Hands-On: The Vacheron Constantin Overseas 37mm

Hands-On: The Vacheron Constantin Overseas 37mm

What Is The Overseas?

If you are a devoted peruser of HODINKEE, you probably understand what the Overseas is. Yet, on the off chance that you are new here (welcome!) or new to Vacheron Constantin, let me separate it for you. Similar as Patek Philippe has the Nautilus, Audemars Piguet has the Royal Oak, and Rolex has fundamentally each and every watch they’ve at any point made, Vacheron has the Overseas. It’s an extravagance sports watch with a steel wristband that can be worn in fundamentally any conditions imaginable. 

Overall, on the off chance that you are searching for an extravagance steel watch, this is a great choice. 

The first Overseas-like watch was the reference 2215 (later 42001) delivered in 1975, which highlighted a pad structure case and coordinated steel wristband. The subsequent games watch was the reference 222, delivered in 1977 and created in three varieties. At that point a year ago, after various different emphasess throughout the long term, Vacheron delivered the pristine Overseas assortment with various models including a chronograph, a super dainty programmed ,  a world-time , and a more modest programmed with precious stones for the women. The assortment was generally welcomed and commended for its energetic look, inventive new type, and effectively changed wristband and lash options.

The watches focused at men went in size from 40mm to 43.5mm, while the women’s precious stone Overseas estimated 37mm. For a few, the 37mm with precious stones was almost awesome, with one genuine admonition – did it need to come with jewels? I realize I have communicated my affection for everything shimmering , yet there is a period and a spot, and a steel sports observe simply isn’t by the same token. No doubt Vacheron felt the equivalent (or perhaps read my psyche?) and followed up at SIHH this year with a non-jewel 37mm Overseas. 

The 37mm Overseas Without Diamonds

The blue dial on the 37mm Overseas is profound and iridescent.

The freshest Overseas comes in tempered steel with either a blue or rose dial and in a two-tone steel and rose gold form with a rose dial. As far as I might be concerned, this keeps on demonstrating that producers are energetic about the two-tone pattern (love it or disdain it, individuals, it’s all over). Be that as it may, I diverge. The case is still tonneau-molded with the conventional balance bezel with segments cut around the border, in addition to there’s a removable wristband. The dial is as yet unchanged, with brilliant white SuperLuminova lists and hands, with an auxiliary seconds dial at nine o’clock (more on that later). Compared to the next Overseas models, it’s somewhat more modest (37mm), thicker (10mm), and has an alternate development (type 5200) that incorporates a sub-dial (not my top pick, but rather OK).

How Does The Overseas Compare To Other Luxury Steel Sports Watches?

The Overseas is one of a couple of tempered steel extravagance steel sport observes as of now available. Jack, Arthur, and Stephen compared the Overseas with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Piaget Polo S in our most recent Three On Three. Look at the inside and out story and video here.

I need to concede that when I previously saw the new Overseas assortment a year ago, I didn’t care for it. It felt conspicuous to me for reasons unknown, however I don’t know precisely why. Be that as it may, at that point I continued seeing it – at occasions, in the workplace, on the web – and it began to interest me to an ever increasing extent. The genuine difference in heart happened once I got the 37mm steel variant and really wore it around for some time. Presently I’m snared. The straightforward (however fascinating) case plan and the shade of the blue dial are so fresh and clean. Yet, I think the genuine selling point for me is the bracelet.

As somebody who likes to wear a watch with a wristband, the development and in general look are both unfathomably essential to me. Notwithstanding looking marvelous, I like the security of an arm band and that when fitted the correct way (dislike a bangle) it doesn’t move. By any means. Presently, I get that wristbands aren’t for everybody, except to me the Overseas looks better on an arm band. (I should take note of the two-tone rendition doesn’t come with a wristband, simply the hardened steel model, anyway both come with an elastic lash and a crocodile strap). 

The best thing about this watch for me is the hardened steel bracelet. 

The Overseas wristband is Fantastic with a capital F. Why? The connections are brushed steel and are formed like split Maltese crosses (the authority image of Vacheron), with cleaned edges giving barely sufficient sparkle. This is a truly fun plan component and they additionally end up connecting together appropriately absent a lot of room in the middle. This restricted space in the middle of the connections consider the watch to sit safely on the wrist, yet at the same time look after ease. The twin-lock catch is additionally something to think of home about – simple to open, simple to close, and simple to wear, which are basically the three things you need from a fasten (Who here has needed to grapple with a tacky fasten? I have, and it sucks.)

And the clincher? You can take the arm band off without an instrument and effectively trade it for the accompanying elastic and crocodile ties. Presently, I know each obvious watch nerd ought to have the option to change their own tie, yet that is simply not reasonable and can be perilous (for both the watch and the individual). This simple changing component takes into account anybody to be the expert of the tie universe and change it themselves. This is something that I haven’t seen since the Cartier Roadster, which turned out to be one of my first watches and is unfortunately not, at this point underway. Frankly, I am amazed that more brands don’t do this, yet I presume it has something to do with needing to burden their customers and power them to come into their shops or the nearby AD so they can attempt to hustle them to purchase another watch. Simply being straightforward here.

The watch is controlled by the Vacheron Constantin programmed type 5300. 

Inside the watch is the in-house type 5300 development, which estimates 22.6mm in width and is included altogether of the 37mm Overseas models. The development has a 60-hour power save as well, which is equivalent to the 41mm rendition. The development isn’t just ground-breaking, but at the same time is stunning to take a gander at with the refined completing that we anticipate from Vacheron Constantin and it is completed with a 22k gold rotor complete with decorated mark. It’s ideal to see this watch get a similar inside treatment as the remainder of the Overseas collection. 

Everything about this watch shouts “quality” when you pick it up. 

The snappy change framework makes trading out ties easy.

The Overseas comes with an elastic lash and a crocodile tie notwithstanding the bracelet

The watch’s profile is thin and elegant.

While I’d incline toward the sub-seconds register at six o’clock, it’s a long way from an arrangement breaker.

There is no wristband accessible for the two-tone variant, simply a couple of straps.

Two-tone is coming back, regardless of whether you like it or not.

The just genuine hesitation I have with this watch is that I wish the auxiliary seconds was situated at six o’clock and not nine o’clock. What would i be able to say, I am somewhat of a conservative like that. Likewise, incredible news! Not a single date window in sight anyplace on this one. Presently, I love a date window for common sense purposes, however I realize that a considerable lot of you disdain it (like truly scorn it), so inhale simple here. You’re welcome. 

Last Thoughts

There’s something striking and current about the Overseas, however it’s still a lot of a customary watch in a great deal of ways.

With a watch like this Overseas, recollect that it is a luxury steel sport watch with a $18,400 sticker price ($21,700 for the two-tone model). When compared to the Nautilus and the Royal Oak, you’re getting a very decent arrangement, and this is one of more affordable extravagance steel watches on the market. 

Outside the higher-finish of the market nonetheless, this watch is unquestionably spendy and not for everybody. I don’t need that to divert from the actual watch however. On the off chance that you are searching for a steel sport watch that is somewhat not the same as the standard suspects and have $18,400 to drop on this watch, at that point I say take the plunge. It looks extraordinary, is amazingly comfortable, is all around made with an in-house development, and is something that I would consider as my regular watch.

For more,  visit Vacheron Constantin on the web .