Hands-On: The Voutilainen Vingt-8, In Platinum And White Gold

Hands-On: The Voutilainen Vingt-8, In Platinum And White Gold

What we have here is a couple of Voutilainen’s Vingt-8 watches. Both are in pleasantly moderate 39 mm cases – the one on the left in platinum and the one on the privilege in white gold. The dials are astonishing on the two watches, and there is such an excess of work that goes into making them. More so than most watchmakers, Voutilainen is known for being available to customization in the presence of his watches. These two are a decent sampling of the distinctive customization choices available.

Let’s look at the platinum model first. Taking a gander at the dial, we promptly see two sorts of guilloché – a spiral example where the lists are, and a kind of Geneva stripe design in the focal point of the dial and in the seconds sub-dial . Note that these examples aren’t stamped into the dial; each dial is exclusively gotten through a hand-worked rose motor machine, and one of these examples is cut into the dial. At that point the machine is reconfigured to cut an alternate example into an alternate piece of the dial, and the dial is re-gone through the machine.

The Roman numeral files are made as isolated pieces that are applied onto the dial. To have every one of these tasks included and still have the dial show up practically flawless is astounding. The hands are undiscovered greatness under the surface the eye additionally, however we’ll take a gander at them in more detail on the white-gold watch. You’ll see that by and large, the watch has a somewhat monochrome shading scheme with everything in silver/dim tones. A few authorities like the way that this makes a more circumspect watch that would practically go unnoticed by anyone who isn’t a watch enthusiast.

If monochrome isn’t your thing, at that point here’s something that may be more your style. This watch has no guilloché – rather the dial is covered with an excellent dark lacquer. We again have applied numerals, however this time they are made in a striking red shading that makes a glaring difference with the dark dial. Notwithstanding the shading contrast, the evenness of the dial makes the applied numerals stand apart more.

The hour and moment hands are really made of three separate pieces. The part where they are attached to the focal point of the dial is made of blued steel, just like the circles close to the tips. The remainder of the hand is made of gold. The blued-steel circles are grating fit into place, which implies all that necessities to have extremely close resiliences. I truly like how flush to the dial the second hand is. In the event that you take a gander at the watch from any point, you’d be unable to see a hole between the hand and the dial – it’s that nearby! Notwithstanding being tastefully satisfying, it likewise lessens the parallax mistake in the event that you view the dial off-center.

Another contrast between the two watches is that while the platinum watch has Roman numerals in general (aside from the three spots that were taken up constantly sub-dial), on the white gold watch there are just three Roman numbers, and stick markers for the wide range of various hours markers (with the number 6 excluded again in view of the subsequent sub-dial).

Looking at the rear of the watch, we get to the main part – the development. Stylishly you can see the development of the platinum watch is enlivened with Geneva stripes, while the white-gold watch has been given a gold-shaded icing. At that point there is the completing of the developments. You’ll see wonderfully slanted edges (or anglage) everywhere.

The Vingt-8 highlights Voutilainen’s first sequentially delivered in-house development. All aspects of the development is made in Voutilainen’s workshop aside from the jewels , the fountainhead, and the hairspring . The enormous equilibrium wheel utilizes an atypical equilibrium spring framework. The outside of the spring utilizes a common Breguet overcoil, while the inward bend utilizes the generally secret Grossmann curve.

The escapement here is one of Voutilainen’s advancements. During his initial vocation reestablishing watches, he ran over a Breguet watch with Breguet’s “regular escapement.” That was the motivation for Voutilainen’s own escapement with two wheels, which give an immediate drive to the equilibrium through the motivation roller/jewel. This escapement is incredibly effective and requires much less energy than conventional switch escapements. Utilizing less energy offers benefits regarding life span and solidness in everyday use.

Retail cost is 72,000 CHF for the watch in white gold and 81,000 CHF for platinum. More information on the Vingt-8 can be found here – and Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, CT, is likewise a Voutilainen vendor.