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In Celebration Of Jack Heuer’s Birthday, We Look Back At The Best Heuer Coverage On

Jack Heuer Explains The Design Process Behind The Carrera Chronograph, Both Old And New

It was Jack himself who planned so many of Heuer’s extraordinary chronographs through his residency as pioneer, and this uncommon video meet with Jack, he explains to us precisely why he planned the amazing Carrera the manner in which he did. He likewise proceeds to inform us concerning his contemplations on the new 50th commemoration Carrera, which you’ll find in this video. This is one you won’t have any desire to miss, and make certain to navigate to see photographs from the 50th Anniversary Of Carrera festivity a week ago in NYC.

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The Very First Heuer Carrera, Explained

When we saw a mid 1963 Daytona sell for near $300,000 at the Christie’s “Exercise One” Daytona closeout in 2013, we figured it wouldn’t be all in all correct to allow that year to pass without plunging into the birthplace and subtleties of the other amazing chronograph commending its 50th commemoration: the (TAG) Heuer Carrera. You basically will have a hard time believing how much this watch imparts to early Daytonas.

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A Week On The Wrist: The TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 41mm Chronograph

While the Carrera has certainly experienced numerous updates throughout the long term, a similar DNA is still there all along. We chose to take the current Carrera, lodging TAG Heuer’s Caliber 1887 development, for a turn, and here we give you a glance at the introduction of Carrera, the complexities of the Caliber 1887 development, and what is resembled to wear this cutting edge Carrera for a week.

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