Introducing: NOMOS Plays The Blues – Four Neomatik Models Get New Blue Dials

The Metro Neomatik Nachtblau

The Metro line of watches was made by originator Mark Braun for NOMOS and has won a few plan grants since being presented in 2014 – these incorporate the German Design Award, the Good Design Award, and the iF Product Design Award. The biggest Metro watches are 38mm in breadth, however the Neomatik Nachtblau is on the more modest side at 35mm; generally speaking the watch is simply 8.06mm thick. This new shading model retails for $3,960.

The Minimatik Nachtblau

The Minimatik was the dispatch model for the in-house type DUW-3001 when it appeared in March 2015, and we covered the double dispatch of both the development and the watch. This is another generally proportioned watch from NOMOS, at 35.5mm with a domed sapphire precious stone and a general tallness of 8.86mm. It retails for $3,800.

The Tangente Neomatik Nachtblaue

Tangente has been around since 1992 and it’s become famous for the brand so much that we’re really compelled to utilize the expression “notorious for the brand.” The differentiating round and calculated structures can be found in a scope of sizes, from 33mm to 38mm, and it has won so many plan grants that it is illogical to show them all here. The Neomatik Nachtblau variant is 35mm in measurement and very thin at simply 6.9mm. The cost on this adaptation is $3,580.

The Tetra Neomatik Nachtblau

The NOMOS Tetra gets its name from the Greek prefix “tetra” (which implies, around, four of something, as in “Tetrahedron”). Until the current year’s Baselworld, the Tetra was probably the littlest watch made by NOMOS, at either 27mm square or 29.5mm square. We went active with the new 33mm square models last June and discovered them simply astounding; they feel extremely contemporary on the wrist and wear greater than you’d might suspect from the numbers (in a decent way). 

With the Nachtblau dial treatment, this seems to be an exceptionally striking new minor departure from the Tetra plan for sure; square watches aren’t for everybody, except for the Tetra 33 as a rule, and the Nachtblau form specifically, I think may make an individual not by and large keen on the shape think about making an exemption. This watch is 33mm square and 7.2mm thick, and like the other Nachtblau models you see here, 3 airs water resistant.  Retail cost is $3,980.