In-Depth: The Rolex Reference 6062 In Steel

In-Depth: The Rolex Reference 6062 In Steel

But the watch I was attracted to the most was a tempered steel Rolex reference 6062 – what would i be able to say, costly taste is the cross that I should bear. This watch grabbed my eye for some reasons, however for the most part on the grounds that while I had known about this gorgeous reference, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about a ton about it. So what is the 6062 about? How about we find out. 

The Rolex reference 6062 in tempered steel on the wrist – it is truly comfortable to wear, to say the least.

What Is The 6062?

We have discussed the reference 6062 preceding on HODINKEE, explicitly the Bao Dai , these two rose gold “Stelline” dial forms that surfaced available to be purchased some time back (counting one immaculate model that sold for $950,000), and a couple of that have come up at Phillips already. In any case, note that none of these models are steel. Just a solitary watch like that has showed up on HODINKEE previously, and it’s possessed by Jason Singer, as found in his Talking Watches video . 

The hardened steel 6062 is perhaps the most uncommon illustration of the reference. It is one of only three Rolex references that include a moonphase – the vintage ref. 6062 and ref. 8171, and the brand new  Cellini Moon-Phase delivered for this present year at Baselworld. Making its presentation at Baselworld in 1950, the 6062 was the primary programmed triple schedule moonphase watch in a waterproof Oyster case (the 8171 isn’t in a waterproof case). Considering the Datejust appeared in 1945, this was a lovely progressed watch for Rolex at that point. The 6062 figured out how to wed a top of the line complication, typically saved for more sensitive watches, with an energetic, waterproof Oyster case all while keeping up the ordinary wearability we partner with Rolex.

A rose gold “Stelline” 6062. 

A yellow gold “Stelline” 6062. 

The 6062 was created in yellow gold, rose gold, and hardened steel, with two-tone silvered dials and now and again, in uncommon cases, dark ones. The gold models highlighted a progression of dial designs going from the “Stelline” (with stars as hour markers), the “Pyramid” (with three-sided lists at the quarter hours), darts (with arrow point like lists), jewel records (like the Bao Dai), and the 3-9 arrangement. The steel 6062s only included two-tone silvered dials with the 3-9 Arabic numerals in steel or yellow gold and iridescent alpha hands. 

Need To Compare?

This is another excellent 6062 in steel, claimed by Jason Singer (as found in his Talking Watches scene). This is a standout amongst other steel 6062s out there, so it is useful to take a gander at this one close to the one coming up at Phillips for context.

The complications comprise of the moonphase, the date, which is shown by the external part ring, and the day and month which are shown in twin openings at 12 o’clock. The actual watch is chronometer affirmed and this is shown under the day and at the month. At times, similar to the Bao Dai, the “Chronometer Certified” is situated in the sub-dial at six o’clock. The case is your standard 36mm Oyster case with screw-down case back and inside is the programmed Rolex type 655.

Only around 200-300 6062s were made in tempered steel, all between the years 1950 and 1953. This is an insane low number of creation for Rolex, which these days makes upward of 800,000 watches each year. Furthermore, if that seems as though a ton for reasons unknown, realize that just around 40 steel 6062s are known to be in the market today, not very many of them in truly incredible condition.


An illustration of a steel ref. 6062 with gold hands and markers. (Photograph: Courtesy John Goldberger)

The steel 6062 acquired footing during the 1980s when Japanese gatherers began gathering up the truly genuine models. These watches were subsequently offered to European sellers and gatherers in the last part of the 1990s, which later actually appeared at barters over the previous decade. It is truly hard to locate a genuine model that has kept up the two its condition and creativity (recall, condition is ruler with vintage Rolex).

With that as a main priority, the steel 6062 has just come up at sell off a small bunch of times in the previous 10 years, and the outcomes range from $50,000 to $400,000. Presently, this may appear to be a huge spread, since well, it is. As I would see it, the genuine explanation behind the estimating contrast is again condition, innovation, and the general strength of the market at the hour of the sale.

The vintage Rolex market has been extraordinarily solid for as long as five years, with the expense of super uncommon references and models with interesting dials making a buzz on the lookout. This applies to the steel 6062 as well, however actually I think the expense of this watch comes down to quality and extraordinariness. It’s past “discover me another” circumstance – there are not many in truly top condition that when a genuine model comes available to be purchased, a planned purchaser will have some genuine competition and doesn’t actually have another alternative on the off chance that they need the watch.

An illustration of a steel 6062 with bolted Oyster arm band. (Photograph: Courtesy John Goldberger)

A intensely patinated illustration of a 6062 with yellow gold lists. (Photograph: Courtesy John Goldberger)

The 6062 coming available to be purchased at Phillips is assessed at CHF 600,000 to 1,200,000. The last steel 6062 that was sold at closeout was at  Christies in 2013 , and it sold for $371,156 (all in) on a gauge of $242,000 – $352,000. This watch had a less appealing dial with more age spots and unquestionably isn’t just about as decent as the model we have here. I likewise think the way that is has been a long time since a great steel 6062 has come to sell clarifies the more grounded gauge. It will be fascinating to perceive how the one at Phillips winds up doing.

The 6062 Steel At Phillips In The Metal

The uncommon steel 6062 coming available to be purchased at Phillips.

Like all Rolex watches, this watch was intended to be worn, not kept in a protected some place. This implies it is much more hard to track down immaculate, unpolished, unworn, and all around safeguarded vintage Rolex watches like the 6062. The steel 6062 that is coming up at Phillips is perhaps the most pleasant guide to surface in years.

Overall, the watch is very much saved with no undeniable adjustments. The case has presumably been softly cleaned, however the shape stays full and hasn’t actually lost any definition. What’s more, as you can find in the caseback images, the etchings are as yet obvious, showing that it was not excessively cleaned. Furthermore, the steel Jubilee wristband is period-right (yay!).

A close up of the moonphase and date displays.

The dial is extraordinary, and has that unbelievable gleam (you realize the one I’m talking about). The lume plots are no more, yet this is not out of the ordinary, and the leftovers have blurred to a pleasant vanilla tone. The blue date ring is still very lively, which truly makes the dial sing, and the applied Arabic numerals don’t show a lot maturing or wear.

The caseback of the steel Rolex 6062 at Phillips.

The day and month, alongside the chronometer certificate and signature.

On the wrist, it wears much the same as you need a $1 million vintage tempered steel Rolex to wear – just marvelous. Like most 36mm Oyster cases it sits well on the wrist and it simply makes you feel cool. That may sound prosaic, yet there could be no greater method to put it. With this one your wrist, you simply feel special. This could undoubtedly be a day by day wear watch for the individuals who dare (and have $1 million to spend on something like that).

But after everything is said and done, the steel 6062 typifies everything extraordinary about vintage Rolex. It is adjusted, perfect, straightforward, and tough, all while having little subtleties that make it unique (did you notice that the date ring switches somewhere in the range of 8 and 23?). And keeping in mind that this watch may go for more than $1 million, it remains completely downplayed and can be wanted by practically any vintage watch lover.

The Phillips Geneva Watch Auction: Five will happen on May 13-14. The tempered steel Rolex 6062 is parcel number 172. You can peruse more about this parcel and see the remainder of the watches in the bartering, on the Phillips watches site .