Hands-On: The Favre-Leuba Raider Harpoon (With An Ingenious Time Display System)

Hands-On: The Favre-Leuba Raider Harpoon (With An Ingenious Time Display System)

The Favre-Leuba Raider Harpoon is a huge, 500 meter water safe plunge watch with an interesting framework for perusing off the time.

The Raider Harpoon is resolved to put the “over” in “over-designed.” Everything about it is overwhelming and positively not directed by commonsense need; the case has the previously mentioned 500m water obstruction; it’s additionally furnished with a helium get away from valve – for an introduction on who might need something like this, and why, look at  our story on immersion jumping  –and comes in a gunmetal PVD covered hardened steel case which is an astounding 46mm x 16.5mm. Our own appeared at HODINKEE on a substantial calfskin lash which is itself about 7mm thick where it appends to the carries, however it tightens to just four or so at the ends. 

It’s entirely blessed that the lash is so considerable – it feels sufficiently bold to burden a Clydesdale to a brew cart with a critical security edge, yet it additionally loans some genuinely necessary equilibrium to the experience of having a 180 gram ingot of metal on your wrist. (For comparison, our informal Standard International Dive Watch Mass Unit, the Seiko Diver SKX007, comes in at 142 grams, on a bracelet).

The thickness and mass of the watch is adjusted to some degree by the thick, intense looking strap.

The time is perused off brief hand, which shows the hour on an hour ring that follows the moment hand as it turns.

Once your eyes change in accordance with the size of the thing, the primary thing you are adept to see is that there is no hour hand. You may feel that the small hand at the middle is the hour hand however truth be told, it’s the running seconds hand, mounting on a pivoting steel circle with three openings; it’s less a seconds hand but rather more it is a capacity marker, telling you that the watch is running (having whatever thing, regardless of whether it’s a seconds hand per se or some other capacity pointer, is really a necessity for ISO 6425, the worldwide norm for jumper’s watches). The one long, orange tipped hand you see is the moment hand. 

You read the hour off from the situation of the moment hand – at the highest point of every hour, the moment hand focuses to a number on the white pivoting ring that compares to the right hour. As the moment hand turns, the white ring turns alongside it and the moment hand steadily propels starting with one hour numeral then onto the next, until at the highest point of the following hour, it has agreed with the following numeral. 

The reasoning here is that it’s slipped by minutes that are generally basic for a jumper and positively that is valid, in spite of the fact that for the greater part of us the allure will be less complex than that: it looks cool. The internal moment track has lume plots permitting you to peruse slipped by minutes a touch all the more instinctively (and obviously make it conceivable to set the watch precisely; the development (Sellita SW200 base) has a stop seconds work and the four markers at the quarter minutes mean you can really set the watch very precisely. There is in reality some point of reference for such a thing in accuracy horology; this is basically a minor departure from a controller dial which depends on a similar thought of putting the moment hand front and center.

Thanks to the wise use of lume the Raider Harpoon has full after-dim functionality.

The hour ring and seconds hand both have Super-LumiNova on them, which implies you can likewise peruse the hours and minutes in obscurity (and see the capacity pointer) in the event that you need. I had thought from the start that the bezel was put all in all too near the case edge to be turned comfortably however there’s in reality enough of a shade at 3:00 and 9:00 that turning the bezel’s effectively done. 

I recall numerous years prior, a companion of mine who has since a long time ago quit expounding on looks for public utilization however who remains profoundly associated with them by and by and expertly, once wrote in an audit, “There’s no dissuading this watch.” The expression happened to me while wearing the Raider Harpoon in light of the fact that from the outset the it appears to be very stunning. The thing is, there is a great deal about the watch that really bodes well on the off chance that you kind of take it on its own terms – when you acknowledge the essential idea of the time-telling framework and the reason on which it’s based (boosting the presence of the moment hand) a ton of the remainder of the watch really streams legitimately from that, including the three settled rings shaped by the unidirectional bezel, hour ring, and moment part ring. Indeed, even the enormous case begins to bode well; with those three concentric circles some additional dial land is definitely not an awful thing.

Ultimately however, this is something that I think individuals will get into, on the off chance that they get into it, for passionate instead of useful reasons. That isn’t anything against the watch, by the same token. Mechanical watches are something clever; indeed, from an outright perspective they’re unfeasible and superfluous, yet we actually need them, similar to any grasping fiction, to be inside steady and not do what video gamers call “breaking the allegory.” On that score this watch sort of helps me to remember Iron Man as depicted in the films and comics. Without a doubt, from a reasonable world-harmony stance, having one man – one staggeringly narcissistic egomaniac, for sure – with that much force is completely nonsensical. Yet, it’s fun, and however it’s similarly as unnecessarily overbuilt as a superhero’s force shield, so is the Favre Leuba Raider Harpoon.

The Favre-Leuba Raider Harpoon: case (in model appeared) gunmetal PVD covered spotless steel, 46mm x 16.5mm; water opposition, 500 meters, with helium get away from valve. One way turning anodized aluminum timing bezel; sapphire gem with twofold antireflective covering. Development, selfwinding type FL301, Sellita SW200 base with protected moving hour section ring synchronized with the moment hand. Dial, blue glowing hands, hour ring and moment part ring. Cost, $4,700.

Read more about the Raider Harpoon at Favre-Leuba.com.