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Hands-On: The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 38mm

Hands-On: The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 38mm

The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 38mm is a devoted proliferation of one of the extraordinary exemplary chronographs of all time.

I envision numerous individuals out there have a weakness for the Zenith El Primero. Flipping over an advanced watch with this development inside returns you to a previous time. It’s unmistakably an old machine, and not really an extravagant one: the name declares power among programmed chronographs all together, if not in position. For quite a long time the El Primero has been viewed as a useful development that, notwithstanding being one of the initial three programmed chronos in 1969, shook the business with a higher-than-normal recurrence of 36,000 vph. Furthermore, hell, it was adequate for Rolex’s Daytona for every one of those years, regardless of whether the Crown did recalibrate it, downsizing the recurrence to a more sensible 28,800 vph.

Years in the wake of purchasing my own Zenith Captain Winsor, which combined a yearly schedule module (created by  this person ) with the El Primero, I got the opportunity to visit Zenith and see the mid-twentieth century stepping machines actually used to shape a considerable lot of the parts for this workhorse development, which rides an unordinary place at the intersection of watchmaking history and current production.

The three shaded subdials are taken straightforwardly from the first model in 1969.

The story of how the tooling for the El Primero was reserved in an upper room by the late Charles Vermot, a rebel representative who wouldn’t follow corporate orders that would have spelled the passing of this type, and Zenith itself, is one of the extraordinary stories in horology. HODINKEE expounded on it here.

These suppositions and recollections overwhelmed  back when Jack gave me an El Primero 38 mm for my first Hands On survey here at HODINKEE. Taking the watch up I felt its weight, noticed the slanting on the edges of the case, and assessed the recessed chronograph aggregators and applied lists on its dial. I noticed the collapsing fasten joined to its lined crocodile lash, just as the sticker price of $6,700. The Zenith El Primero 38 is a contemporary extravagance watch made for watch authorities who like the possibility of old beneficial things yet need something new. There are a lot of watches being sold today from a modest bunch of horological marques that satisfy this mission, yet barely any who do it with a development whose underlying creation dates from 1960s, or with a case in the first, sub-40mm width. Of the first three self-winding chronographs that appeared in 1969 (the others being the Seiko 6139 and the Caliber 11) just the El Primero stays in production.


The El Primero type was a significant development when initially presented, and is currently an advanced classic.

Speaking of the case, it’s very pleasant. That previously mentioned angling along the drags and combination of cleaned and matte surfaces recommends a degree of value, and meticulousness, that isn’t really as evident in the first El Primero of 1969, which wasn’t actually even promoted as an extravagance thing. The cylinder pushers include an unmistakable ribbing around them, yet some way or another show up somewhat messed up with regards to connection to the crown, which reaches out a hair farther than the pushers in any event, when it isn’t broadened. The congruity of the extents on the transparent caseback is astounding. There is positively no requirement for a prominent (and truth be told appalling) spacer when you put a development for a situation the size it was intended for. In any case, with the extra-thick sapphire gem put over the dial to give us the sensation of 60s-period plexiglass, the all out thickness of this watch swells to 12.45 mm, which, as far as I might be concerned, feels excessively enlarged for a 38 mm watch. Be that as it may, I quibble. This is top notch design.

Two marginally unique dial variations are available.

The same can be said about the dial on this excellence, which comes in two flavors that review the first covering tri-shading aggregators of the main El Primero. The format of the dial has the entirety of the congruity of the first and doesn’t feel constrained onto the focal point of a too-huge material in the manner that numerous watches utilizing old developments and 40 or more millimeter cases do.

I’ll save my most serious critque for the collapsing fasten, which added neither comfort nor usefulness to my pleasure in this watch. I’m not against a collapsing clasp essentially, but rather the one provided with this watch feels messed up with regards to the 38 mm case and the tie on which it comes. However, in the event that this seems like a bandy, I guess it is. Were I to purchase another El Primero Chronomaster 38mm for myself, my first stop would be to a tie dealer for a something somewhat more period proper and comfortable.

While all around made, the fasten to some degree overpowers the effortlessly formed strap.

On the wrist, the The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 38mm is however beguiling as it seemed to be 48 years ago.

Regarding the actual development, what is there truly to say about the El Primero that hasn’t just been said? It’s the exemplary segment wheel chronograph that started the time of the programmed chrono. It compensates for an absence of actual excellence and getting done with admirable usefulness and the capacity to time occasions to inside 1/tenth of a second. One could positively do a ton more terrible with $6,700 than spending it on the El Primero Chronomaster 38mm, and I would venture to such an extreme as to say that claiming and encountering a watch with this significant type is an absolute necessity for each watch sweetheart, at one point or another.

The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 38mm: development, Zenith El Primero Caliber 400 chronograph, 30 mm distance across, 5Hz, running in 31 gems. Self-winding, least 50 hours power hold. Case: steel, 38 mm x 12.45 mm, water impervious to 10 ATM. Cost: $6,700 as appeared. See it here at www.zenith-watches.com.