Hands-On: The Raymond Weil Freelancer Chronograph, An Automatic Chronograph Under $3,000 From A Family Owned Independent Brand

The Freelancer Collection has been around since 2007, and I think this is presumably the most alluring individual from the family I’ve seen up until now. This specific rendition (there are a sum of 23 Freelancer models in current creation, both time-just and chronograph) is a 3 register chronograph with date. The development is a Valjoux 7753, with an extra pusher at 10:00 for brisk setting the date. The measurements are essentially what you’d anticipate: 43.5 mm x 13.7 mm, or, in other words a little on the enormous side yet not in sewer vent cover territory.

The single most concerning issue with planning a programmed chronograph in this value range is that you don’t have a huge load of choices with regards to making it stand apart from the remainder of the pack – at the end of the day, the greater part of them seem as though they were planned considering economy, which isn’t the sort of thing that precisely causes your heart to do that little skip of pride you need it to do when you take a gander at your wristwatch. The pleasant thing about this specific form of the Freelancer chronograph is that it’s a little victory over the heaviness of a restricted plan range. There’s a practically overpowering craving with respect to architects in this value highlight attempt to jazz things up, for absence of a superior word and fortunately, in the Freelancer chronograph Raymond Weil’s figured out how to oppose the allurement. You have an unmistakably comprehensible plan; there’s straightforward about monkeying with the state of the crown or pushers to make them appear, you know, “energetic” and the roundabout etching on the dial figures out how to add surface without appearing as though a slapped-on afterthought.

And, obviously, there’s the panda dial, which alongside the for the most part laid-back feel of the remainder of the watch gives the entire thing a pleasant retro vibe without appearing to be pushy about it. This is such a watch plan there used to be significantly more of – strong mechanics, great looks without unecessary showmanship or more each of the a value that let you appreciate the darn thing without causing purchasing a watch to appear to be an activity in high-hazard long haul contributing (or present moment, in case you’re a routine flipper).

No, it will not mix you to your most profound profundities with the symphonic compass of, say, a Vacheron Cornes de Vache, however there’s nothing amiss with a piece of fun well known music with a snappy riff, either (simply ask the Beatles). A pleasantly made, vintage-inclining panda dial programmed chronograph that requests (generally) little and gives a lot.

The Raymond Weil Freelancer chronograph: case, treated steel, 43.5 mm x 13.7 mm; water obstruction 100 meters; sapphire precious stone with twofold antireflective covering; screw-down crown. Development, Valjoux 7753, three register chronograph with date; quickset pusher at 10:00; 46-hour power save. View the Freelancer assortment here.