Hands-On: With The Zenith Elite Chronograph Classic Blue Dial

Zenith got us unsuspecting in 2015 when they presented an attractive dress chronograph called the El Primero Chronograph Classic . We’re utilized to for the most part lively stuff from the Le Locle produce these days, yet we nonetheless delighted in the straightforwardness of the watch, which advised us that chronographs can be exquisite complications when they need to be.

The model did quite well, beating Zenith’s own assumptions, or so we are told, and urging them to present a fascinating subsequent just a year later. The new cycle – renamed the Elite Chronograph Classic, and moved to the Elite assortment – is everything its more established sibling was, except for the dial, which has gone from a steely silver to a delightful dark blue. It went for the most part under the radar at Baselworld 2016, yet merits a nearer look. 

The shading change may not seem like a lot, yet there a few comments about the new domed dial – which is made at ArteCad, an expert claimed by LVMH, just as a modest bunch of other dial makers additionally situated in Switzerland. 

First, blue is a shading Zenith ordinarily puts something aside for restricted versions committed to Charles Vermot, a man who, at the stature of the Quartz Crisis, resisted requests to annihilate the assembling’s mechanical skill by saving gear and plans. Such pieces have huge nostalgic and passionate incentive to Zenith. This isn’t a Charles Vermot restricted release, obviously, yet you can’t resist the urge to feel something of his soul here.

Second, and this may clarify why Zenith is prepared to break with this practice, is that blue dials are presently more alluring than dark dials – in any event when we’re discussing current pieces. 

Since the new model is generally unaltered, I will not recurrent the thing Ben has just said about the piece, in the wake of going through seven days with it on the wrist. In any case, I profoundly urge you to peruse his audit , and choose for yourself which you like – silver, or blue?

More than a shading possibility, I would have liked to see it back in a more modest size, some place in the locale of 40 mm, despite the fact that it stays a truly wearable watch – the piece is just 11.8 mm thick – and I’m certain many will make the most of its quality on the wrist.

The new Elite Chronograph Classic comes on a blue gator lash, and is recorded for $6,900 – which addresses a value drop of $1,500 from a year ago’s model. As we’ve referenced, the blue dial gives the watch a much changed character – with the first dial, it’s an exceptionally conventional looking, to some degree somber plan; with the blue dial it becomes significantly more attractive and, might I venture to say it, all the more unmistakably fun and active wristwatch, without losing any of the fundamental elegance that makes the first so attractive.

Read more about the Zenith El Primero Chronograph Classic here .

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