In Conversation: John Mayer And Ben Clymer Discuss The New Rolex Daytona As Early Owners

Since the declaration of the new Rolex Daytona at this year’s Baselworld, the watch world has been buzzing about just when it would show up in stores and how long the normal purchaser may need to stand by. From the beginning, Rolex promoted pre-fall as the normal release date – and afterward something clever occurred – a fortunate few got a call from their neighborhood AD’s this week, saying the first clump of Daytonas had shown up. Two of our colleagues were incorporated, Mr. John Mayer and Mr. Ben Clymer. After the two got the watches, they bounced on the telephone to discuss it, and how they think it affects them, watch collectors everywhere, and how it affects Rolex. Peruse a condensed transcript below.

Ben’s watch on its box.

John Mayer (JM):So you and I are among the first two to get the new Daytona in the nation – I don’t think there is a single first – however we’re in the first cluster, we realize that. Also, I think the fervor about this watch takes some dissecting. There is simply the watch, and afterward there is the esteem of getting the watch. One of them stays, and the other one doesn’t.

Ben Clymer (BC):Right, and I think the two points merit investigating here. Yet’s, astounding that however a couple of individuals I sent pictures to once I got the watch do for sure have their names on the list for one as well, most of them didn’t. Which means their reactions were not tormented by disturbance that I got the call and they didn’t, they just needed to see the watch, and experience it. Furthermore, I feel that speaks a ton to the quality and virtue of the design of this Daytona, which has zero to do with a stand by list or being ahead of schedule to claim it.

JM:Agreed. You know when I removed the watch from the crate, I figure I may have spent the least time taking a gander at it of any watch i’ve purchased in years. It has almost no stare factor. I got it, put it on, and promptly just started owning it. And that, as far as I might be concerned, proves how carefully conceived this design is. It promptly turned into a piece of my life. This is a watch you can take out and about with you for three or four weeks all at once, and there is zero consume out. 

The watch that would be Ben’s.

BC:You say that now, 36 hours in, yet you imagine that will be valid after six months? 

JM:That takes us back to what I said first – there is the watch, and afterward there is owning the watch now. As far as I might be concerned, and to an existing Daytona proprietor, this resembles a software update to your iPhone. Each time you download another update you’re not having another involvement in your iPhone, you’re having another involvement in whatever is refreshed and new, thus I believe that is the distinction here. We are encountering the bezel, and the dark sub-dial rings. From that point forward, it’s the same watch we’ve owned.

This watch resembles a mid-cycle software update to your iPhone to an existing Daytona proprietor, in the best way possible.

– John Mayer

BC:That’s by and large it. In any case, this is that iOS update where Apple added reorder to the iPhone. The update makes us fail to remember there was whatever preceded. In the last article I expounded on the new Daytona, I said there truly isn’t a thing to get super amped up for. On paper, you just said it, it’s a bezel and slight dial change. Yet, in the metal, it feels like considerably more. This is the thing that we’ve been hanging tight for quite a long time! This watch should’ve been out years prior, we as a whole realize that. Furthermore, we as a whole realize that Rolex might have done it years prior as well. At last, after what felt like three to five years of Rolex just playing with us on some level, they at long last chose to give us what we as a whole needed, and now we’re all delighting in it.

John rehearsing outside of San Francisco.

JM:Yeah, it has to be said, that that was a masterful turn out of a watch. What’s more, this is you and I offering credit to our rival on some level, because Rolex plays hard to get. That was what, a five-year intend to go from Everose with a ceramic bezel [in 2011], to the platinum in the year it should have been done, to the steel this year in 2016? The first Daytona with an earthenware bezel came out a large portion of 10 years prior! Somely, the rollout of this watch was as delightful as the watch itself. Also, however it slaughtered me, you, and thousands of others sitting tight for this, you needed to offer your appreciation at Rolex and say “all around done,” because just Rolex could do this that way.

BC:Right, and it speaks to the force of Rolex and this watch specifically. This is not a hyper-expensive watch comparative with what some collectors are used to, yet this is THE watch, at any value point, everywhere on the world, to claim at the present time. I’ve seen nothing like it.

JM:This is the prize watch of the year. Also, I’m not sure most years even have prize watches. There is a decent possibility this watch will still be the prize watch of one year from now as well. This is the new flagship watch for Rolex and it’s way off the mark to being the most expensive model in the Rolex lineup.

BC:Yup, it’s the flagship – and this is the thing that’s so beguiling about Rolex – is that you can get a platinum Day, for what, $80,000 plus, yet THIS is the watch to have. Furthermore, individuals that usually purchase the platinum or the rose gold, they couldn’t care less about that, for at any rate the following two years or until they get one.

JM:This watch is the most Rolex watch that Rolex has put out in 20 years, and with that, we’d be remiss to not discuss what this will do on the secondary market. What do you think this watch is worth, on the street, right now?

John out to supper Friday night.


Off the highest point of my head, $20K. What’s entertaining is I gotten the watch Thursday morning following a couple of days out in California, took it to the workplace, and promptly got a proposal for twofold what I paid. Is it worth that? I don’t know, yet I could see it up there for sure.


If a green glass Milguass hit $20K once upon a time, and it was selling for what – $6,000 or $7,000 – is the sky the cutoff here?


Someone advised me there is a person on a discussion offering one at $22,000 at this moment, yet I really think the number will increase with time. At the present time, there are so couple of watches out there, and those that have them seem to be intense collectors, the types that don’t actually hope to flip regardless, so the chance to purchase above retail isn’t genuine yet. Again watches hit – the second and third waves – and the watches get into the hands of others, I completely hope to see them offered at CRAZY prices.

Ben as he left the Rolex Boutique in NYC.

JM:I believe it’s $30K. You kinda can’t put a cost on possessing this watch – it’s such something visceral. I figure individuals will pay $30,000 for the boasting rights! Also, social media plays a major part in the story of this watch. Damnation you and I were discussing how we’d get this watch up – we’re as liable as anybody.

BC:It’s just fun, and we’re just human of course.

JM:You know what, we just love this game. In any case, on the off chance that you were unable to have had it this week from a vendor, what amount would you pay to get one right now?

BC:For this watch? I don’t mind what amount of time it would require – I’d need it straightforwardly from an AD, with my name on the papers. This one matters to me, despite the fact that I’ve possessed before, more “special” Daytonas. So I don’t think there is a cost, honestly.

JM:Here’s an interesting idea – I sort of wish this were my first Daytona. It’s so acceptable, thus right, I’d be sleeping with it, showering with it on. We as a whole recollect our first Rolex, and just envision if THIS were your first? Watches this great, even Rolexes this great, don’t come along often.

BC:Oh man, completely. This is actually the climax of so numerous previous Daytonas, and it’s right up there with some of the best of them. It’s astounding to see how we, and even Rolex themselves, treat the Daytona as a sacred article – almost a brand unto itself – overseeing it considerably more expertly than the rest of the brand. Thus, we see the streaming out of watches which started just this week.

It’s stunning to see how we, and even Rolex themselves, treat the Daytona as a sacred article – almost a brand unto itself – overseeing it much more expertly than the rest of the brand.

– Ben Clymer

JM:It resembles the slowest include creep towards development ever, yet that is because it doesn’t need to be any better. They do treat the Daytona in an unexpected way – take a gander at the new Sub, the new GMT, they have these wide shoulders that cause them to feel so new. I think this watch has precisely the same dimensions as the Zeniths!

BC:Oh unquestionably. Maybe contacting the case of the Daytona is sacrilege, and you’re thoroughly correct – it’s the same as it was the point at which they dispatched the absolute first self-twisting watches in the last part of the ’80s. That is astonishing. The case of the Daytona is such a major piece of what makes them special – the proportions of the vintage and the advanced pieces are just perfect.

JM:And take a gander at the bezel. In clay, interestingly since the 6263, you truly notice it’s there, with a tachymeter and everything! It feels like a specialized instrument again – like a slide-rule or something. It was never this verbose on the steel bezel. It’s truly back to being a device watch.

So the question is, do you wear it with a suit?

BC:Me? Never. In any case, that is me – and I get dressed up so inconsistently that when I do, I need to do it directly with a genuine dress watch – a gold Patek or something. This shouldn’t imply that I don’t figure you could pull off it here – however it’s not for me. Despite the fact that I guarantee you, you will see these wherever in the board rooms of banks and law offices, very soon. 

JM:Such an extraordinary point. To a great deal of guys, nothing will make them not wear this watch. It’s not coming off the wrist – in the event that you get another Daytona and you work at Goldman or Morgan Stanley or something, you’re wearing it. It’s a state of honor. Which carry us to the following point – what are you going to think about this watch in six months, a year? Also, a development – if you somehow managed to imprint the back, what might you engrave?

To a great deal of guys, nothing will make them not wear this watch. It’s a state of honor.

– John Mayer

BC:I think I’ll still cherish it. This is the watch I’ve been hanging tight for quite a long time, and I truly imply that. I said when I composed the Inside Rolex story that I needed a cutting edge Rolex to purchase, wear, and keep the rest of my life, and this is it. It’s very a great reference that I got the watch early, however that is all that it is. It stands on its own. 

You know, I don’t regularly purchase present day watches, so I do attempt to attach them to something going on my life. Be that as it may, this one, I believe it’s a just-the-initials watch. I truly think this one will be important for the establishment of my assortment conceivably for the rest of my life. What might be said about you?

JM:I’d etch “FIRST” with a shout point. Joking. I believe it’s absolutely a “JCM” and the year sort of watch. It’s the ideal pair of Levi’s – so unbiased, and goes with everything. It will live on my wrist for a truly prolonged stretch of time. It’s so uncommon that you add a watch to the base of an assortment and you can feel it immediately. At the point when you add something to the actual top of the assortment, it’s serious. Yet, this one is instantly there, directly at the center of the assortment. It’s so acceptable it resembles I’m not in any event, wearing a watch. Better, it resembles a fan’s computerized delivering brought to life!

I almost wish this were my first Daytona, because I have an inclination that it would just open up the way to a totally different world to me. It’s such an entryway watch.

BC:I know! There are so numerous individuals that don’t actually “get” the Daytona and would never consider spending the cash for a 6263 or anything vintage, however I promise you once individuals experience this, they’ll see it. They’ll figure out how to go further into Daytonas because of this watch. 

John’s Instagram post.

JM:Yup, this watch will not be any more significant than on a first time Daytona proprietor. Also, it’ll do it by being just plain, and simple, and awesome. This is the watch that will raise another age of vintage Daytona collectors, and that makes us all smile.

You know what else this watch tells us? There will be white-gold clay Daytonas! Consider that!

Update On Deliveries (Or Lack Thereof)

Based on what we’ve realized this week, deliveries have started in extremely restricted numbers and in exceptionally restricted markets. Neither Rolex, nor their dealers, can give a precise thought on when the following shipment will be gotten or the number of watches will be conveyed. As always, the best method to get one of the new Rolex Daytonas is to consider your nearby approved seller and put your name on the list, just as we did. Peruse more about the new Daytona here .