Happenings: Vintage TAG Heuer Chronographs On View In Paris

Happenings: Vintage TAG Heuer Chronographs On View In Paris

At 12 Boulevard des Capucines, you’ll discover the TAG Heuer Paris lead boutique.

The little stash of watches has been loaned to the shop by the TAG Heuer Museum and a small bunch of private authorities. These specific watches give a connection between the company’s past and TAG Heuer’s present assortment, set apart by the new comeback of a few of these vintage pieces.

Currently the store is facilitating a little presentation of vintage chronographs.

Placed close to each other, the watches show the chronograph’s development at Heuer; a simple comparison of the Autavia and the Montreal couldn’t more readily feature the plan advancement from the 1960s to the ’70s. It is certainly by all account not the only motivation to look at these chronographs however, as each has its own profound roots in the automative world. A yellow gold Carrera reference 1158CHN like the watches that were given at the opportunity to Ferrari F1 drivers is only one example.

I’ve compiled a couple photographs of the watches presently in plain view, on the off chance that an outing to the actual store isn’t probable for you. It’s not regular you will see these watches, particularly in this condition.

A Heuer Autavia, ca. 1964. This group of chronographs imparted its name to a previous line of dashboard clocks.

An unique Heuer Monza, ca. 1976, made to pay tribute to Niki Lauda’s title winning Formula 1 season with Ferrari.

A Heuer Monaco 1133B, ca. 1969, as worn by Steve McQueen in the 1971 film “Le Mans.”

A Heuer Montreal reference 110.503B, first dispatched in 1972.

The Heuer Montreal has heaps of quality on the wrist.

A 1970s Heuer Camaro, a physically twisted chronograph with a pad case.

A Heuer Silverstone 110.313R (R for red), some portion of the family dispatched in 1974.

A gold Heuer Carrera reference 1158CHN, like those given to Ferrari F1 drivers.

From the 1970s also, a patinated Heuer Daytona programmed chronograph made after the well known American dashing circuit.

This presentation of vintage chronographs is in plain view at the TAG Heuer Paris store situated at 12 Boulevard des Capucines, and it goes through the finish of April 2017. For additional, visit TAG Heuer on the web .