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Hands-On: The Omega Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition

For numerous years now, the horological accomplice to the realistic Bond has been Omega, and the watch has been the Seamaster, which is a conceivable watch for the character: utilitarian and with an association with the Royal Navy that bodes well for Bond, who’s a commander in the Royal Navy (and for Fleming, who was a maritime insight official prior to turning his hand to surveillance potboilers – and, obviously, the SM300 was really given to RN jumpers for quite a while).

The challenge of making a restricted release Bond watch that likewise appears to be authentic to the character has always struck me as a fascinating issue; above all else, what that character is, changes starting with one manifestation of Bond then onto the next and even one film to the following. Craig – and this is with the admonition that I haven’t seen SPECTRE yet – has been amazingly steady however, and to make a watch that passes on his Bond’s thin facade of progress and suffering an incentive as what Judy Dench’s M called “her Majesty’s heavy-handed contrivance” you truly need a watch as proudly traditionalist but, as technically au courant, as 007 himself. (Unexpectedly Specter is an abbreviation: Special Executive for Counter-insight, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion. This worldwide uber wrongdoing association has as its head the notorious Ernst Stavro Blofeld and in large numbers of the Bond motion pictures, these are the folks with undersea sanctuaries and hollow volcanoes and what have you. Fleming presented Specter in the novel Thunderball, and Specter has been essential for the movies since the start – they’re the muscle behind Dr. No in the 1962 film of the equivalent name.)

The uplifting news is that Omega’s truly made a pleasant showing nailing precisely those credits in the Specter restricted release, which is characterized – thank God – by a close all out shortfall of any Bond-explicit marking. All things being equal, the company’s taken a watch that Bond might conceivably choose for himself – the Seamaster 300 – and given it a few unpretentious tweaks to make it particular, alluring, and sufficiently unique without making it a conspicuous piece of marking. The watch, as given, will come on a dark and-dark NATO, and the two significant contrasts on the dial side from the standard SM300 are the bezel and the seconds hand. The standard model has a standard brief jumper’s planning bezel, however the Specter model has a 12 hour scale – bidirectional – that you can use as a subsequent time region scale; seemingly at any rate as viable for Bond as a jumper’s bezel. The other vintage/old-school component is the candy seconds hand, which can be found on some vintage models too (the book Omega: A Journey Through Time, for occasion, shows a 1959 Seamaster with a circle tip seconds hand, ref. CK 2913).

The type 8400/8401 utilizations the technology that  was first presented in the Aqua Terra Antimagnetic 15,000 Gauss back in 2013, and has a similar level of protection from magnetism thanks to the utilization of silicon yet to be determined spring, and other amagnetic materials. 15,000 gauss, incidentally, is equal to roughly 1.2 million A/m (amperes per meter) and for reference, consider that for a watch to meet ISO requirements to be “antimagnetic” (per ISO 764) it need just be impervious to 4800 A/m. Magnetic fields as solid as 15,000 gauss ordinarily are discovered distinctly in things like clinical imaging gadgets or molecule quickening agents, so if Bond at any point engages in a shootout at the Large Hadron Collider in any event his watch will keep running.

All of the real 007 marking is on the rear of the watch and it is reasonably utilitarian-looking: the word Specter in the equivalent sans-serif covers used to show the antimagnetic obstruction and depth rating, and the 007 firearm logo – unpretentious and as concise as Bond himself. I’ve always discovered the weapon logo simply somewhat twee – amusingly enough the firearm it portrays is an adapted form of a gun Sean Connery utilized in a banner for From Russia With Love, which, as it happens, was really a compressed air firearm. You could peruse that as a gloomy, if coincidental, comment on the artistic Bond’s frequently more-show-than-go attitude, however here it’s most likely better to acknowledge it as a gesture to a long practice and leave it at that. Connery’s Bond may have had caused on him a compressed air firearm that couldn’t stop a lethargic hamster, however Craig’s Bond, in a similar fix and confronted with a foe, would most likely pound the life out of him with the butt.

The Omega Seamaster 300 Specter Limited Edition is accessible in Omega boutiques; restricted to 7007 pieces world-wide. 41 mm, treated steel case with bidirectional Liquidmetal bezel; dark clay 12 hour second time region/timing embed; “candy” seconds hand. Development, Omega co-pivotal type 8400, antimagnetic to in any event 15,000 gauss/1.2 million A/m; COSC-affirmed chronometer. On dark and dim striped NATO tie; water opposition 300 m. Check out our new Hands On with the normal arrangement Seamaster 300, with somewhat of a history exercise also. Furthermore, please NO SPOILERS in the comments, let a person see the movie!