Hands-On: The New Rolex Daytona Reference 116500LN (Live Pics, Thoughts, Details On Release)

The Basics

Reference 116500LN is simply the second reference of in-house, winding steel Daytonas from Rolex.

Here are the very nuts and bolts that you need to know. The new reference of the treated steel Daytona is 116500LN, and it replaces 116520, which we checked on in detail here . The 116520 was dispatched in the year 2000, and included Rolex’s first in-house chronograph reference – type 4130. The 116520 itself supplanted reference 16520, which was Rolex’s first self-winding Daytona – its type 4030 depended on an altered Zenith El Primero development, however as we have advised you, it was adjusted so widely, large numbers of Zenith’s most acclaimed qualities were not, at this point obvious –, for example, the date and 36,000 vph beat rate. Oneself winding Daytona was dispatched in 1988 and supplanted the Valjoux-fueled 6263/6265.

Only 50% of Zeniths’ 400 Series El Primero stayed after Rolex was finished changing it.

At Baselworld 2000, we saw the reference 116520 and in-house type 4130 – this is the Daytona that the 2016 Daytona replaces, however as we’ll see today, 116500LN is considerably more of a development than an unrest in both plan and innovation. The watch stayed 40 mm, made in Rolex’s restrictive 904L steel, and the 116520 end up being a powerful and consistently cool closest companion to endless people around the world.

Reference 116520 lodging the in-house type 4130 was dispatched at Baselworld 2000 and turned into a sensation.

In the year 2013, 50 years after the presentation of the absolute first Cosmograph ( definite here ), the whole world expected to see the steel Daytona get a vintage makeover. We as a whole needed it, yet Rolex wasn’t exactly prepared to offer it to us yet – and rather gave us the platinum Daytona with earthy colored fired bezel . I’ll be straightforward, I was really unpleasant that day at Basel (ask Stephen P. on the off chance that you run into him, he’ll advise you). I addressed Jack about at a supper that Basel – he was a reticent adversary at that point, as EiC of Revolution, and he put it unmistakably: Is a $75,000 watch with earthy colored bezel and blue dial the Daytona we as a whole needed at that point, or more terrible, was it what we all deserved in commending 50 years of Cosmograph? I can say that 2013 was the year that large numbers of us arrived at top Rolex inconvenience – as though the child down the road, the one you told individuals was your closest companion, and who turned out to be the sharpest, coolest, and most famous child in the eighth level, had neglected to welcome you to his birthday celebration. You’re furious, disheartened, yet on Monday, when you see him in the cafeteria and he welcomes you to find a seat at the cool children’s table, you rapidly forgive and never look back, in light of the fact that it’s him.

Consider this new Daytona a solicitation to the cool children’s table – a peace offering from the most impressive watch company on the planet to everything about vintage and present day watch authority. This is the watch that causes you to pardon Rolex for what it has done to you in the past on the grounds that it is by and large what you wanted.

What is the new Daytona? All things considered, it’s essentially the old Daytona, yet with a dark bezel. What’s more, it’s likewise the most sweltering watch in the world.

What’s so astounding about this new Daytona is that there is not all that much, truly, for us to geek about. It is each piece equivalent to the 116520 down to the 40 mm 904L case, the cleaned focus interfaces, the Superluminova intonations, and the type 4130 development. The watch is truly indistinguishable from its archetype – save for the Cerachrom bezel and slight dial changes – but here we are, so, so happy it’s here.

The Oyster arm band highlights focus cleaned links.

Notice the dark bezel against steel case.

So quite a bit of this comes down to the basic force of Rolex and the genuinely colossal administration of its image – a brand that, as indicated by the Reputation Institute, is indeed the most respectable on the planet . It is this master level administration that rolls out the smallest improvement in an item –, for example, say, another bezel – appear to be stupendously significant. Why? Since Rolex produces symbols, and the Daytona is seemingly the symbol in a group of only icons.

Each Daytona catch includes an “Easylink” fast expansion framework, permitting the wristband to extend 5 mm quickly.

How Could It be On The Wrist? Amazing.

The dark dial Daytona on HODINKEE European Editor Arthur Touchot’s wrist.

The one thing the Daytona has consistently had making it work, since the very beginning back in 1963 to the present time, is predominant wrist presence. I would dare to say, truth be told, that the Daytona is outstanding amongst other wearing watches made – and that incorporates vintage and contemporary references (numerous among the vintage watch world credit the Daytona’s attractive quality to its wrist presence – with the 6263/6265 holding the spot as the most consummately proportioned model, ever). The 40 mm variant, which has now been around for a very long time is additionally superbly measured, and the new reference with dark Cerachrom bezel adds a tad of style and panache to a generally immaculately planned case.

Here is the new Daytona of our Head of Business Development Frank Roda.

Here is the new Daytona on the wrist of Cara Barrett.

Forty millimeters is a particularly extraordinary size, and in light of the fact that this isn’t a plunge watch like Rolex’s different symbols, it stays more slender and somewhat more rich on the wrist than a Submariner. Furthermore, the Subs and GMTs have all experienced such an up-estimating where the case measurements haven’t changed on paper, however the cases feel more square like, and the carries considerably more husky. I think we as a whole expected that when another Daytona would hit, yet we didn’t get it. I most definitely, am excited about that, however my companion Robert-Jan from Fratello expected and needed the Daytona to get upsized a little bit.

The new Daytona in dark on the creator’s wrist.

The new Daytona in white on the creator’s wrist.

As you can find in the five pictures over, the watch looks similarly incredible on four distinct people groups’ wrists – and that incorporates Arthur, who is 6 foot 3, and Cara who is, all things considered, not 6 foot 3. She’s a lady. A young lady indeed, and both via web-based media and in her most awesome aspect Basel story , the reaction from perusers to her with the dark dial Daytona was consistently sure (come on, what watch fellow doesn’t dream of their better half wearing a Daytona?). The new catch is a decent expansion, however regardless, it is the demonstrated case size and measurements in addition to new bezel that will make this new Daytona a significantly more grounded dealer than the last.

A Few More Details

The dial emits a nearly lacquered-like look, yet it isn’t lacquered.

In shooting the new Daytona in under ideal lighting, you see everything. Indeed you see significantly more in that awful yellow light of an expo corner than you would elsewhere. In these photos you can see each unusual glare, each finger impression, each scratch, yet the most fascinating thing to note is the nearly gleam on the dial. They show up as though they’re practically plated, or lacquered – they’re not, yet in these photos, they seem as though they would be.

The dial configuration is the one thing I could see somebody complaining about on the new Daytona. There are five lines of text at 12 o’clock. Five. Do we need all that, specifically the last line that peruses “Cosmograph”? Absolutely not, however I think that its enchanting that Rolex, following 53 years of creating this watch, actually considers it a Cosmograph, despite the fact that I am very certain no one external a couple of dweebs like me understand what that implies. This is a Daytona to a great many people, and they basically could leave it at that, however they don’t, which I like a ton. All things considered, text substantial at 12? Absolutely. Goodness, and obviously we have “Daytona” in red at 6 o’clock, which I realize individuals will adore, however I do not.

The new Cerachrom dark bezel with platinum PVD treatment is wonderful and rich looking, cleaned and refined. Similarly as authorities incline toward the 6263 with dark aluminum bezel to the 6265 with cleaned steel bezel, I speculate too that over the long run these dark bezel watches will surpass their steel bezel predecessors.

As for the form nature of the watch, and the awesome type 4130, read this anecdote about “The Rolex Way,” specifically the last area about the chronograph development. It will reveal to you all you require to know.

Alright, So Just How Hard Will It Be To Get?

So this is the million dollar question, correct? The Daytona is the most sweltering watch on the planet at this moment, with immortal plan, incredible quality, cool factor for people, and a sticker price that doesn’t stun when you consider exactly the thing it is you’re getting (U.S. retail is $12,400). I have been asked by more companions, companions of companions, perusers, perusers of perusers, and bar-stool partners for help in getting this new Daytona than some other watch since I’ve begun to be a piece of this world. I advise them to do what any other person would do – consider your nearby approved seller and put your name on top notch. It’s simply that basic – there is no game here to win for individuals who consider themselves genuine purchasers, or special treatment for individuals with loads of Instagram devotees – Rolex doesn’t do that. On the off chance that you need one, you wait.

A comment left by a HODINKEE peruser about his chances.

How long will you need to pause? All things considered, on the off chance that you saw our breaking report on the HODINKEE App back on March 16th and summoned your AD right, you’re in a decent spot. I’ve run into a couple of individuals who did that and they’ll be fine. In any case, in the event that you haven’t called your seller at this point, you may be pausing. I realized individuals would need to understand what that implied in hard numbers, so I asked a couple of cordial approved vendors. A more modest record situated in Connecticut said they would almost certainly get eight watches, four in each dial tone, and they right now have 20 individuals on the rundown. So the other 12 will likely not get theirs until at some point into 2017. Another approved vendor in the Bay Area disclosed to me they were probably going to get 10 pieces this year, and the rundown is most likely 50 individuals in length. At that point, there is the comment left by a peruser that we’ve republished above – where he asserts his vendor will get two pieces and the rundown is 92 individuals long.

I think the appropriate response is straightforward here – in the event that you haven’t gotten your name in for one of the new Daytonas, you will probably be holding up quite a while. What’s more, I mean into 2017. The primary group of watches should hit the U.S. toward the finish of the mid year, with proceeded with conveyance through the fall and winter. So when that California-based vendor says he’ll be getting 10, he implies 10 eventually all through the rest of 2016, not at the same time when they drop this mid year. The story goes that last time around, the shortlist on another steel Daytona would run into the years – and dependent on these numbers, I would say that is a chance again here. Smells, I know, in light of the fact that the watch is so incredible, and estimated so well, yet Rolex understands what they’re doing, and the exact opposite thing they need to do is flood the market.

Since – The Earliest And The Latest Daytona, Next To Each Other

The 2016 reference 116500LN close to the 1963 reference 6239.

Finally, in one of those “on the grounds that we can” minutes, I’d prefer to show you something that I didn’t know would happen this year at Baselworld (I thought it would’ve occurred in 2013), yet I’m happy it did. This is an image of the absolute first Rolex Daytona (née Cosmograph) from 1963 – my own watch – close to the most recent steel Cosmograph, reference 116500LN. It’s astonishing to perceive how far it’s come, and very cool to see them close to one another, I think.

I trust you’ve appreciated this little gander at the new Daytona, and you can peruse more about it here .

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