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Hands-On: The Greubel Forsey Signature 1, A Top-Tier Time-Only (Live Photos, Thoughts, Availability & Pricing)

Signature 1 is Greubel Forsey’s first watch with only hours, minutes, and seconds.

At SIHH 2016, Greubel Forsey took things considerably further by presenting a watch that not exclusively doesn’t have a tourbillon, it’s basically a three hander. What’s more, the retail cost is under $200,000! Sounds ludicrous, I understand, however a watch with the fine completing and devotion to create addressed by GF without a tourbillon is really a fantasy of mine, so I was excited to know about this new piece – called Signature 1.

The Signature 1 is 41.4 mm in diamater and does not have a tourbillon.

The Signature 1 is a straightforward watch, including only hours, minutes, and seconds. It is the principal watch to be delivered in the new GF “Mark” Series, which is another activity that will permit Greubel Forsey watchmakers to plan and leader their own thoughts as a team with their manager. Additionally, they will be put at the up front of the actual piece, with their own name being noticeable both on the dial and the type. The Signature 1 that we see today was the result of a Mr. Didier Cretin, and you can see that unmistakably when taking a gander at the watch.

Signature 1 highlights a pristine Greubel Forsey balance wheel system.

While this is to be sure the most straightforward of all Greubel Forsey watches to date, don’t think briefly this is a conventional, basic watch. Deadbeat and Greubel required six strong years to come up with this watch, specifically its new in-house balance wheel framework, which incorporates a goliath 12.6 mm haggle house spring you can see beating at the excellent pace of 18,000 vibrations each hour. The haggle on which it sits is dark cleaned, and absolutely stunning. Here is a nearby up.

The 12.6 mm balance wheel is made in-house and sits on a staggering dark cleaned bridge.

The dial, like that of the 24 Hours Vision, highlights markers that are engraved into the actual dial, at that point broiler terminated plated. The entire thing is precious stone completed and inclined. Behind the dial, you can see a plate with staggering wide Geneva stripes. Furthermore, as Mr. Forsey said while introducing this watch to us, there are Geneva stripes, and afterward there are Geneva stripes. You understand what he means.

Geneva stripes encompass the jewel angled dial.

Then, when you turn the watch over, you see significantly more totally amazing wrapping up. The scaffolds, made of nickel silver, are iced and spotted, with straight-grained streaked, cleaned inclining and countersinks, wide cleaned inward points, a snailed click haggle with cleaned and sloped teeth, and dark clean everywhere. Hell, even the hands are hand cleaned steel and gold with hand-cleaned counter-sinks. What does all that mean? Such crazy consideration regarding quality is difficult to communicate here, yet the sort of thing you’d expect just from Greubel Forsey and only a couple different watchmakers on the planet.

Caliber GFS1 is a hand-twisted type of the greatest order.

Here is a nearby of the GFS1, the consequence of more than six years of advancement and what can undoubtedly be called one of the best completed time-just types on the planet. The completing on all GF’s is undeniably more present day than you’ll see on something like a Dufour or Voutilainen, however similarly as hard to achieve.

Signature 1 is one of the best completed time-just types in the world.

This alone is sufficient to hoist the Signature 1 to probably the coolest piece of SIHH 2016, however what I’ll advise you next may really you want the Signature 1. It’s 41.4 mm in measurement, simply 11.7 mm thick, and madly decent on the wrist.

The Signature 1 is simply 41.4 mm in diamter and fits pleasantly on the wrist.

Yup, this is the primary Greubel where I can look at you without flinching and say I could wear this watch each day and be comfortable. Here is the rose-gold illustration of the Signature 1 on my wrist, and I need to say, it fit perfectly. The case, which is similarly all around completed as the development – cleaned and straight grained – is simply lovely.

The Signature 1 is likewise the most slender watch to come from Greubel Forsey.

The cost of the Signature 1? Well originally let me reveal to you that 66 pieces will be made altogether. It seems as though a ton for Greubel however it’s not – there are tourbillons that have been made in more that 66 models for substantially more cash. Second, the watch will be accessible in a large group of metals – 11 models in platinum, 11 in white gold, and 11 in rose gold (as envisioned). Be that as it may, interestingly, a Greubel will be offered in treated steel! Indeed, the excess 33 watches of the Signature 1 will be housed in steel, which is energizing for those of us who truly prefer to wear their watches. The initial 11 bits of the Signature 1 in steel will highlight a blue dial and be bound for the United States in a restricted release. From that point on, the excess 22 steel Signature 1s will be made by direct order.

Rose gold, white gold, platinum, and interestingly, steel will be a possibility for this Greubel Forsey.

Pricing for the GF Signature 1 will start at 150,000 CHF for the steel models, and leap to 170,000 CHF for the gold, more for the platinum. It’s interesting to consider these watches the section level alternative for a Greubel Forsey fan however that is by and large what they are. How would they compare to other super time just watches? Kari’s watches start around 80,000 CHF and Roger Smith’s beginning around 75,000 GBP. Lange’s PLM Richard Lange (which includes a Fusée & chain) right now records for around $114,000 in rose gold, and the platinum models (all sold out) were more. Along these lines, 150,000 is high, indeed it’s feasible the most costly time-just watch on the planet, yet it’s not so out of sight the domain of some others. Furthermore, regardless of your opinion about the watch or the value, there is a tremendous unforeseen of individuals that have consistently longed for claiming one of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey’s manifestations yet were killed by the size and cost, and the Signature 1 will make them very happy.

In complete honesty, the Signature 1 is truth be told one of my #1 new arrivals of SIHH 2016. I have generally so appreciated GF and all that they represent – genuine persistent quality and scrupulousness – yet never discovered one I could get behind outwardly or from a comfort angle. I can do both here. I likewise am an admirer of excessively top of the line time-just watches, and this may very well be the most elevated top of the line time-just watch on the planet. I’ll say this and mean it – with regards to Greubel Forsey’s new Signature 1, specifically the steel model, in the event that I could, I would. I trust it’s that acceptable, and who knows whether GF will at any point make some other time-just, steel watch at this cost point.

The Sig1 should hit in June of this current year. More here .