Hands-On: The Longines Heritage 1945 (Live Pics & A Comparison With Its Inspiration)

Hands-On: The Longines Heritage 1945 (Live Pics & A Comparison With Its Inspiration)

The new legacy 1945 highlights a 40mm case and self-winding movement.

Below you can see the new Longines Heritage 1945 as shown today in Baselworld. It’s 40mm and programmed, so not too far off are two effectively recognizable changes from my unique watch. The crown is somewhat unique as well, and obviously the sub-seconds register is set a little higher on the dial, which itself is more brushed than matte rose. Yet, in all, it is a genuinely steadfast re-version. Also, the watch as an independent item (regardless of the piece from 1945) is alluring, adjusted, and well-priced.

I carried my unique watch with me today to show you one next to the other how the two contrast. While the there is no uncertainty we as a whole would have favored the watch physically twisted, 37mm, and with a more adjusted dial (even those at Longines concur), we actually have a truly pleasant time-just watch here that gives a large part of a similar vibe as these early Longines time-onlys.

The greatest contrast is without a doubt the dial finish – the new watch includes a brushed copper treatment.

Though it is thicker than my piece, the new Longines Heritage 1945 sits truly well on the wrist and gives a lot of that vintage style without the extraordinariness or sticker price. For any individual who is interested, driving this watch is the type L609 (ETA 2895/2), and however Longines profits by the huge swath of developments from Swatch, there was as yet not a physically wound type appropriate for this piece available. 

The watch will retail for $1,700 later this year.

What makes this watch so incredible however is the cost. The Heritage 1945 will sell for $1,700. That is a ton of look from a significant brand at the cost nowadays, and dependent on what Longines has advised me, the responses from retailers and press the same have been very strong. 

On the wrist, both old and new.

You can peruse more about the Longines Heritage 1945 here .