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Hands-On: The Vacheron Constantin 57260, The Most Complicated Watch In The World (Exclusive Live Photos, Thoughts)

Yes, this truly occurred. Last Thursday in Geneva, Vacheron Constantin shot itself into the record books by showing what is now the undisputed lord of mechanical watches – its 57 complication reference 57260. My associate Jack Forster amazingly clarified this unimaginable piece here , and our technical master Nick Manousos handled it here . On the off chance that you’ve perused those two stories, you should know all that there is to know about the 57260, correct? Indeed, with the exception of what it’s really similar to see this beast of horology in the metal, to grasp two pounds of history, and to see the case in which it will carry on with its life. Today, we have exclusive live photos of the most complicated watch in the world, and I’ll disclose to you my own musings on this giant.

Ok, we should take a gander at ths 57260 by the numbers. 57 complications. 2,826 individual components, 242 jewels, 957 grams, 10 licenses, 31 hands, 85 unique models, 16 kg of drawings, eight years, one customer, untold millions. Some more realities? A few specialists really guarantee this watch has more than 60 complications, yet Vacheron thought “Why push it?”. Oh, and yes it has procured 10 licenses, yet two more are really forthcoming and should close within a few months. The tourbillon here is multiple times the size of a customary tourbillon, yet 33% the weight. Of the 57 complications, a ten of them are pristine to horology. Further, this watch was assembled completely by hand by three watchmakers (two of which are siblings), and it is totally awesome.

57 complications. 2,826 individual components, 242 jewels, 957 grams, 10 licenses, 31 hands, 85 unique models, 16 kg of drawings, eight years, one customer, untold millions.

The 57260 highlights a downright stunning Judaic schedule, and a “night” caution setting that quiets the watch between 10 p.m. also, 8 a.m. – this is flexible, obviously, yet simply by one of the three men who made the watch. However, to consider it a watch is for all intents and purposes offending Vacheron. This is something else, and I know this now, simply subsequent to seeing the 57260 in the metal.

A complete Judaic schedule, a world chief in any timepiece

Here’s the thing: I’m not a gigantic complication fellow. I like numerous complications all alone – a singular tourbillon against an obvious dial is wonderful. A chronograph, or even split seconds is flawless. In the event that I were planning my own watch, I would almost certainly put two complications together, at a maximum. When you go into terrific complications, and surely uber complications, I will in general think we lose center around what it is we are doing. Without a doubt, I don’t ruin anybody that forms an extremely complicated watch, it’s only not for me. So when I heard Vacheron would assemble a watch with a larger number of complications than there are weeks in the year, I contemplated internally “yawn.” And then I saw it.

A reflect upheld case allows the owner to see the two dials at once

The 57260 is simply extraordinary. It’s white metal, it’s intelligible, and astute, and fun, and usable – in that unpredictable tycoon commissioning a unique beast watch kind of way. I love it, I didn’t hope to, yet I do. I will be straightforward in saying it is the solitary super complication to come out over the most recent three years that I have adored. There have been others, yet those were confused to me. On the off chance that you will promote something as a genuine corona project, it’s just correct that it truly be from the stars, as far as complications, size, and even cost. The 57260 essentially nails it.

A take a gander at the specicially planned case for the 57260

The complication list is a certain something, and again I allude you to Jack’s story for a definite look here, however for me, as a gatherer, it’s about how this customer will live with the watch. We know for a reality he will utilize it. We know for a reality that it will stay set (I am told he has his own watchmakers on staff). This is why Vacheron chose to fabricate an exceptional box for the 57260 that is particularly in accordance with a marine chronometer. You can see the watch set in there, a mirror behind it to see the two sides, and afterward when the main top is shut, the watch resemble a chronometer.

When set in box, the 57260 gives a Marine Chronometer look

The box itself is a work of craftsmanship, in profound mahogony with cleaned emphasizes. The owner’s name will dwell in the highest point of the case once conveyed, everlastingly proclaiming to whom this show-stopper has a place. The enormous keyhole at front? As far as I might be concerned, this is a pardon for the owner to keep the key with him, simply a token of what lives at home.

There are such countless little deceives covered up in 57260 – secret winding stems, the capacity to choose a Westminster chime on interest, the previously mentioned “night mode”, the way that the tourbillon makes a Maltese cross at regular intervals – however the genuine power of the 57260 is what it implies for Vacheron Constantin, yet for watches all in all. This watch was totally made in-house, by three men. This incorporates the equilibrium spring, a first for Vacheron. To consider that this piece could even be brought about by a singular company is noteworthy, to make it altogether in-house is more than honorable, it’s fantastic.

The super light tourbillon makes a Maltest cross each fifteen seconds

But, the 57260 accomplishes something more for watches as a rule – it returns the emphasis on mechanics. Here we don’t perceive any computerized incorporation, or extravagantly engraved case, we simply see unadulterated mechanics taking care old enough old issues. What the 57260 will mean for Vacheron as well as for all of watchmaking will not be seen for quite a long time to come, however consider that all extraordinary complications have filled in as teaching instruments for the whole business since the beginning. I completely hope to see Vacheron and others take bits of the 57260 and maneuver them into more modest pieces with incredible consistency. How would I know? Well, you see Vacheron didn’t make a solitary all out model of the 57260, rather they made 85 unique models, each for singular complications, and regularly as a wristwatch. Consider what that could mean, for us all as admirers of wristwatches.

Vacheron didn’t make a solitary all out model of the 57260, rather they made 85 unique models, each for singular complications, and frequently as a wristwatch. Consider what that could mean.

This could imply that we could see each one of these complications in a more modest watches, conceivably even in a affordable setting, not long from now. That is inconceivably exciting.

Imagine a platinum Vacheron wristwatch with a twofold retrograde split-seconds chronograph. I’d be the preferred choice. Envision a Vacheron wristwatch with a sky-chart that resembled this: 

So, indeed, I totally love the 57260, in it straightforward white gold case. I love that the dial is spotless, and wonderful, and intelligible. I love that the 57260 has without a doubt the most broken down looking development I’ve at any point seen (see here and here ). I love that the watch helps me to remember the incredible watches of a century ago, however what I love most is that we, as watch darlings now have a long list of motivations to accept that we are quite recently entering the greatest long stretches of mechanical watchmaking. What has been realized over the eight years and a very long time of work on this coincidental piece will be utilized by ages of watchmakers to come, and we, as buyers, have such a great amount to be energized about.

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