Happenings: A Steel 1518 Is In New York City This Week, And You Need To See It (Or Live In Regret For The Rest Of Your Life)

Three ref. 1518s are available to be purchased immediately, one each in rose gold, steel, and yellow gold.

in the event that, you missed it , here’s the way things are looking. At its upcoming November sell off in Geneva, Phillips is offering one of the four known instances of the Patek Philippe ref. 1518 (the first Patek ceaseless schedule chronograph) in hardened steel. It’s a super watch if there at any point was one and it conveys a uber gauge as well: more than 3 million CHF.

The steel 1518 is certainly the enormous information, yet it shouldn’t dominate the other tremendous watches on proposal from Phillips, including both a pink gold and a yellow 1518 . You’ll additionally have the option to see a one of a kind dark brilliant steel 565 and a two-tone steel, Gübelin-marked 1463, two other uncommon as-hens-teeth Pateks from the production’s heyday. 

The steel ref. 1518 isn’t the solitary incredible watch at the deal – a dark iridescent steel 565 and a two-tone steel 1463 are on special as well.

Oh, and there are these two unfathomable co-marked Paul Newman Daytonas as well. The Tiffany Oyster model is, as per Phillips, the solitary right model known to the market. It’s just plain obvious, not all things are about Patek in the vintage market.

A pair of extraordinary Paul Newman Daytonas, likewise accessible in Geneva Watch Auction: Four.

The Phillips Geneva Watch Auction: Four review will happen from Friday, October 14 through Monday, October 17, at Phillips display at 450 Park Avenue (the southwest corner at 57th Street). Review hours are 10 AM to 6 PM every day, with the exception of Sunday, when it will not beginning until 11 AM. Once more, we can’t recommend unequivocally enough that you swing by. Look at the full inventory here .