Hands-On: The Girard-Perregaux 1966 50th Anniversary Automatic, A Nod To Some Pretty Impressive Chronometers

The Girard-Perregaux 1966 50th Anniversary is a lot of a conservative’s timepiece.

First of all, we should discuss the reasoning behind the 1966 50th Anniversary. The commemoration being referred to is the entry of a long time since GP was granted a unique centennial prize by the Observatory at Neuchatel, which was one of the areas where observatory timing competitions were held (different areas incorporated the observatories at Kew, in the U.K., just as Besancon and Geneva). For a large portion of the historical backdrop of the observatory preliminaries, makers entered single developments which had been purposely adjusted for the competition; surprisingly, in 1966 GP submitted to the Neuchatel observatory 40 watches planned available to be purchased commercially. It was an incredible takeoff.

These watches are acclaimed among gatherers represent considerable authority in wristwatch chronometers: the GP Gyromatic Chronometer HF utilized the high-beat, 36,000 vph type 32A. This was a 11 1/2 ligne self-winding development running in 39 gems, with the rotor twisting in the two ways. A sum of 662 were made, which were all tried by the quick archetypes to the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) – one of the Bureaux officiels de controle de la marche des montres, or BOs for short – and ensured as chronometers. The watches were exact to the point that GP ensured precision of inside one moment each month (the watches were sold with a one-year guarantee too). Of the 40 watches submitted to Neuchatel for an observatory rating (a 45-day testing period), 39 got a further release bearing witness to their exactness, and one – development number 5.528 – was granted 6.02 focuses, qualifying it for a prize for extraordinary execution. These watches had the words “Observatory Chronometer” on the dial, while the others had just “Chronometer.” 

The Girard-Perregaux 1966 50th Anniversary was made to commemorate GP’s accomplishments in chronometry.

A take a gander at the converse side of the Anniversary watch uncovers oneself winding movement.

What you see here is the watch Girard-Perregaux delivered for the current year to commemorate this incredible accomplishment, which was something of an achievement throughout the entire existence of wristwatch chronometers. This is a straightforward time-and-date wristwatch in a white gold case estimating 38mm x 8.62mm. The development is GP caliber GP03300-00030, which has a force hold of 46 hours and establishes a calm and stately connection through the caseback. I could wish, maybe, that this watch didn’t have the words “50th Anniversary” on the dial, at the same time, as this is a restricted version of 50 pieces unequivocally intended to commemorate an event, it’s to be expected to see it there and it doesn’t degrade lethally from the general style of the watch.

I say “style,” obviously somewhat this is an enemies of feel, or possibly, against configuration, way to deal with watchmaking. The thought is to create everything finely except leave the matter of making jaws drop to other people. In white gold, it’s additionally a very under-the-radar watch, and keeping in mind that you may believe I’m condemning with faint acclaim, I’m truly not. This is such a watchmaking that used to portray Swiss watches at, in the event that not their generally standout, absolutely their generally fair, dependable, and appropriate for every day wear. It’s the sort of watch individuals used to consider when they discussed needing to “own a decent watch” someday.

The type GP033000-00030, with its 18k gold rotor establishes a discreetly attractive connection through the sapphire presentation back.

There a few issues notwithstanding – indeed, one issue and one missed opportunity.

The first issue is the cost. This is a $17,500 watch. Indeed, this is a pleasantly made, dainty, gold dress watch with an in-house development, however its calm allure and considerable value implies it’s playing to a specialty crowd.

To be reasonable, comparing on highlights as opposed to simply a what-else-can-I-get-for-the-cash premise thinks about better this watch. A dainty, self-winding gold dress watch from any brand will cost you either a comparable cost or ordinarily the cost of the 1966 50th Anniversary. Taken a gander at in that light, it’s somewhat of an alternate story – the value begins to seem as though anything from fundamentally sensible to a really extraordinary bargain.

The botched freedom is this: This watch is expected to commemorate a truly fascinating, historic piece of mechanical horology that is right up ’til the present time searched out by genuine gatherers who are keen on chronometer wristwatches. In case you will do a commemorative piece that thinks back to something as actually forward-looking as the Observatory Chronometer HF watches were, it becomes you to accomplish something in fact forward-looking. What an incredible possibility this would have been to do a run of current watches with an altered high-beat GP type and a chronometry testament showing by and large day by day mean variety in rate, and variety in rate across positions (for example). Girard-Perregaux has genuine history in the realm of chronometry and I think there are an unbelievable number of chances here for the company to look behind at past victories, however to begin incorporating that set of experiences into the watches it makes today.

Is the Girard-Perregaux 1966 50th Anniversary overrated or a deal? That relies upon what you look like at it.

On the wrist, the watch is somewhat attractive (even with that additional line of text).

At the top of the line, Girard-Perregaux dominates. High workmanship pieces and tourbillons from the brand, just as its development in delivering a genuine steady power escapement wristwatch , are altogether wonderful accomplishments. Be that as it may, one needs to detect similar direct connect to the company’s center qualities and personality in less selective looks also. The 1966 in steel is an extraordinary looking watch at under $8,000, and for this commemoration, I can’t resist the urge to think about how I’d have responded to a high-beat form that said “Chronometer” on the dial. 

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