Hands-On: The Maurice de Mauriac L1, A Customizable High-Design Watch From Zurich

Hands-On: The Maurice de Mauriac L1, A Customizable High-Design Watch From Zurich

If you’re curious about Schwaerzler’s work, the 03 High stool for Vitra and the Normal seat for Dadadum  can give you a very excellent all alone. High contrast shading ranges, fresh, very much characterized lines, and a genuine feeling of capacity first plan are on the whole signs of Schwaerzler’s work. The L1 watch fits directly in close by his different manifestations, holding fast to similar standards, and with a similar consideration regarding detail.

The L1 was intended for Maurice de Mauriac by Fabian Schwaerzler.

Although the fundamental plan was set by Schwaerzler, there are a couple of things that the clients can decide for themselves. Most strikingly, there are three distinctive case sizes – 37mm, 39mm, and 42mm. The contrast somewhere in the range of 37mm and 42mm is hard to exaggerate; by then you’re discussing two completely various sorts of watches. The 42mm variant doesn’t appear to be very right to me for this plan. In case you’re into greater watches or have an especially huge wrist, let it all out (truly, no judgment here), yet from now on we’ll be staying with the 37mm and 39mm variants.

The general case shape and extents remain essentially the equivalent between those two, however there are two things you’ll see first thing. As the case scales up, the hauls begin to look relatively thicker and more extensive, and the bezel glances bigger with respect to the remainder of the watch also. The case winds up looking somewhat sportier in 39mm, however it’s still beautiful saved and architectural.

The L1 in 37mm with a DLC case close to the L1 in 39mm with a brushed steel case.

The next decision you get is whether you need that case to be delivered in brushed tempered steel, or whether you need that steel to be given a dark DLC covering. The 37mm watch here has the covering, while the 39mm has been left plain. Truly, the dark covering is a lot lighter than I was anticipating, perusing considerably more like a dull dim than a real dark. This is something worth being thankful for. Rather than giving the watch an “I stick around craftsmanship displays attempting to meet ladies who just wear turtlenecks” vibe, it veers a lot nearer to something like “Gracious, this couch? It’s vintage Knoll . No biggie.” The plain steel is unquestionably pleasant, yet I lean toward the lower-contrast blending of dark dial and DLC in this instance.

The DLC case comes out more dark than dark, which is by and large why I like it so much.

Regardless of case size, you can likewise choose either a level or a domed sapphire gem (the “overhaul” to domed precious stone is no charge for the DLC model, however a 250 CHF up-charge for the steel model). It’s difficult to show in photographs exactly how large a distinction this causes to the to feel of the watch. I completely expected to be in group domed precious stone, however very much want the level. You can see beneath the two one next to the other (with the domed on the left and the level on the right). The structural feel of the case and math of the dial are appropriate to the level precious stone and, to my eye, the vault simply relax out these lines, vintage roots be cursed. The last decision Maurice de Mauriac gives you is your tie, which can be brilliant earthy colored, dim earthy colored, dark, or dim. Every one of the three are made of rich Barenia cowhide and have a join free look that fits directly in with Schwaerzler’s design.

I very much want the level gem on the privilege to the domed variant on the left – it suits the lines of the case better.

Regardless of what different alternatives you pick, when you turn the L1 over, you’re welcomed by a sapphire caseback, allowing you to perceive what’s hiding inside. Contingent upon your decision of case size however, you could see one of two developments. The 39mm and 42mm variants both house the ETA 2824, with a uniquely marked rotor and more than respectable completing (nothing excessively extravagant however, not that you’d expect it here). The little watch, notwithstanding, utilizes an ETA 2892, without the custom rotor. These are both complete workhorse developments with power saves in the 38-42 hour range, so you can go in excess of an entire day without wearing the watch it’ll actually be ticking. The date is fast set for both however, so slowing down isn’t actually an issue.

The ETA 2892 with exclusively marked rotor in the 39mm version.

The 37mm form of the watch has an ETA 2824 inside rather than the 2892.

A plan this straightforward should be not difficult to make, correct? Wrong. With this degree of effortlessness, each seemingly insignificant detail matters more and any mistakes or irregular characteristics will radiate through right away. Schwaerzler however nailed the subtleties here. You’ll see that the hour markers at three, six, nine, and 12 are marginally more slender than the rest and that the thin hands come to a fine point at the tips, making decipherability excellent. 

A take a gander at the blue lume sparkling around evening time. Clarity is excellent.

On the hour and moment hands, just slender spaces in the focuses are loaded up with lume, so when the watch sparkles blue around evening time, you get straight lines (one more limited than the other), again making it a snap to peruse the time. The date circle at three o’clock is dark as well, mixing in primarily with the dial (even some date haters may like this) and the mark is printed little enough in order to permit the inky dark dial to take precedence.

The 39mm hardened steel L1 on the wrist.

The DLC 37mm L1 combined with the equivalent outfit.

On the wrist is the place where the L1 truly comes to life. The short, calculated drags hold the watch tight to the wrist (for the two sizes I attempted) and the precarious case sides give the watch a decent measure of essence without it feeling anything near too huge, or inconvenient. By and by, I love watches in the 36mm to 38mm territory, and the 37mm L1 is very near my optimal size. All things considered, the 39mm doesn’t feel that a lot greater and the distinction in comfort is unimportant. I’d say go for whatever size you think looks better on your wrist, and you will not be disappointed.

Maurice de Mauriac is pleased with its ties, which have been a focal piece of the brand’s contributions since the start. The full reach incorporates everything from different Horween calfskins and shell cordovan, to Bund-style ties and other more whimsical manifestations, yet it’s the refined, Barenia lashes that author Daniel Dreifuss decided to utilize here – and to extraordinary impact. Specifically, the dim Barenia, with the flimsy channels down the side, fits the appearance of the watch and doesn’t need any breaking in. My 37mm example was even shipped off me on a short lash, which functioned admirably for my generally little wrist.

At a point you truly get a feeling of the light surface to the dial, which looks a lot more pleasant than a level black.

The L1’s evaluating structure is really clear as well, even with the customization choices. The hardened steel L1 is 2,300 CHF (around $2,240 at season of distributing) and the DLC L1 is 3,200 CHF (roughly $3,120). This is paying little mind to estimate and tie decision – the just up-charge is for the domed precious stone on the steel model, which is an extra 250 CHF. For the DLC L1, domed and level gem are a similar cost. The thought here is that clients get the real combination that is appropriate for them, rather than stressing over whether certain alternatives merit the price.

The L1 rides the line among dressy and easygoing, making it an incredible ordinary wear.

To me, the L1 is an incredible generally useful watch with genuine plan family, at an entirely sensible cost. The technicians inside aren’t the most energizing, yet they’re strong and go about as a dependable motor for this gorgeous watch. The scrupulousness from Schwaerzler and Maurice de Mauriac is extraordinary in all cases, from the hands to the markers to the case finish. For a watch that is so basic, there’s a horrendous parcel to cherish here.

For more on the L1, visit Maurice de Mauriac on the web .