Hands-On: The H. Moser Endeavour Dual Time Concept, And Concept Cosmic Green

Hands-On: The H. Moser Endeavour Dual Time Concept, And Concept Cosmic Green

The Moser Dual Time Concept watches are a very moderate interpretation of a GMT complication.

The thought here is incredibly clear: the red hand shows the time in a subsequent time region, and insofar as you’re at home, it stows away under the essential hour hand. At the point when you travel, you can set the red hand advances or in reverse in one hour increases. There’s no date, and the lone other component on the dial is a seconds hand which, because of the shortfall of a seconds sub-dial (or, besides, whatever else) gives off an impression of being drifting on the dial. The essential idea is certifiably not another one, obviously – Patek utilizes it in the different Travel Time models – yet Moser misuses the characteristic straightforwardness of the plan to make the most stripped-down double timezone watch conceivable. Double time watches can draw out the device darling in both watch clients and watch creators – the IWC Timezoner’s a genuine illustration of this more is always better methodology, yet with an exceptionally fun, and very pragmatic take, on the GMT complication. Similarly as the complexity of the IWC will not be as everybody would prefer, the extreme reductionism of the Moser will not be to everybody’s either, except there is something exceptionally engaging about how Moser is exploring different avenues regarding exactly how far you can go with an economy of means.

The red gold Dual Time Concept with fumé dial – you can see the red hand jabbing out over the moment hand here.

Platinum Dual Time Concept with blue fumé dial – notice how the seconds hand appears to skim at six o’clock.

The development is Moser’s in-house, programmed type HMC 345, which has a 72-hour power save and Moser’s in-house Straumann offset spring with Breguet overcoil. 

The Concept observes truly let you respect the magnificence of Moser’s fumé dials.

The in-house type HMC 345 is programmed and has a 72-hour power reserve.

Each form of the Dual Time Concept (red gold and platinum) is restricted to only 10 pieces around the world, and costs are $32,000 and $42,000, respectively.

A Little More…

Moser is additionally dispatching another time-just Endeavor Concept, rather playfully named Cosmic Green; the dial is “astronomical green” fumé, and I’ll be darned on the off chance that it doesn’t satisfy the name. With no logo, records, “Swiss Made,” or whatever else on the dial, it really looks a smidgen dreamlike – like something David Bowman may have seen skimming by his shuttle window in the trippy montage toward the finish of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It’s not difficult to sort out where the Moser Concept Cosmic Green gets its name.

Although the dials of both the Dual Time and Cosmic Green models kind of hoard the spotlight, the developments and instances of these watches are wonderfully made – which has a great deal to do with why the dials work; if the remainder of the watches weren’t however solid as the dials may be, the entire experience would appear to be really unequal. For what it’s worth, you get a combination of obviousness and eccentricity in advance, with an effortless and unique case plan, and an actually dependable development backing the entire thing up. On account of the Cosmic Green, the development is the hand-wound type HMC 343, with a seven-day power hold, appeared on the development side – Moser’s utilized a similar technique in the past for the Concept Perpetual Calendar, where the (fundamental) jump year pointer is on the development as well. 

There are a few fascinating highlights about the developments with regards to the Cosmic Green and Dual Time models, including a gold getaway haggle switch – a satisfyingly old-school approach to accomplish an antimagnetic escapement and a welcome leftover of a customary methodology in what is, nowadays, progressively becoming an ocean of silicon. 

Moser type HMC 343 aides keep the dial side clean by setting the force save on the development side.

The Endeavor case has etched sides that add a ton of interest and show that it’s not simply the dials here that get a great deal of attention.

As an overall way to deal with watchmaking, the Concept watches are engaging especially on the strength of doing a great deal with a bit, which is very difficult to progress nicely. At the point when you work with a couple of components, everything must be simply in this way, or the entire thing doesn’t work (the equivalent is valid for watches with a great deal of components, also, however it’s simpler to miss minor slips in plan when there’s a ton of messiness; Dr. George Daniels once composed disparagingly of watches with superfluously jumbled dials as “looking like a gas meter” and whether the Concepts are some tea, nobody can blame them for that).

On the wrist, the Cosmic Green is downright an unadulterated beauty.

There is an obviousness to such straightforwardness, obviously, however I think generally speaking, the entire thing works. It just works in light of the fact that the entire is more prominent than the amount of its parts – in the event that it didn’t, these idea watches would be oversimplified, instead of straightforward. However, on account of the rightness of extents, treatment of finish, shading and level of immersion of shading, and 100 different choices fundamental the clear effortlessness, you get a decent amicable gathering. Some of the time you need an ensemble symphony, in some cases you need the clearness of a string quartet.

The Endeavor Concept Cosmic Green: case; white gold, 40.8mm x 10.9mm. Dial, “enormous green” fumé with leaf formed hands. Development, Moser type HMC 343, 34mm x 5.8mm; hand-twisted with seven-day power hold, with power save sign on the development, running at 18,000 vph in 24 gems; Straumann hairspring with Breguet overcoil; gold break haggle; expected accessibility end November/early December.

The Endeavor Dual Time Concept Limited Edition: cases, 18k red gold or 950 platinum; 40.8mm x 11mm. Fumé or sky-blue fumé dials; red hand for second time region. Development, Moser type HMC 345, 34mm x 6.5mm, programmed; running in 29 gems at 18,000 vph. 72-hour power hold; power save sign on the development side. Straumann hairspring with Breguet overcoil; gold departure haggle and $32,000; expected accessibility end November/early December.

Find out additional about Moser at h-moser.com.