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Hands-On With The Master Compressor Makes Me Miss The Macho Side Of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Hands-On With The Master Compressor Makes Me Miss The Macho Side Of Jaeger-LeCoultre

This, I will bring up right off the bat, will be to a lesser degree an active about the  Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic and to a greater extent an explosion of contemplations about the cutting edge Jaeger-LeCoultre, as we have it today. Typically I have a reasonable vision on my opinion on a watch and its image, however here I have more blended sensations of concern and expectation than everything else. Along these lines, humor me a piece as I attempt and casing it. Specs about the watch, I’ll get to at the end.

The old workshop from the principal half of the nineteenth century.

Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of only a handful few Jolly Jokers in the deck of less and more significant cards of watch brands. It is, on the grounds that there is a particularly wide exhibit of set up “Jaeger” references, one of which on the off chance that you end up purchasing and wear, you have essentially taken out yourself from any basic conversation. It’s like a shroud that makes you undetectable in according to watch big talkers and “enthusiasts.” so, a Jaeger-LeCoultre has become a safe choice for reasons that incorporate the brand’s broad history and dynamic legacy – some portion of which is nearly 1,200 unique movements and 400 licensed developments, and goodness knows the number of others that have not been lawfully isolated. In any case, there’s more to JLC than that.




The cool and appropriately current Duomètre Caliber 381 with scaffolds and plates in German silver for a one of a kind sheen. Nothing is off-the-rack here.

Here’s the thing, Jaeger-LeCoultre customarily isn’t another Vacheron Constantin for it isn’t a “manufacture” (VC would incline toward you articulated that in French) that appears to be unendingly pulled in to its past and sets a foot wrong essentially every time it explores new territory. Jaeger-LeCoultre, settled under the Richemont umbrella simply like Vacheron, is a bold brand not with a desolate semi energetic and unnecessarily costly watch like the Overseas, yet with a broad history of appropriately boss watches, delivered over a broad piece of its set of experiences. I’ve added pictures of a choice of them all through the article below.

The Reverso, in the correct size and shading, is among the most exquisite and threatening men’s dress watches ever.

Deep Sea chronographs, Master Compressors, friggin’ Navy Seals restricted releases, Extreme Labs, etc. Come to consider it, if you’ve ever worn a legitimate Reverso, you’ll realize that even that fits in, as it is perhaps the most manly dress watches out there… and it was planned more than 80 years ago.

This was Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2010: collaborating with the flippin’ US Navy Seals and going to and fro tweaking a watch for them to utilize. It barely gets more boss than this.

What I’m getting at is that I’ve been considering Jaeger-To be lately as evolving or, to be more explicit, downsizing from this perceptibly. I comprehend that an enormous manufacture will consistently need to depend on fruitful, unendingly spewed center items, and there’s nothing amiss with that – except for JLC is gradually getting some distance from a ton of the exceptionally cool watches that made it incredible in any event in my eyes and is downsizing to just pushing yet more current (however that’s a solid word) adaptations of its bread-makers.


One gets the impression – and, as most impressions, this isn’t altogether precise either – that everything is an accolade for this, a commemoration of that, or a reverence to something different. For goodness’ purpose, even last year’s  Reverso Gyrotourbillon is known as a flippin’ Tribute in its authority item name! A recognition for what, a 15-year-old creation? Truly? How self-absorbed.

What I think I need to feel energized again about Jaeger-LeCoultre, which I especially need to do, are new watches that have a climate to them like Master Compressors with a couple of an excessive number of crowns, Extreme Labs so extraordinary their movement doesn’t even seem to fit for their situation, and Duomètre Chronographs that are so lovely and over-designed, it makes most different watches go shudder in a dim corner of the room.

The amazingly marvelous Extreme Lab 2 – almost 10 years old and looks so new they could dispatch it again at SIHH 2018. The JLC Skunkworks at its best.

The watches I have referenced made their introductions in the ’00s (OK, the Extreme Lab 2 fired appearing in 2010), and that was 8-10 years or, as such, a long, quite a while past. I know a reasonable piece about the stuff to make another assortment and that Extreme Labs don’t drop out of the sky… But, believe it or not, I’m not missing high complications close to however much I accomplish more feasible regular Jaeger-LeCoultres that explicitly do not appear to have been intended to interest shaky schmucks in metropoleis.

A picture arbitrarily browsed a JLC press pack from around 10 years prior. This is such a movement the brand used to support and the climate it had watches it could comfortably send into.

To be reasonable, Jaeger-LeCoultre has some solid firsts in its reach, however they are a withering variety with less and less successive updates and with new back-up making it to the fronts much more hardly. The Master Ultra-Thin Eight Days Perpetual is all the dress watch you’d ever require to keep yourself as well as other people dazzled. Any of the Deep Sea Vintage pieces will cause you to feel like you’re a Roger Moore Bond, and the Duomètre is, as it were, as innovative as ordinary wearable watches can get. The contention in my brain comes from these watches being however old as they seem to be, and with the brand obviously not mindful as much any longer about sustaining not just these assortments, but rather the very idea it used to have behind them.

I profoundly disdain the new(- ish-ish-ish) Master threesome since they offer a mix of level, unsuitable and truly wrong looks – the hands with the dropped out-lume-look impartially ought to have never occurred. They are a plan they knew would make many twist around in reverse and that, shockingly, they accomplished. In any case, take a gander at the artfulness, the certain equilibrium and amazing designing that shows up on and inside a Master Ultra Thin Perpetual or the bonkers, path over the top but then nonchalantly retailed Master Compressors of old… and you’ll likely perceive how much “more Jaeger” those watches are – in some sense, at least.

I’m not saying those meek, profoundly deadened, semi vintage re-discharges shouldn’t exist – they do fine for individuals who simply need some watch, ideally with an extremely, secure tasteful and considerably safer name on the dial (the worldtimer “Geographic” on the privilege is the frail special case that authorizes the standard). Yet, don’t we have a lot of that generally on proposal from other Richemont brands – also more removed competitors?

As our experience with JLC approached its end at what really was an extremely decent gathering at SIHH 2017, this Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic got pulled out of a case, since this was sorta-kinda new during the current year – the shading combination is, the watch obviously isn’t. What’s more, after those three Masters, seeing this Compressor was such a consolation. I can’t recall, yet I’m almost certain I took a major breath of alleviation when I saw it.

It made me think, “Oh, OK, this side of Jaeger isn’t altogether dead yet.” as of late I have seen many significant Swiss brands go into complete and utter disavowal of their latest past in the matter of a year, and I fear the day when I’d see JLC dismiss completely from its manly side.


The point I’m attempting to make is that I think there’s a developing drained of manly, yet unnecessarily refined, flawlessly designed, high renown, competitively estimated watches – and that is the thing that in my psyche Jaeger-LeCoultre used to dominate at. The Master threesome doesn’t in any capacity meet any of those rules in my book in light of the fact that they’re not actually manly, aren’t that refined or competent, the unfilled hands don’t precisely shout “beautifully engineered” at me, the eminence is flawed, and valuing, we as a whole know, could generally be better. The Duomètre, the Master Ultra Thin Perpetual, and a portion of the Compressor pieces do, or will I say, met a greater amount of those criteria.

Not the best shading combination, yet in reality this is one ground-breaking watch.

Now, I completely comprehend I am not being reasonable by singling out Jaeger-LeCoultre in this conversation, yet in spite of most different brands that are liable of something very similar (regularly doing their considerably more exposed cheeked rendition of it), JLC is a brand I do really think often about; and when you care about something, you feel truly roused to voice your legitimate reactions –  after asking and noting yourself the inquiry of whether you in fact feel they are totally valid… something to be considered by commenters across the internet.

A carbon fiber dial and a gold case – this may have been somewhat in front of its time… Freshen it up, downsize it a piece from 46.2mm and let the manly side of JLC live on.

All this is me attempting to say I’m apprehensive the nearest we will get to something outrageous from JLC at SIHH 2018 will be an Extreme Tribute Anniversary Homage Reverso – or Master-whatever. Indeed, a portion of those past Jaeger-LeCoultres were especially almost being foul – at 46.2mm wide with terrifically complicated crown getting frameworks, etc – and they’d unquestionably respond pleasantly to some consideration as far as downsizing in size, to keep them fruitful and on top of the changing preferences for watch sizes. However, they had an exceptional mix of character and designing no one but Jaeger could achieve.


This was Jaeger-LeCoultre’s thought of a women’s watch in 2010. I’m not saying this is correct, in the event that anything it is plain clever, yet it shows how profound the Master-Extreme-1000-Hour-Tested-Lab-Skunkworks vibe had been established in the brand at that point. Where is it now?

But uncovering them through and through, with just this forlorn piece (accessible in an aggregate of two shading choices) we have here leftover in the whole line-up of Jaeger-LeCoultre to address those not-extremely old and fun occasions, I don’t think will leave us with a JLC that is pretty much as complete as a large number of us would cherish it to be. There are additionally some Deep Sea Vintage pieces that have been with us unaltered for a long time now and I’ve heard (not affirmed) that they might be ceased soon as well.

So, when I take a gander at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic, I see a sparkle of that outdated bonkers-cool Jaeger-LeCoultre glancing back at me and perhaps the marketing projections or the bunches of inside gatherings thought of the agreement of presumably me being the solitary individual left on this planet who needs to see that JLC once more. In any case, given whatever chance I had, I got my console to put this estimation out there.

I can’t stress enough, I get it that huge scope brands can’t be relied upon to simply make “cool” and “fun” stuff – Mercedes-Benz sells huge loads of exhausting SUVs and diesel C Series, however they additionally have the skunkworks of AMG who, on a superficial level in any event, can do anything they desire from time to time. On the off chance that they could make a vehicle for the Navy Seals, I wager they would.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic in its dark fired case is 46mm wide, however you need to add to that the gigantic, brisk lock “compression key” crown which is, much the same as the pushers, created from 18k pink gold. The segment wheel chronograph programmed movement is composed of 300 sections with two barrels, 45 gems, runs at 4Hz and has such an end of the week enduring, 65-hour power hold. It has likewise passed the manufacture’s 1,000 hour in-house quality control tests.

Legibility is extraordinary, because of the enormous, gold shaded, trapezium formed fundamental hands and similarly huge files. Chronograph hands are shading composed in white, in addition to there’s a cautious date at 4:30 and a round day-night pointer directly between the focal point of the dial and the Jaeger-LeCoultre logo. Extra usefulness incorporates a subsequent time region through a completely skeletonized hour hand. The actual movement is 6.26mm thick, while the 10-bar evaluated case is 14.27mm at its thickest. This is mated to a tie Jaeger-LeCoultre level out calls “high-tech material.”

Priced at $15,400, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic reference 205L570 fills in as a forlorn token of what gives off an impression of being a by-gone time for the Le Sentier-based manufacture. In any case, hello, there’s consistently another SIHH and I trust both the market elements and the people pulling the strings will permit Jaeger-LeCoultre to discover its way back to being that amazing, adaptable, fun, certain, cutting edge brand that it had been for long, up to this point. I friggin’ love JLC – I may need to begin looking for one of those 42mm Navy Seals… jaeger-lecoultre.com