Hands-On: The Piaget Polo S Chronograph

Hands-On: The Piaget Polo S Chronograph

There’s no doubt the Polo S seems as though the Nautilus, however that is not motivation to discount the watch entirely.

I went through seven days wearing the Polo S Chronograph with a brilliant blue dial, all day every day. Yet, don’t be confused. This isn’t A Week On The Wrist, however rather a glance at the raison d’etre of the Polo S, its core reason for Piaget and its core an incentive to customers.

“Comparison is the passing of delight,” according to Mark Twain, so we should tackle that side of things first: does the Polo S resemble a Patek Philippe Nautilus? Without a doubt. Especially the blue dial adaptations. It would be exploitative of me to imagine something else. All the more exactly, it looks a lot of like the ladies’ rendition of the Nautilus, the reference 7118/1A , which additionally offers a date at six o’clock and a comparable looking combination of lumed hands and lists. Nonetheless, I genuinely feel that the Polo S is more complicated than a carbon copy of an iconic reference – itself an understanding of the Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet, I may add. As you are as of now mindful, the two watches were planned by exactly the same Gerald Genta, nearly four years apart.

There is for sure something very Piaget in the Polo S, a long ways past its name coming from the cult 1980s collection. Taking a gander at the case, it bears a striking resemblance to the Emperador line; the completing may have been upset looking into it and the bezel, however the lines of the case are basically identical. Moreover, the dial colors of the Polo S can likewise be found in numerous past Emperadors. The blue dial is clearly the most contentious, as it is associated with both the competing Patek and AP models (on the off chance that you can call watches that are twice the price or more “competitors”), yet honestly it is likewise an iconic color in Piaget’s set of experiences, remarkably highlighted on its packaging. 

The treated steel bracelet isn’t actually incorporated, so you can generally trade it for a tie in the event that you don’t cherish it.

Considering all the past facts, the Polo S naming appears from the start illogical: Why not call it the Emperador S on the off chance that it acquired the greater part of its esthetic from that current line? Thus is the difference between product advancement and promoting – marking it Polo S was much more in accordance with the mission of this launch. Polo S clearly sounds hotter, however I accept the core reason lies further than that. The Polo S intended to accomplish however much the Polo had done in the last part of the 1970s and mid ’80s, when it was the flexible watch of the jetset crowd, respected for its precious looks and water resistance. 

Interestingly, the most Polo-like component that can be found on the new Polo S is the flat example on the dial, made to pay tribute to the construction of the first bracelet. Regardless of this connection, it is additionally perhaps the most controversial components in the Polo S, since it is likewise a mark of the Nautilus.

The blue dial is perhaps the best thing about this watch – and the source of much of the controversy.

Now that we’ve taken a gander at its inception, an incorrect suspicion should be cleared up before we move to the more definite stuff: The “S” in Polo S means “Game” and not “Steel.” The Polo S doesn’t claim to be so significant because of its metal – however since the mid-1950s all Piaget wristwatches have been made of precious metals, except for the failed to remember (and forgettable, I dare say) Upstream, launched in 2001. 

No, the genuine estimation of the Polo S is that it offers a sportier, more casual option in contrast to dressier watches, similar to the Altiplano, that rule Piaget’s contributions. The price situating was additionally significant and distinctive for Piaget, with the time-and-date Polo S underneath $10,000 and the chronograph beneath $15,000. This makes the two watches about a large portion of the price of a comparable Altiplano and, as referenced prior (and discussed in an epic Three On Three ), about a large portion of the price of comparable extravagance steel sport watches. Thusly, it tends to be considered as the introductory piece for Piaget, which can carry new clients to a historical brand.

A take a gander at the 1160P chronograph caliber from Piaget. 

I specifically chose to invest a touch of energy with the chronograph as this rendition got much less coverage than its three-gave counterpart. What’s more, I will be straightforward, in the main long stretches of wearing it, I didn’t care for its extents particularly by any means. It was sitting high and enormous on the wrist, exceptionally a long way from the vintage measurements with which I invest more energy. However, it is something you quickly become acclimated to; surprisingly fast I had overlooked it, especially since the blue dial frequently took the light in different wonderful manners. Here, the even example looks very Patek (positively) and it certainly helped me to remember the bracelets on those previous Polo models of which I am so affectionate (however that may be more close to home than anything).

The round chronograph registers on the non-round dial are a major in addition to for me here – and, to sweeten the deal even further, they help me to remember toy robots from my childhood.

The one thing I stayed disillusioned in was the bracelet; it felt somewhat thin for such a case, and the completing was somewhat harsh. On the other hand, the price situating may legitimize such an exchange down in the bracelet division. In addition, it isn’t completely incorporated, so a switch to a lash is consistently an option. 

There was one place where I could tell no concession was made: the chronograph development. Its working was clean and precise, and the format was profoundly clear. Note that the caliber 1160P from Piaget bears a hitting resemblance with the 1904-CH MC from Cartier, much as the 1110P of the time-and-date Polo S appears close to the Cartier 1904 MC, likely showing some collaboration between the two Richemont-claimed brands (a super flimsy Piaget caliber can likewise be found in the new thin Cartier Drive, all things considered). The exact opposite thing about the chronograph gets significantly more nerdy: the inclination probably won’t be shared, yet I cherished the round sub-register shape in the square-ish case, as it helped me to remember the smiley robots I used to play with as a child. Since I’ve said that, can you un-see it in this watch? I didn’t think so.

After seven days of wear, I unquestionably have a superior comprehension of the benefits and shortcomings of the Polo S chronograph. A long way from being a frustrating watch, it is an intriguing delivery from Piaget at an alternate price point that, all things being relative, offers another audience access to the brand. This watch bodes well, entering the game chic portion where the Royal Oak and Nautilus are blooming, however again at a lower price for an alternate customer.

But, while it’s a strength somely, this is additionally the Polo S’s most prominent shortcoming according to the perfectionists. It seem like a “protected” watch, adding the same old thing and facing no genuine challenges. In that capacity, it falls underneath what we would have expected from the Piaget of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s, which didn’t avoid offering radically various pieces from the competition, from the thin watches with hard stone dials to the first Polo. 

I became acclimated to the huge size of the Polo S chronograph much quicker than expected.

Obviously, various occasions call for various measures, however it clearly clarifies how a self-proclaimed “distinct advantage” disillusioned many when launched. Nonetheless, I need to underline two things after my experience with this watch: First, it really is a distinct advantage for Piaget, in the event that we take a gander at it from a business system and long haul development perspective; and second, the criticism is coming from prepared collectors who are not at all the essential objective for the Polo S regardless. The truth will surface eventually if the Polo S (time-and-date or potentially chronograph) will discover its market and samely affect Piaget that the Polo had all through the 1980s. It will be intriguing to notice, at the very least.

The Piaget Polo S chronograph with blue dial retails for $12,400. For additional, visit Piaget on the web .