Hands-On: The Ultra-Rare Panerai Bronze 1000 Meter Prototype, Coming Up At Christie's New York This Week

Hands-On: The Ultra-Rare Panerai Bronze 1000 Meter Prototype, Coming Up At Christie's New York This Week

Before getting into feel, just from the viewpoint of target extraordinariness and recorded significance, it’s a lovely exceptional piece and would presumably pull in a lot of consideration. The story goes that in the mid ’80’s, Panerai’s chief of mechanical designing, the renowned Mr. Alessandro Bettarini, began work on a progression of model watches proposed to fill present day requirements for combat plunging.

The watches would need to, as indicated by part notes from a Christie’s sale of one of the titanium models in 2014, fill requirements to be “waterproof to incredible profundities, antimagnetic, and simple to peruse,” and the notes additionally reveal to us that an aggregate of eight models were made – four in bronze, and four in titanium, with numerous changes made to the plans as the prototyping interaction advanced (one change, for example, was the replacement of tritium filled glow tubes for the brilliant mallet markers utilized in before prototypes).

The last, complete model was really submitted to the Italian Navy yet the last didn’t, eventually, choose to arrange the watch. This was a somewhat challenging chance to get into the mechanical jumper’s watch business anyway – the undertaking was completed in 1988 when the last model was done, and at that point the original of undeniable advanced plunge computers were simply beginning to show up. Similarly as with John Harrison’s H4 marine chronometer the Panerai 1000 addresses both the apex of advancement of a specific technology just as its dead end.

The bronze model we got our hands on at a Christie’s preview is 48 mm in breadth, with stunning enunciated drags, each of which has two major screws affixing the clamps that hold the lash set up – this thing isn’t going anywhere. The dial is metal, and there’s a gigantic 5.1 mm sapphire gem (just as, strangely, a showcase back through which you can make the revelation that the development inside, a type 2789-1, is absolutely tedious to take a gander at, yet hello, expecting a wonderfully completed, high quality development on a watch like this resembles expecting hand-scoured walnut facade and a vanity reflect in an Abrams tank – it just ain’t that sort of a thing).

One of the most wonderful things about this watch is how the patina has created – the case has preferably more honed edges over not (truth be told, in general it has a lovely darned Soviet/Brutalist thing going on, positively), which implies that where the patina’s more slender you have these wonderfully fresh territories of uncovered metal that – incidentally yet delightfully – diagram the math of the case.

These models don’t come available to be purchased all the time, for genuinely clear reasons. One pounded for 1,060,00 HKD on a gauge of 850K-1,000,000 HKD at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, in 2013 ; and in 2014 Christie’s sold one of the titanium models in November, in Geneva, for CHF 281,000 (at that point, $292,402) on a gauge of 80K-120K CHF. Gauge on this one – which comes with a letter of credibility endorsed by Alessandro Bettarini – is $100,000-200,000, however clearly it could without much of a stretch show improvement over that. In any case, with these things showing up so seldom it’s actually anybody’s think about what it’ll go for – yet it’ll be worth watching. Furthermore, whomever gets it will get not just an uncommon and verifiably significant Panerai model, they’ll be getting a dandy piece of configuration too – the more so on the grounds that making a stylishly saucy watch was clearly the keep going thing on the planners’ psyches (I think – with Italians, however, you won’t ever know). The bartering’s this Wednesday and here’s the posting.

There’s an Italian expression – “brutti mama buoni” – which signifies “monstrous yet great” – and if there at any point were a watch that fit the articulation, it’s this one. We wouldn’t fret a piece if this case made a comeback – it’s that sexy.