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He Said, She Said: A Double Take On The Audemars Piguet Millenary

She Said: The Lady’s Millenary Model No. 77247 In Pink Gold And Set With Diamonds

​The Royal Oak is obviously Audemars Piguet’s most notorious model yet the Millenary has continuously become, if not famous, in any event promptly unmistakable as an Audemars Piguet watch, in the years since it was presented. With its elliptical case and unusual dials, this piece may not be the most quickly unmistakable Audemars Piguet, however it is unquestionably intriguing.

A little history on the Millenary – the thought for the Millenary case, with its level ovoid shape, really originated from an old case configuration made in 1951, however was before long failed to remember as it was not as famous as other oval molded cases. The plan was revived in 1995 and was named the “Millenary” out of appreciation for the looming third thousand years. The watch was gotten, at first, with some wavering by lovers, however Audemars Piguet kept on growing the assortment and investigation with unpretentious yet significant tweaks to the first plan. The drags turned out to be more articulated, the numerals more misrepresented, and the dials turned out to be more awry. The Millenaries before long got probably the boldest assortment delivered by Audemars Piguet,

At first I was troubled about the ovoid case as I have never been an individual enthusiast of the Millenary watches – they always appeared to be so awkward – however, in the wake of wearing this watch a few hours I need to say I was truly intrigued. The brushed and cleaned 18k pink gold case is 39.5 mm in width. It sits comfortably on my wrist and has barely sufficient weight to give it some obvious significance without weighing your wrist down. The ventured carries and bezel are shrewdly set with 116 splendid slice precious stones of differing sizes to give it a more stardust look and in spite of the fact that it very well might be excessively shimmering for ordinary wear, the liveliness of the case helps keep it from it being too frivolous.

One thing that I truly love about the new type 5201 manual-winding development is that it is only that – manual. Audemars Piguet isn’t hesitant to make “women’s watches” with a perfectly completed, high amazing hand-wound development (the bigger Millenary Jack reviews has a self-winding development with a gold rotor, paradoxically) and there’s a great 54 hour power save. Something else that I love is that the watch is skeletonized and you can see the development at work. The development is a solid match to the size of the case and the plan in general is adjusted pleasantly – all plan components are well proportioned concerning each other just as to the watch as a whole.

In general, I was very content with this watch. It was exquisite and comfortable. My solitary request from Audemars Piguet would be to make the 39.5 mm case in treated steel (no precious stones) as I might suspect it would make the watch somewhat more adaptable, and allow it to be worn as an ordinary watch.

The retail for this watch is $28,400, which, given the producer, quality of the watch, and the development, isn’t absolutely insane for this piece.

Case: 18k pink gold and precious stone (116 jewels)

Dial: Mother-of-Pearl

Development: Caliber 5201 manual-winding development, 19 jewels, 157 sections

Power Reserve: 54 hours

Capacities: Hours, minutes, and auxiliary seconds

He Said: The Men's Millenary Model No. 4101 In Pink Gold

By Jack Forster

The Millenary 4101 is, to the degree that there is such a thing, the passage level model in the Millenary line. Probably the most paramount Millenary models in Audemars Piguet’s new history have been complicated watches, however the oval case shape has been around since the mid-1990s and has been the reason for a truly wide scope of the two people’s watches – everything from time-just to very high complications.

Though the facts confirm that the Royal Oak and Offshore cast a long shadow, it’s likewise evident that Audemars Piguet has figured out how to make the Millenary line emphatically related to the firm, yet in addition a stage for presenting or showcasing a portion of its most amazing achievements. It says something regarding AP’s own point of view on the Millenary that it was the watch the company chose in 2006 as the stage on which to introduce its immediate drive, AP escapement (in the ridiculously lovely Cabinet Piece No. 5, and all the more as of late, in the Millenary Minute Repeater ) and its new schedule complication, the Quadriennium. (The Quadriennium is such a demi-unending schedule; it automatically remedies the date for the entire months, including February, yet should be changed physically on the 29th of February in a Leap Year.)

The 4101, however, is the Millenary at its generally unadorned, which implies that it’s a chance to truly perceive how well the plan remains on its own benefits (and, obviously, to assess how well the choices made for this particular model harden into a delightful watch, or not).

By the numbers, the model we got our hands on pour les hommes  is shockingly wide, at 47mm – I say “shockingly” on the grounds that it unquestionably does not feel like a 47 mm watch. On the wrist, it has visual punch, sure, yet for the size it’s quite darned deft on its feet. Thickness is 13 mm, and the development inside is the Audemars Piguet molded automatic type 4101, which bears a positive likeness to the AP type 3120 (from which I assume it infers). One remarkable distinction between the two developments, however, is that in 4101 the development’s been part of the way modified: the equilibrium, bed fork, and departure wheel are on the dial side (as they are in the women’s model Cara took a gander at) and this was accomplished for an explanation: to carry the equilibrium nearer to the plane of the dial and make it a piece of the generally speaking composition.

That reason is a vital part of the genuine raison d’être of the Millenary 4101, which is that it’s a lovely refined exercise in plan – an investigation of how much should be possible with the fundamental components of a period just, self-winding watch. The 4101 is tied in with misusing the visual capability of an oval edge – something that truly separates the Millenary watches as a rule, from other Audemars Piguet watches, yet from most different watches, period. The evenness of the oval is separated by the situation of the primary dial however adjusted – in a deviated and accordingly unique style – by the arrangement of the equilibrium , and by the horizontality of the equilibrium connect, which flows into the three screws for the mainplate , top and base.

Far left, the opening in the plate includes a much required portion of negative space along with everything else, and the it’s echoed by the dark dial for the sub-seconds. That dial builds up the upper plane of the plan, and the lower profundities (to get somewhat purple) are lit up by the train jewels – the plan, consequently, isn’t just conveyed across two measurements, however has a lot of unpretentious yet clear profundity as well.

There is in reality significantly more that could be said about the plan – the way the various surfaces reflect is worth a story in itself, and this can look practically like an alternate watch totally relying upon the point at which it’s hit by the light – yet the bring home for me is that this is an extremely, refined exercise in horological plan. It won’t be everyone’s image of vodka, without a doubt, yet I think Audemars Piguet merits a ton of acknowledge for staying for what commercially is a extremely challenging plan and after some early plans that spoke more to the battle of adapting to it than everything else, they’ve hit on a way to make a watch in an oval case that makes you wonder, not why anybody would attempt, but rather why more individuals aren’t doing it this well.

The Millenary 4101 in pink gold: $40,300. Case, 47mm  x 13mm; pink gold, water opposition 20m. Dial, anthracite and silver conditioned dial, off kilter circle, dark little seconds counter, pink gold applied Roman numerals and hands. Tie, hand-stitched brown croc with 18k pink gold AP collapsing clase.


The last question, since it’s come up quite somewhat on HODINKEE of late, is how much does it settle on sense to decision both of these a men’s watch or a woman’s watch. I believe it’s genuinely evident that when all is said in done, it’s frequently clear that a brand, as well as its fashioners, have a particular sexual orientation as a top priority when they make a specific watch. It’s additionally evident that there are sure plan components which together will in general propose that – more modest size, precious stone bezel, utilization of mother of pearl or other dial material, ordinarily ladylike (whatever that implies) plan themes (a woman companion once posted, peevishly, on Facebook, “why do women’s watches always must have flowers and creepy crawlies and poo on them?”).

I believe it’s additionally genuinely clear, however, that a decent plan is a decent plan, and the allure of good plan isn’t gendered. (The 4101 I reviewed, for example, would look fine and dandy on the wrist of any woman who wanted to wear it, except if she was outright uncomfortable with the size, which isn’t a sexual orientation explicit issue.) And I believe it’s straightforwardly evident that a man can wear a quote unquote “women’s watch” in the event that he wants (especially concerning size, as the inclination for exemplary 32-38 mm watches proceeds to fabricate) and likewise there’s positively no explanation a woman can’t wear what would generally have been viewed as a man’s watch in the event that she wants. Custom is a sword that cuts the two ways in watchmaking – it’s a wellspring of extraordinary pride to brands that express it, however it can likewise upset advancement in plan and reflect outdated qualities and points of view. It’s been valid for quite a while now that generally ladylike articulations of style (whatever that implies!) are a choice, not a default standard, and that viewpoint is long late in how we take a gander at sex and how watches are worn, and who wears them.