that I had a cool $349,000 laying around (on the off chance that!) I would surely consider this watch. 

Casual clothing for a not-so-easygoing watch.

For more data on the Serpenti Seduttori you can visit Bulgari on the web .