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Hands-On: The Chanel Boy.Friend Watch

A little foundation on Chanel watches. Chanel has been making wristwatches since the year 1987. The primary assortment, the suitably named Première Collection, was enlivened by the plan of the famous No. 5 aroma bottle and the 2.55 tote. The introduction assortment was under the inventive heading of Jacques Helleu, and the Première Collection is as yet a significant assortment in the extravagance brand’s watch portfolio .

Chanel watches are collected in Chanel’s workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and they collaborate with ETA to make their developments. Furthermore, Chanel accomplices with different creators to grow new developments like the Chanel RMT-10 development, only intended for Chanel by Renaud et Papi Manufacture; Chanel additionally utilizes the profoundly respected Audemars Piguet type AP 3125 automatic development in the J-12. The Boy.Friend watch utilizes an ETA 7001 manual-winding movement.

The brand has five significant assortments, the Première (referenced prior), the J12 (likely the most unmistakable), the Mademoiselle Privé, Jewelry Watches, and now the Boy.Friend. The name of the watch, “Boy.Friend,” coquettishly alludes to the way that as a woman, in the event that you wear this watch, your sweetheart will want to take it from you. Now, I couldn’t say whether this applies to ALL sweethearts, however believe it or not, the folks in the workplace were not completely rebuffed by this watch (hack – Jack Forster).

I imagine that the conceivable explanation for this, is that the Boy.Friend follows prior plans such as the first Cartier Tank and vintage Patek Philippe (like a Reference 431, see image below). The case subtleties are fascinating with the ventured bezel and inclined corners, it becomes much milder than your standard rectangular case (regularly not some tea). Subsequent to investigating you understand that this watch is brimming with little painstakingly chosen subtleties, making a downplayed at this point unique piece.

Patek Philippe, Reference 431

The silvered dial includes a recessed round guilloché dial for the hours and minutes, with a further recessed auxiliary dial. The stick hands for quite a long time, minutes, and seconds are exemplary and not hostile. By and large the format of the dial is satisfying to the eye and can undoubtedly be perused. However, I have a private matter with logos, and I feel that the brand’s logo occupies a lot room and I would like to see something smaller.

The Boy.Friend watch comes in two sizes, medium (26.7mm x 34.6mm) and enormous (28.6 mm x 37 mm). Within those sizes, it is accessible in plain “beige” gold with and without precious stones and white gold with jewels. The “beige” gold is the brand’s name for a select Chanel compound, and the shading peruses as somewhere in between pink and yellow gold. Alongside highly contrasting, the shading beige is one of the brand’s three notorious tones and was a top choice of author, Gabrielle Chanel’s.

You need to give Chanel kudos for planning a downplayed, exquisite, wearable and practical watch that doesn’t seem as though a jewel encrusted flower cake. It is perfect, straightforward, and should be wound. Something praiseworthy in this day and age of women’s watches. Is this watch for your sweetheart? I question it. However, it surely makes an extraordinary case.

For more information, kindly visit the Chanel website . Furthermore, on the off chance that you are in New York City, Chanel will open a Pop Up Shop at 446 West 14th Street from September 11–13.

-Plain Beige Gold Large: $14,500

– Beige Gold with Diamonds Large: $25,000

– White Gold with Diamonds Large: $27,000