Hands-On: The Vacheron Constantin Harmony Complete Calendar, A New Complication Comes To The Harmony Collection

Hands-On: The Vacheron Constantin Harmony Complete Calendar, A New Complication Comes To The Harmony Collection

The Vacheron Constantin Harmony Complete Calendar denotes the arrival of this complication to Vacheron’s collection.

The Harmony Complete Calendar is alleged gratitude to its calendar signs, which show the day of the week, date, month, and both age and period of the Moon. In all honesty, this is really a more extraordinary complication in Vacheron Constantin’s assortment than either a yearly or never-ending calendar – the yearly calendar, which doesn’t need to be revised toward the finish of any month, with the exception of once every year in February, is addressed by the Quai de L’Ile Annual Calendar, and there are really 14 diifferent interminable calendar models , so in the event that you need to hang out in a social occasion of Vacheron gatherers this may really be the watch to get.

This complication is additionally once in a while called a triple calendar (same fundamental reasoning for this term concerning “complete calendar” clearly) and gathering triple calendars has been its own specialty for quite a while in vintage watch gathering, with generally uncommon developments like the triple calendar Valjoux 88 normally commanding a premium. The last time I can review Vacheron dispatching a complete/triple calendar watch is right back in 2003, with the Toledo 1952. The development utilized was the type 1125, which seems to have been a Vacheron-completed Jaeger-LeCoultre type 891. 

The Harmony Complete Calendar offers somewhat retro, and unquestionably compelling, looks.

I preferred that observe a lot of when it initially came out and afterward forgot about it completely, and was shocked (and somewhat disheartened) to see that it’s not in the list any more. The first 2003 delivery came in yellow or white gold, and furthermore in a restricted version of 100 platinum pieces, one of which was bought by VC’s chief board as a blessing to then-CEO Claude-Daniel Proellochs, who had been CEO since 1988, and who died in 2011. It’s extraordinary to see this fairly less raised, yet at the same time stylishly appealing calendar complication, back in Vacheron’s collection.

The general degree of execution and finish of the hands and dial is, as you’d anticipate from Vacheron, first class.

The Harmony Complete Calendar is somewhat more modest than the Harmony Chronograph. That watch is 42mm x 52mm and 12.81mm thick, while the Harmony Complete Calendar is 40mm x 40mm and 11.01mm thick. The two watches offer an incredibly customary set-up of configuration prompts, yet the Complete Calendar offers a somewhat more traditionally arranged size. The Toledo 1952 was additionally a genuinely huge watch – both the first from 1952, at any rate comparative with its counterparts, and the 2003 re-version – so perhaps making somewhat large ish complete calendars is only Vacheron’s thing.

The Harmony Chronograph is somewhat bulkier than the Harmony Complete Calendar.

The Harmony Complete Calendar is still somewhat enthusiastic about the wrist, however because of the case shape it’s very wearable.

The development is Vacheron’s in-house type 2460 QH. This is a 29mm x 5.40mm programmed development, running in 27 gem at 28,800 vph, and conveying the Geneva Hallmark, which, since the prerequisites were refreshed in 2008, is granted by an autonomous element known as Timelab. Unexpectedly, the Geneva Hallmark’s update in 2008 finished a 123-year time frame in which it had been controlled by the Geneva School Of Watchmaking, and furthermore denoted the start of the execution for quality controls for the whole cased watch, as opposed to simply the movement. 

Caliber 2460 addresses some fascinating horological history: It is a development of Vacheron Constantin’s absolute first in-house delivered and planned programmed development. That development is the type 2450, which Vacheron previously presented in the Patrimony Collection, in 2007. Plan of the development had started under the organization of Proellochs, and after his retirement in 2005 (in the wake of supervising Vacheron Constantin’s 250th commemoration festivities) its last creation and delivery were managed by Vacheron’s present CEO, Juan-Carlos Torres.

The development, type 2460 QH, depends on the first in-house programmed development Vacheron ever made.

Vacheron Constantin was viewed as a haute horlogerie company for a long time, in spite of its not having its own in-house programmed development, which will in general support the view that in-house is, as in-house does; without help from anyone else, it reveals to you practically nothing about the genuine nature of a watch.

A close-up gander at the equilibrium of the type 2460 QH.

As with the case and dial, put-togetherness of the type 2460 QH is irreproachable.

As referenced in our inclusion of the watch at dispatch, the Harmony Complete Calendar retails for $41,000. At this degree of watchmaking I believe it’s a ton of value for the money. Obviously, this is all family member; there is a restricted degree to which you can attribute value for-the-money ness to a $41,000 watch, yet remembering how it piles up close to different watches in this value range, I believe there’s a great deal on proposal in footing of plan, a fascinating association with Vacheron’s set of experiences both actually and stylishly, and outright old general visual pizzaz.

The Vacheron Constantin Harmony Complete Calendar: incredibly sumptuous yet conceivable as an every day wear watch.

This is unquestionably a watch that could and ought to be worn each day, notwithstanding its undeniably lavish vibe. Such an extensive amount the joy of a complete calendar is seeing its face change with the death of days, dates, and the patterns of the moon; and the overall execution here is so pleasant, I don’t think watching the years pass by with this watch would be a difficulty by any means. This is a welcome return of a – if not high, still positively exemplary and appealing – calendar complication to Vacheron’s collection.

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