Interview: Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann Gives Us A Look At The Future Of The Brand (And His Taste In George Clooney Movies)

Interview: Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann Gives Us A Look At The Future Of The Brand (And His Taste In George Clooney Movies)

The CEO’s decision, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black.

What makes Omega uncommon, in your eyes? 

Oh, in this way, such countless things! As a matter of first importance, the spearheading soul of the company. What’s more, our colossal heritage, which implies we likewise have an immense obligation. We are not a little company. We are one of the pioneers with regards to mechanical watchmaking. There’s honesty in what our identity is. There’s enthusiasm. On the off chance that we’ve been with James Bond and Cindy Crawford for 20+ years, it’s not on the grounds that we’re stuck in our manners. This is on the grounds that we like to be encircled by individuals with specific qualities. In case we’re in the position we are in today, this is on the grounds that customers have been exceptionally faithful to us, and quick to comprehend what we do, what the co-pivotal is, a big motivator for METAS, why fired is a fascinating material to work with.

What are the company’s greatest strengths?

They are the ones everybody knowns about today. Our widespread presence; we are in each significant market and in each significant market we can be found in different areas. In the event that you look here in London, we have seven stores. So we are a dynamic and business arranged company. And afterward we are four exceptionally strong lines. We are not mono-item. We are multi-item, which isn’t the situation for a great a significant number of the huge extravagance companies in our industry. Those lines [our center products] and their development is extremely engaged.

Omega has amazingly high perceivability, particularly in games, where they work with everybody from the Olympics to the Ryder Cup.

What botches has Omega made during that time? 

You know, when you have energy… once in a while when you have a great deal of enthusiasm, you need things to move rapidly. Also, it’s possibly evident that in a couple of developments we took a few choices excessively fast. I recall well overall, when I began [this position] 25 weeks prior my first gathering with [Swatch Group CEO] Mr. Hayek clarifying the mix-ups we had made, so for what reason would it be advisable for me to not discuss them? Furthermore, I gave this meeting to the Financial Times , yet I wasn’t saying clients matured 40 to 60 are not with Omega. They are particularly with Omega. However, they purchase new items (rather than items that came out when they were youthful), in light of the fact that the item we were selling during the 70s and 80s, that was not the correct item.

You archetype’s objective was in every case clear, to get up to speed and overwhelm Rolex. Will yours be different? 

The objective is consistently the equivalent, yet the fact of the matter is to have the greatest after, not the most noteworthy number of deals. Obviously, that implies being number one (Omega is in second situation in deals each year), yet doing as such with our own DNA. We can do that, certainly. I’m driven, we are eager and I won’t reject that the objective remaining parts as before.

The Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Chronometer Chronograph

Speed Round

Automatic or physically wound?

As the CEO of Omega [he says, smiling], I have the privilege from a chronicled viewpoint to say both. However, I ought to be the just one permitted to say that, since we sell more manual-twisting watches than any other individual, on a day by day basis.

Under 42mm or over 42mm?


Left wrist or right wrist?


Speedmaster or Seamaster:

Seamaster on my wrist. Speedmaster in my heart.

If you were an Olympian (Omega is the Official Timekeeper of the Olympics), would you be a runner or a swimmer?

A swimmer. Since I have an incredible individual relationship and enormous reverence for Michael Phelps, yet in addition on the grounds that those heroes address what is the issue here. Competitors who train hard and meet people’s high expectations at regular intervals to become public saints.

Do you go through your ends of the week on the water or on the inclines of Switzerland?

Honestly, I do both, in light of the fact that I used to be a skiing teacher, however this Christmas I’m going cruising in the Caribbean. However, my first enthusiasm is unquestionably skiing.

London or New York City?

How would you be able to pose such troublesome inquiries!? I’m an immense enthusiast of New York City, and I made some astonishing memories when I lived there, however I long for Berkley Square (in Mayfair, London). London to live, New York to enjoy.

Ocean’s Eleven or O Brother Where Art Thou? (the two movies gazing Omega represetative George Clooney)?

Ocean’s Eleven.

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