Hands-On: The Histoire De Tourbillon 6 By Harry Winston

Hands-On: The Histoire De Tourbillon 6 By Harry Winston

The circles to one side of the case are essential for a tri-hub tourbillon, which implies three unique twists in one. The equilibrium wheel confine turns like clockwork inside a subsequent enclosure, which turns at regular intervals on its own vertical hub. This pair is housed inside a third, spherical confine that rotates at regular intervals. Who here recollects prime factorization? [45 = 32 × 51] [75 = 31 × 52] [300 = 22 × 31 × 52], which gives us 22 × 32 × 52 = 900 seconds (or 15 minutes). It’s sort of perfect that the equilibrium wheel takes that long to complete its pirouette. That’s four complete twists in an hour and under 100 for each day!

To the right at 1 o’clock is a karussel (merry go round). For those new, the karussel and the tourbillon are comparable in that they both mean to balance the impacts of gravity by pivoting the equilibrium wheel and escapement . The primary contrast between the two is that the karussel turns through the guide of another stuff, while the tourbillon is autonomous. The Histoire de Tourbillon karussel turns at a 30-second rate. Below it, the subsequent timekeeping capacity of hours and minutes can be freely set through the crown (the second crown that is – notice that there are two).

The intriguing mechanism within the subsequent time region is the collaboration through the pusher at 2 o’clock. When initiated, the pusher resets the hands to nothing, and thus can go about as a 12-hour chronograph.This fills in as a fascinating idea for timing long engagements.

The case is a titanic 55 mm by 49 mm in 18k white gold with high palladium content. Once more, we understand that it’s not estimated for the normal sleeve. Finishing is comparable to Harry Winston assumptions. Roundabout brushing for the spheres, polish for the tonneau side. The showed back shows PVD titanium spans with an impacted finish that confine twin co-hub barrels. The HW4701 manual production development contains 683 components, and beats each equilibrium wheel at 3 Hz (21,600 vph). Power save is at 80 hours for the tourbillon and 70 hours for the karussel.

The Histoire de Tourbillon 6 by Harry Winston is a generous replacement in a long queue of Histoire de Tourbillon showpieces. It is restricted to a creation of 20 pieces with estimating at roughly $600,000 US.

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