Hands-On: The Citizen Eco-Drive One, An Ultra Thin Light-Powered Quartz Watch With A One MM Thick Movement

The current record holder for world’s most slender mechanical watch is, obviously, the Piaget 900P , at 3.65 mm. The development of the 900P is the thing that’s behind its radically diminished thickness. The restricting variable in mechanical horology, regarding slenderness, is likely the stature of the fountainhead barrel; past a specific point, in the event that you get excessively slight there simply isn’t sufficient ability to get satisfactory energy to the balance.

In quartz watches, you can smother thickness much more significantly. Coordinated circuits can be simple microns thick (slight film circuits, two microns or less ) and the restricting variables in a light-controlled quartz watch are most likely the capacitor, the stepper engine driving the hands, and the additional thickness of the sunlight based board. All things considered, 1 mm thick for the development and 2.98 mm for the watch by and large isn’t anything to sniffle at.

This isn’t the most slender quartz observe at any point made, obviously. That record is held by the Concord Delirium, which was first delivered because of the arrival of ultra meager quartz watches made by Citizen and Seiko in 1978 ( 4.1 mm and 2.5 mm thick , separately). The Delirium was delivered in 1979 and was just 1.98 mm thick. The most slender variant of the Delirium was essentially unwearable, at .98 mm – so slim that on the off chance that you attempted to tie it on, the case would flex such a lot of the watch would stop. Notwithstanding, I’m not mindful of any more slender sun based fueled watch available now, or besides, at any point made.

The model shown is the first of four forms that Citizen has reported. This is a restricted release model with a Cermet (earthenware and metal composite) case; the bezel is “binderless solidified carbide,” which, it appears to be sensible to accept, is sintered tungsten carbide (Citizen says “tungsten carbide powder with no metallic folio.”) This should make for an incredibly inflexible and, in every way that really matters, scratch-evidence case. That model is the most costly of the four, because of the intriguing materials for the case and bezel, just as the idea of the development: $6,000. Three different models, with tempered steel cases and Cermet bezels, have additionally been reported; these models will all have hardened steel wristbands and cost $2,600.

Case breadth is 38.15 mm; it wears greater gratitude to the limited bezel. In its own specific manner this is a beautiful head-turning watch; clearly at $6,000 the restricted version (800 pieces around the world) is for a specialty crowd, yet at $2,600 the other three models are in their own particular manner terrific instances of the continuous advancement of quartz watch innovation. They’re very slight, clearly, yet additionally sensibly commonsense, in contrast to numerous ultra slim watches (and, most likely, ready to run for a long time without human intercession).

The Citizen Eco Drive One: As appeared, restricted release of 800 pieces around the world, cost, $6,000. Case, 31.85 mm x 2.98 mm, “water safe” per Citizen, yet not in any case determined. Reference AR5014-04E. Case, Cermet; bezel, sintered tungsten carbide. Development, Citizen in-house type 8826, light-fueled Eco-Drive, greatest variety in rate +/ – 15 seconds/month; multi month power hold (whenever left in complete dimness). Visit Citizen online here .

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