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Hands-On: The Cartier Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré Pendant Watch (Live Pics, Full Specs, And Pricing)

This may appear to be a fairly inauspicious approach to get going a gander at quite possibly the most awesome articles we saw at the Salon this year: the Cartier Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré, a diamond set pendant tourbillon watch, and a remarkable piece. In any case, I notice it as a method of underscoring the silly energy that gemstones can stimulate. Presently, this is a horologically fascinating creation – the development, Cartier type 9463 MC, is a twofold secret tourbillon, similar to the Rotonde de Cartier Double Mystery Tourbillon wristwatch – and to say that the component is accidental to the allure of the Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré would do its resourcefulness an injustice.

But while not coincidental, mechanics for this situation is certainly here not to become the overwhelming focus, but rather to fit the bigger, by and large tasteful impact of the watch. Consider it a wearable secret clock.

The allure of valuable diamonds is probably the best model I can consider, of actually absolutely silly craving. Jewels are obviously a glimpse of something larger in this regard; shaded stones particularly appear to excite the monster in individuals (as Holmes comments in The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle, “carbuncle” being an early English expression for any hued stone – for the most part red). The most well known blue valuable jewel by a long shot, and a model of exactly how much quality these stones can have, is the acclaimed, and infamous, Hope Diamond, around which legends have grown like mushrooms after a tempest. The Hope Diamond is said to have initially decorated the eye of an icon, and normally, is likewise said to convey a revile.

Certainly, the destinies of a large number of its proprietors are both shocking and shifted; as revealed by the New York Times in 1911, they incorporate King Louis XVI (who claimed the stone from which the Hope was cut: the French Blue) and others, who were, “destroyed by a horde,” “tossed from a slope,” “killed by her darling,” and, maybe most brightly, “destroyed by wild canines in Constantinople,” (in spite of the fact that “passed on in hopelessness and need” – the destiny of one Francis Deaulieu – has a fine, grim, Late Victorian ring to it).

However, no such emanation encompasses the Cartier Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré – however it has, as the gemological mate to the horological rhapsody that is the twofold secret tourbillon, a very eminent blue stone as its focal point. The pearl is a sapphire, almost 26 carats in weight, which shapes the separable pendant to the principle, precious stone encrusted body of the timepiece.

The last is as an adapted butterfly. The sapphire was mined in Ceylon – long a hotspot for sapphires; Ceylonese sapphires can fluctuate extensively inside and out of shading, however the best are a soaked cornflower blue.

It’s continually fascinating, as well, to think about the exceptionally common nature of the fundamental elements of something so significant. Precious stones, all things considered, are only “solidified charcoal,” as Holmes comments later in The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle. (Precious stones, being carbon, will likewise consume, for reasons unknown, albeit the start temperature is sufficiently high that exhibits ordinarily utilize an outside oxygen source .) Sapphires aren’t carbon, however they are another beautiful standard material: corundum, an aluminum oxide, which is for the most part utilized as a mechanical rough. It’s additionally extremely hard, obviously, which is the reason manufactured sapphire’s so mainstream for watch precious stones (and now and again cases as well).

The case and chain of the Cartier Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré are in rhodiumized white gold.

White precious stones, white metal (either white gold or platinum) and blue sapphire are altogether both representative of Cartier, and a piece of its legacy of plan. Heaps of people like to have a problem with the blue cabochon on the crown of present day Cartier observes yet requesting that Cartier forsake the cabochon would resemble requesting that Rolex surrender the crown (and the way that Cartier holds it in its advanced watches is something I respect about them – precisely such an unmistakable association with a company’s set of experiences one needs).

At € 1.2 million, it’s now sold, and whomever wears it will have perhaps the most nonsensically alluring watches of the year. It was plainly the exact opposite thing we saw at the Salon, and comparably well; whatever else would have been anticlimactic.

High Jewelry Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré watch, fabricate mechanical development with manual winding and puzzling twofold tourbillon, type 9463 MC. Case and chain in rhodiumized 18K white gold set with a faceted oval-formed Ceylon sapphire of 25.93 carats, with 1,017 splendid cut jewels adding up to 15.92 carats, with 31 rose-cut precious stones adding up to 1.00 carat, with 18 roll cut precious stones adding up to 2.45 carats, with 14 sapphires adding up to 2.27 carats, with a princess-cut precious stone for .32 carats, and with onyx, with a sapphire gem and case-back, rhodiumized steel blade molded hands. Water-impervious to 3 bar (around 30 meters/100 feet). One of a kind piece. Cost, € 1,200,000. Sold, yet at the same time obvious altogether its impractical brilliance at