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Hands-On: With The New 2015 Versions Of The Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar

The PanoMaticLunar has not changed significantly at all since its presentation in 2003 – at its BaselWorld debut, it was 39.2 mm in distance across and it’s as of now 40, and the fundamental dial composition is equivalent to well; at launch, it was sold in steel, yellow gold, and platinum; today it’s accessible in steel. The bezel is a hair narrower than in the 2003 model, it’s as yet accessible in gold or steel (no platinum alternative right now. The dials are made in GO’s own dial manufactory, which is situated in Pforzheim, Germany – however for completely valid justifications “German watchmaking” and “Glashütte” are pretty much interchangeable in the personalities of most watch lovers, generally Pforzheim was a critical focus of watchmaking and jewelry-production – to such an extent that it was nicknamed “Goldstadt” (brilliant city). The town was completely annihilated by bombarding in World War II (more than 80% of all structures were obliterated) however slowly the specialties generally connected with Pforzheim have returned – including watch and jewelry-making.

The dials on these two new models are hued through a galvanic covering measure that creates a very profound, rich tone; the blue has a wonderful luminosity and the dark appears to suck up light like a wipe. Each is an incredible match with its case metal, and the whole moonphase show is pleasantly done, with a ventured window that adds a decent piece of extra surface to the dial and expands the impression of quietly noble execution.

The field behind the moon and stars is white, which may appear to be somewhat of an odd choice for what’s intended to be a portrayal of the night sky however by and by, the by and large nighttime feel of the two watches remains agreeably unblemished, and I think it was in general a wise choice as a more obscure tone (which Glashütte Original uses to great impact on its white dialed moonphase models ) would have made the moonphase show evaporate to a bothersome degree.

Above, Glashütte Original self-winding type 90-02, produce made development with 42-hour power hold.

Overall, these are a truly appealing execution – there’s clearly nobody sensational new element or part of plan here however the new dials, beside being exceptionally alluring in themselves, allow us to return to one of the better-done customary moonphase watches out there, and to appreciate becoming mixed up shortly of evening time sky on the wrist, politeness the dial-producers of Pforzheim, and Glashütte Original. Evaluating data below, and you can view the whole assortment here.

Stainless steel case and cowhide lash: $11,500

Stainless steel case and wristband: $12,800

Red gold: $23,900