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Hands-On: The Omega Speedmaster Reference 2915-1 From Tonight’s Omega Speedmaster 50 Sale (Live Pics, Thoughts)

Lot number 3 this evening is without a doubt a full-spec reference 2915-1 Speedmaster. That implies its got the wide arrow hands, the reasonable case back, the metal bezel, and the oval-O dial that we would expect on such a watch. It sounds sufficiently basic, however attempt to locate a 2915 available to be purchased by any means, at that point attempt to locate a 2915-1, at that point attempt to discover a completely right 2915-1 without any new parts, and afterward attempt to discover one in condition. This watch has all that, and it has something different completely.

If you take a gander probably – nay, all – 2915-1s known to the market, we see a decent angle to the case edge that resembles this . Be that as it may, in the event that you inspect parcel 3 in this evening’s deal you’ll see the case is really undeniably more articulated. It’s in reality beautiful crazy how huge the incline is on this case – to such an extent that when the Christie’s group ran over the watch, they didn’t think it was right. All things considered, by far most of 2915’s out there have been changed or revamped in some way.

Then, in researching the watch, they went over a commercial for the absolute first Speedmaster, and the watch imagined there matched perfectly!

It was then that Christie’s acknowledged they had come across something extremely exceptional, a possibly unique or model case made for the Speedmaster. Working straightforwardly with the Omega historical center, Christie’s was ready to affirm that the watch was made as it lives today, and offered to Singapore. Omega doesn’t, however, know why this case varies from the wide range of various known 2915’s, yet they do vouch for the rightness of this super Speedmaster.

The question at that point to ask is this: is parcel number 3 in around evening time’s Speedmaster deal the 2915 to have? I think it truly relies upon what your gathering objectives are. Is this watch the by-the-book excellent example of a – 1? I don’t trust it is. Yet, it possibly perhaps the most fascinating – 1’s to surface, and separates itself from different watches with a similar reference. In the event that somebody is a stalwart Speedmaster gatherer that possibly as of now owns a pleasant 2915-1 or – 2, at that point this could be an entrancing example to own. I will say that parcel number 4, the 2915-2 is a more conventional example of a 2915 so that could introduce a decent chance as well.

The other thing to note about this 2915-1 is the gauge: $100,000 to $150,000. I will concede, I was minimal reclaimed by this. A Speedmaster has never sold for six figures in any open closeout to date. There have been some in the high 70s, and even into the 80s, however never the 90s or 100’s. It is an unsafe move to offer such a watch at such a high gauge unprecedented. Now I will say I accept an incredible 2915-1 to be worth around this much, and the last time a mint example came up was a few years prior. Additionally, I have known about certain watches like this exchanging this reach, so I don’t briefly think the cost is excessively high. In any case, the optics on a gauge this high for a Speedy are overwhelming, particularly when this watch will without a doubt establish the pace for the whole closeout. On the off chance that the – 1 pulls out all the stops, so will the magnificent – 2 that follows, and the 2998-1’s, etc. On the off chance that it doesn’t, the remainder of the deal could go flat.

The Speedmaster has just experienced a major push regarding estimating, and this will probably compound that. The 2915-1, the sacred goal of Omega Speedmasters, will be at a bargain around evening time at Christie’s in New York at the Omega Speedmaster 50 deal. You can see all parcel subtleties here .