Hands-On: The Unimatic Modello Uno (U1-B), A Minimalist Dive Watch Goes To The Caribbean

Hands-On: The Unimatic Modello Uno (U1-B), A Minimalist Dive Watch Goes To The Caribbean

Unimatic isn’t only a little brand, it’s indeed one of the littlest. The Italy-based company creates amazingly restricted arrangement of sports watches and is the brainchild of two mechanical architects, Giovanni Moro and Simone Nunziato. In spite of the fact that they’ve just been doing business for since 2015, the pair have figured out how to make a buzz not just in light of their watches’ super moderate style, yet additionally as a result of (or regardless of) their moderate way to deal with advertising them. Their present contributions just incorporate two groups of watches – the basically named Modello Uno, a plunge watch, and Modello Due, a field watch. I as of late got the opportunity to take the Modello Uno U1-B plunge watch for seven days of tropical submerged investigation and discovered it to be gigantically satisfying.

The Unimatic Modello Uno doesn’t resemble your typical jump watch.

There is a notable apothegm that says that plan flawlessness is accomplished “not when there isn’t anything left to add, but rather when there isn’t anything left to remove.” The Modello Uno U1-B, Unimatic’s subsequent plunge watch exertion, is a for example, promptly striking in light of its distinct limitation. Understudies of jump watch history will perceive signs a few acclaimed jumpers – the practically bare bezel with its thin coin edge and single radiant plunge marker summons the Squale-made “Bund” Blancpain Fifty Fathoms of the 1970s, and the dial and stepping stool hands help one to remember the “Type 1” watch Benrus worked for U.S. Uncommon Forces jumpers during the 1970s. There’s even a touch of Submariner in there, with the gold-colored moment track and dial printing. These characteristics dodge praise an area, because of the manner in which they’re very much combined and afterward arranged in a precise, present day case that would have made a 1980s IWC architect proud.

Jason Heaton wearing the U1-B on a make a plunge the Dutch Caribbean.

Powering the Modello Uno is a Seiko NH35A programmed development that hacks and is twisted by hand, an inconspicuous sign to which (if purposeful) is the needle-like scope seconds hand that has the iridescent banner as a stabilizer like so numerous Seiko jumpers. Among the miniature brands, the extraordinary lion’s share go to Japan for developments, from both Miyota (Citizen) and Seiko, on account of their offer, quality, and the commotion in the outsider Swiss development market. The NH35A is a fine development for the Modello Uno, a pleasant advance up from the lower end Seiko “shake-and-heat” types and nobody will contend with placing a Seiko programmed in a plunge watch. Unimatic decided to wipe out the date work, likely a stylish decision, and it is completely with regards to the watch’s by and large minimalism.

Even with the insignificant styling, the U1-B performs splendidly as a real tool.

On the dial side, the utilization of tan glowing paint for the markers will draw the two cheers and sneers. Some discover this tone, derisively named “false patina,” gimmicky and exaggerated, while others, myself notwithstanding, consider it to be simply an alluring option in contrast to brilliant white markers. The truth of the matter is, many like the rich gold shading seen on vintage watches not on the grounds that it implies age yet for tasteful reasons, so why not use it on current watches?

Even similarly as a get-away watch (for you non-jumpers out there), the U1-B doesn’t leave a lot to contend with.

The Modello Uno’s dial text sits in the base third of the dial, an unforeseen shock for those familiar with books of verbiage on both top and base. It loans the watch a practically sterile appearance, which is complemented by the “overlaid” text shading that nearly vanishes into the matte dark dial. Underneath the name “UNIMATIC” (a practically mysterious name) is significantly more modest content that peruses “Made in Italy” just as the 300-meter profundity rating. I for one might have managed without the somewhat questionable starting point explanation (since the watch utilizes generally Asian-sourced components) yet it is composed little to such an extent that it nearly requires a loupe to peruse, thus remains unobtrusive.

There’s much more on the rear of this watch than on the front.

At the Modello Uno’s €450 value point (roughly $480 at season of distributing), one anticipates that corners should be cut – scratchy crown stringing, free and loud bezel – however truly, I could discover none. Of course, the steel case completing needs delightful brush-work or cleaned slants, yet this is a stripped-down plunge watch all things considered. Where it is important, the form is excellent. The most noticeable element, the 41.5-millimeter bezel, is marginally more extensive than the case, making it extremely simple to hold. The crown is settled flush between the crown watches, marginally hard to snatch, yet without a date and with programmed twisting there ought to be no compelling reason to mess with it whenever it’s set, expecting its proprietor wears it routinely. Also, this is a watch that rouses wearing a lot.

When one thinks about the ideal excursion watch, certain models come to mind: something sufficiently uninspiring so as not to move a robbing, relative moderateness should it get lost or harmed, a couple of distances of water opposition, and adaptable looks that can go from the sea shore to the smorgasbord line. At the end of the day, a Seiko jump watch. However, the Unimatic gives an appealing other option, which is the reason I pressed it along for seven days of making a plunge the Dutch Caribbean.

With a substantially more negligible methodology, the U1-B took some becoming acclimated to under water.

The watch came mounted on a dark nylon tie yet I traded it to a dim NATO, which fit well with the clean military look, dried rapidly, and offered affirmation in case of a springbar disappointment. Other than for photography, the Unimatic never fell off my wrist, through 16 jumps, sea swims, and showers, notwithstanding various thumps and slams while throwing tanks and plunge gear around. The case size and weight are close to awesome, wearing similar as a Submariner or more established Seamaster. Since I was on island time, the Seiko development kept more than adequate time, effectively following hour-long jumps and never making me past the point of no return (or too soon) to dinner.

When a great many people see this watch, the primary thing they ask is, “what benefit is that bezel for jumping?” My nervy answer is, “it was sufficient for the German Navy” (recollect the Blancpain “Bund” Fifty Fathoms refered to above), however the truth of the matter is, for sport plunging, it genuinely is satisfactory. Everything necessary on a wrist base clock for no-decompression jumping is brief hand and a drop marker. Adjust the bezel pip with the moment hand upon drop and the slipped by time is not difficult to peruse off utilizing the dial comparable to when you began your jump. Similar remains constant for timing steaks, bubbling eggs, and stopping meters outdoors. During my week plunging with it, I utilized the bezel as a route help, timing swim distances, just as for following my surface stretches between jumps. Other than its handiness, the matte dark bezel ring, encircled by the bits of matte steel, is charming to take a gander at from any angle.

You’d be unable to locate a sleeker jump watch than the Unimatic Modello Uno.

From that bezel, to the points and close ideal extents of the case, to the astute case-back etching that joins a change table for units of measure, unmistakably the Modello Uno is a watch that was sprung from the personalities of fashioners. There is a development to its feel and a general lucidness that drew the consideration and interest of even prepared authorities of watches worth thousands more. So notwithstanding the way that this specific reference, the Modello Uno U1-B, is as of now almost sold out of its 200-piece run, most likely we can anticipate future alluring contributions from Unimatic.

More data about the Modello Uno, and Unimatic, can be found on the brand’s (moderate) site .

Photos: Gishani Ratnayake