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Introducing: Rick Hale’s Incredible Large-Scale Wooden Clocks

Introducing: Rick Hale's Incredible Large-Scale Wooden Clocks

Walnut and cherry divider clock by Hale.

There are a lot of carpentry plans for tickers accessible today utilizing fairly standard escapements, gear prepares and movement works. Solidness’ clocks are definitely not norm, as they include grasshopper escapements, daisy wheel movement work and worm gears. The daisy wheel movement work is especially intriguing. It is a dark eighteenth century planetary stuff instrument which improves on the customary movement work that we see in the two timekeepers and watches today.



Hale’s daisy gear.

Hale in his workshop in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Hale refers to John Harrison as motivation for his work. Harrison is the well known designer of the marine chronometer which empowered precise route adrift. What you cannot deny is that he began as a woodworker, and large numbers of his initial timekeepers are wooden. Like Harrison, Hale uses lignum vitae wood in a considerable lot of his clocks to wipe out the requirement for conventional lubrication.


The motivation behind any clock is obviously to tell the time, yet Hale brings up an alternate focus on his work. “My watches have an alternate point. As opposed to just tell the current time (which they do), they additionally accomplish something somewhat less substantial and significantly more significant: They focus you in the present moment.”

For more data on Rick Hale’s tickers, visit his site . Likewise, try to follow him on Instagram at @clock.wright .