Historical Perspectives: Did Patek Philippe Just Super Casually Confirm That Both A Two-Tone AND A Platinum 1518 Exist?

Historical Perspectives: Did Patek Philippe Just Super Casually Confirm That Both A Two-Tone AND A Platinum 1518 Exist?

According to this book, it does. On page 465, inside what is a long, 26-page reference table of all watches made in the cutting edge time, including year of presentation, type, and metal sorts, we see what is difficult to-contend with confirmation that truth be told a 1518 – the world’s first interminable schedule chronograph made in arrangement – was not just made in “blended metals” as we previously accepted ( and as referenced by Alfredo Paramico in Talking Watches here ), yet additionally in platinum.

This could be the most touchy information to hit the vintage Patek world in some time.

There it is for anybody to see: the 1518 was presented in 1941, it includes a 13-ligne type, and was made in yellow, rose, platinum, steel, and blended metals. This is totally gigantic information in the realm of Patek Philippe gathering – could it be that what we since quite a while ago held as a definitive in vintage watch gathering – the steel 1518 – could indeed be bested one day? All things considered, we should not lose trace of what’s most important.

The graph does for sure appear to incorporate a couple of grammatical mistakes or oversights, for example, the absence of the 5970R being included.

I say that on the grounds that in my brisk output of this table – an astounding reference without banter – I saw a couple of things that, indeed, may not be so right. For instance, the detail for the 2499 says it was made distinctly in yellow and rose gold. OK – at that point the individual who paid $3.6 million for this may have a few inquiries. However, the outline says it does exclude restricted release or uncommon ventures, and the platinum 2499s could unquestionably be viewed as only that, as they was made for the 150th commemoration deal in 1989. Nonetheless, in the event that you take a gander at the line for the 5970, a watch we as a whole know well, it expresses the piece was just made in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. What’s more, we realize this isn’t right – as the 5970R is a piece promptly accessible to the market .

So, do we accept the 1518 exists in two-tone? I do, without a doubt. Do we trust it exists in platinum? I have, frankly, not even once heard that chance even be referenced, however this isn’t to imply that it doesn’t exist. Perhaps the case was requested however the watch won’t ever make? Or then again perhaps the watch was made however annihilated? We may never know, however will this one detail on the 465th page of this book rouse a couple of gatherers, sellers, and closeout houses to begin burrowing somewhat harder for the other white metal 1518? I’m certain of that.

If you’d prefer to purchase your own duplicate of the Authorized Biography of Patek Philippe, which incorporates this intriguing diagram – you may do as such here .

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