Interview: Four Experts Pick Their Favorite Daytonas From The Upcoming Phillips 'Start-Stop-Reset' Sale This Weekend

John Goldberger, Collector & Scholar: A Quick Synopsis

I am pulled in to a couple of Cosmograph models introduced in perhaps the most excellent, all around planned, and wonderfully shot watch indexes in sale history. In sequential request, I start with the reference 6240 (parcel 10). This model is an achievement in the Rolex Cosmograph history, since it is the primary chronograph with waterproof screw-down pushers (licensed by Rolex in 1966), and it is fitted with the first early Oyster dial with “Clam” beneath, like the RCO Daytona. This is the dial that I am certain was fitted to the primary Cosmograph 6240s that always left the Geneva factory.

Next, part 88 is one of the most extraordinary and most eccentric Cosmographs, with its bizarre dial fusing a throbs scale – just six models are known from the market. This is the last chronograph model made by Rolex with an uncommon “Clinical” dial throughout the entire existence of the company. Part 63 is a pleasant early illustration of a 6239 with the cherry roundabout Daytona signature, seen uniquely in the center of the ’70s – and has since become a brand name of the Daytona, including the 2016 Basel introduction.

Lots 31 and 34, reference 6263, are the most alluring,

wonderful, and practically interesting instances of this Cosmograph pack. The

initial one is an amazing “Paul Newman Oyster Sotto” with the dial

described by a homogeneous “Chocolate” earthy colored dial. The subsequent one

holds another dazzling Paul Newman dial with an external seconds track

restrained to a “cappuccino” conceal. The two models are fitted with the very

uncommon Oyster collapsed arm bands, reference 7835, and ventured end joins stepped

71N. At last, part 29 is an early flawless model of the new

age of oneself winding Daytona family, dispatched by Rolex in

1988, fitted with a dial with veneer covered completing; the outcome is a very

fascinating three-dimensional impact. The current watch is moreover

described by the original 200 graduation bezel.

Jimmy Cosmo, Collector: Lot 29 – Reference 16520

I think you are very right to hail this as a critical deal, in view of the watches that are accessible. I’m not considering this to be a finish of-term report for the Daytona cycle, however a half-term sign of where we stand, and whether the Asian and general monetary headwinds, combined with a consistent stockpile of watches coming to sell, have had any effect. Obviously the tropical Oyster Sotto is the vital piece for the overall watch community to measure this, however it’s not my feature. That is undeniably more unassuming, and I likewise solidly trust it’s the overall strength of the non-PN pieces that mean where the cycle stands.

Daytonas have become far off for some Rolex gatherers as of late with costs of full-set 6263s in London arriving at the otherworldly GBP 50k. Around a year prior these were difficult to source, yet cost close to GBP 35-40k for a genuine model. Pinnacle Daytonas in this way have been pushed at the center of attention, and parcel 29, with a tempered steel porcelain dial in great condition, is a peach. Effectively the most extraordinary illustration of the porcelain family, I think this will crush the very good quality gauge of CHF 40k. In an ideal world I might want to have seen this with a R reg, yet I realize that later models fell into the later year, assigned with a L. Accompanied with a Wempe N.Y. Authentication and with the first green Rolex sticker enhancing the case back, I think this isn’t just an incredible illustration of an uncommon Zenith, yet additionally an extraordinary venture piece for the future if that Daytona cycle is simply most of the way. My gut feel is that this watch will pound (barring premium) around 75k USD.

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Matthew Bain, Mega-Dealer: Lot 88 – Reference 6239 Pulsation

The most captivating Daytona in the deal for me is part 88, the throbs 6239. I have seen a couple of these since 1989 – when I began – and recollect one exchanging for $25,000 in the last part of the 1990s, which was a great deal of cash in those days. The blue throb composing against the silver dial is truly alluring and dissimilar to some other Daytona in the deal, or any Daytona all in all. I love the way that it was created for clinical experts, and this is a truly downplayed, yet significant watch. The state of the watch looks astonishing, with a sharp case and a phenomenal dial.

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Benjamin Clymer, Founder of HODINKEE: Lot 10 – Reference 6240 Oyster Alpina

I am Daytona admirer of an alternate sort, I presume. I think the Paul Newman is an astounding watch – specifically something like a Mark 1 Oyster – yet the watch that is the most captivating to me is one that not many individuals comprehend; part 10, the reference 6240, with “Clam” underneath. To start with, the 6240 is effectively the main screw-down Daytona, similarly the 6239 Double-Swiss underline is the main Daytona – all screw-down Daytonas exist in light of the fact that the 6240 exists. We know the 6240 dates to the mid 1960s, and was the first to include “Clam” cases, yet the dials of 6240s additionally present some pleasant chances for study – continually highlighting the words “Rolex Cosmograph” and at times “Daytona” in huge or little textual style. All 6240s are the meaning of temporary watches – you see wide varieties of dials on them – yet the sacred goal to me is the alleged “6240 Alpina, “named so by Pucci in his perfect work of art (and seemingly the best watch book ever), the Ultimate Rolex Daytona .

What you have here is basically an “RCO” dial in a non-Paul Newman design. “Shellfish” has been added to the customary silver dial, and “Daytona” is missing. It is thought that these were the genuine model or test dials for the 6240, on the grounds that this was the first Oyster chronograph in quite a while. We know since most didn’t leave the production line along these lines, yet in the course of recent years this dial has become unbelievable for its significance to the universe of Daytona. This parcel, which is really included in Pucci’s book, is a pleasant fair illustration of 6240 RCO, and accommodates my preferences totally impeccably as a significant, uncommon, early, and understated Daytona that requires somewhat of an explanation.

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